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    Let the fun begin!

  • A LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT Surely you remember the exhilarating feeling; The wind blowing through your hair as you swing higher and higher with your toes pointed to the sky. There’s just nothing quite like a swing set!

    Creative, imaginative play is a great way to jump-start your child’s imagination, to inspire them to become the next generation of innovators and world leaders. Only a Swing Kingdom swing set can offer the many options and design features to fully captivate your child’s creative ideas.

    We are excited to present our latest collection of innovative swing sets from the most simple to the most elaborate designs, all created to offer every child plenty of active fun. Every set is crafted with the finest material to ensure safety and durability.

    We pride ourselves in being the leaders of PLAY and are excited to present the NEWEST items for 2018 that will make your little Play-a-neers enjoy the memories your family will create together.

    So page through this beautiful catalog and discover dozens of ways to surprise your children with the joy and excitement that only a swing set can bring.


    Amos S. Glick President

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    Our Mission: To engage families in “Play”

    Play-a-neers Swing Kingdom Play-a-neers refers to remarkable people of all sizes and ages and from all cultures. Play-a-neers are those who build on to the Swing Kingdom legacy of creating family memories. We pride ourselves in being pioneers of PLAY through our creative innovation.

    The name “Play-a-neer” combines play with engineer, creating the remarkable term that brings fun and construction together to make a dream into reality and a memory everlasting.

    The extraordinary value Play-a-neers add to our expanding circle of fun, comes from the children, parents, and Swing Kingdom employees who dream, design, and build the magic that is our products.

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    Kastle Tower Series Having fun is as simple as stepping out the back door. With an assortment of swings, slides and more, the Kastle Tower Series is great for nearly any size backyard.

    Double Tower Series With covered lookouts and tons of ways to play, the Double Tower Series brings great style to the backyard and twice the fun to everyone!

    KC-3 Deluxe page 21

    KC-8 Fitness Tower page 26

    A-1 Standard Climber page 16

    A-4 Special page 18

    A-5 Deluxe page 19

    KC-1 Clubhouse page 20

    A-3 Deluxe page 17

    KC-10 Economy Turbo page 23

    KC-7 Deluxe page 25

    KC-5 Deluxe page 22

    KTB-2 Turbo Tower page 28

    A-7 Deluxe page 29

    RL-1 Adventure page 30

    RL-10 Cliff Lookout page 32

    RL-3 Sports Tower page 31

    RL-20 Fitness Adventure page 35

    KRC Extreme page 33

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    For large, active families the Mountain Climber Series includes fun climbing elements for an easy way to increase exercise and enjoyment for kids of all ages.

    Mountain Climber Series With room to let imaginations grow, the Playhouse Series gives children swings, slides, and a very special place to call their own. Ideal for creative children with active imaginations and families of all sizes. Enjoy a world of make-believe that makes every day different and fun with one of our outdoor playsets!

    Playhouse Series

    SK-3 Mtn. Climber page 37

    SK-4 Mtn. Climber page 38

    SK-10 Mtn. Climber page 40

    SK-5 Mtn. Climber page 39

    SK-12 Mtn. Climber page 41

    SK-18 Mtn. Climber page 42

    SK-30 Mega Mtn. Climber page 43

    SK-40 Rocky Mtn. Climber page 44

    SK-45 Retreat Climber page 45

    C-1 Hideout page 47

    C-2 Turbo Escape page 48

    C-3 Tunnel Escape page 49

    C-4 Hideout page 50

    C-5 Castle page 51

    C-8 Bridge Escape page 53

    C-10 Hideout page 52

    SK-60 Cottage Escape page 55

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  • New Item | Lantern

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    We all know how children are attracted to lights. For 2018 we have added a safe lantern for the inside of the playhouse and for night play. We call it Illumination Play. It is a brand new way to have fun!

    This Swing Kingdom LED Lantern will create a cozy atmosphere inside of your child’s playhouse and it can also be removed and carried around outside to light the way for budding explorers.

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    New Item | Shade Canopy & Pyramid Roof With the thought of hot, sunny summer days in mind, we have focused on enhancing our Shade Play concepts.

    This year we are adding two new items: the modern style Pyramid Roof and our Swing Shade Canopy System.

    These two featured items offer new options to help reduce your child’s exposure to damaging rays from the sun. The shade they provide will cool down the temperature by 10° to 12° in the play area. So when you design your playset make sure you add one or both of these Shade Play items to create a cooler play time!

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    New Item | Sports Play

    With an ever-growing interest in sports among our youth, Swing Kingdom has a dedicated line of products designed to enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination, strength and skill in a variety of ways.

    These activities are created to give your child a stage at home on which to practice and increase their skill level through playing on their swing set.

    This year we focused on basketball and football. Above you will see our new Buzzer Beater Hoops that will provide hours of fun practice shooting baskets. Also, right beside it is our QB Challenge. Both of these fun items will increase stamina, develop hand-eye coordination and improve accuracy. Make sure to include these items on your new set or even add them to an older Swing Kingdom playset to extend the value of your investment.

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    New Item | Water Play

    New to our Water Play Products line this year is the Swing Beam Water Mister System.

    On those extra hot summer days, your kids (and people standing near by) will love the cool, relaxing mist gently floating down from the swing beam up above. The refreshing mist will allow everyone to extend their play time outdoors.


    Play-a-neers! Help design your family’s unique swing set. It’s fast and easy. Simply click on the balloons to add and remove play features. You can use this feature from our website or your mobile device.

    For your mobile device, here is how to start:

    1: Download the app today.

    2: Use the balloons to add, remove or change products, dream, create and define your swing set.

    3: Send your unique design to our builders.

    4: We will make your swing set a reality, bring it to your home and set it up in your yard.

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    STRONG, SAFE, DURABLE Our premium, vinyl playsets are five times stronger than traditional, wooden playsets. With accessories that range from infant swings to clubhouses, Swing Kingdom designs playsets that grow with your family. Therefore, each playset is manufactured with an eye towards durability and each set includes a 20-year warranty to stand behind our product.

    Swing Kingdom’s playsets are engineered from a safety first perspective. Our slip resistant, vinyl clad construction materials are always splinter free and no wood means no harsh, annual chemical treatments. Stainless steel hardware and corner brackets bring added stability, while optional bars and rails allow for age-appropriate customization.

    Our network of authorized dealers have been individually selected to deliver upon Swing Kingdom’s high standard of honest and straight-forward customer service. Our authorized dealer representatives will work with your family to design a playset that meets your individualized needs. Then, your playset will be assembled on site by a trained Swing Kingdom installation team.

    Childhood is a time for lively imaginations and spirited adventures. It is also the time to build a strong foundation for active and healthy lifestyles. Swing Kingdom’s playsets combine the fun of childhood with the fulfillment of physical and developmental needs to deliver upon learning through play. The healthy habits that are fostered by enjoyable exercise may be the one thing more durable than our playsets.

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