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  • What is a Persuasive Essay?A persuasive essay is a well written essay that argues a certain point of view or topic in an effort to persuade others,I think, I feel, and I believe, are NOT used in this type of essayThink of it as an argument you are trying to win in writing

  • What does it look like?5 Paragraphs1 Introduction Paragraph, followed by 3 Body Paragraphs, followed by 1 Concluding ParagraphThesis in introduction paragraph2 Point/proof/comments per body paragraph

  • Introduction ParagraphStart with an interesting lead i.e Urban legends have often been considered scary because of their ability to mirror the truth, but not ALL urban legends are just scary stories. Then, discuss what your body paragraphs will go into detail about. i.e Some Urban legends are based off of historical facts. Other Urban legends come from personal experiences. However, there are some Urban legends that are just pure myth; such as the supernatural ones. Finally, end the introduction with your thesis i.e Urban Legends really do come from true stories that have happened to people, and only the supernatural ones are made from myth.

  • Wait, Whats a Thesis?The most important part of your essay!A thesis is the MAIN IDEA of your essay.Everything in your essay should relate back to you thesis Its is what you will be talking about for the whole essay. It is usually 1 sentence located at the end of your introduction paragraphA thesis statement is nota sentence stating your topic. a statement of fact or truth. (A thesis statement should be debatable!)EG The destruction of rainforest trees is unacceptable as it causes many problems for our planet.

  • Body ParagraphsBody paragraphs start with a lead that tells us what the Body paragraph will be about. i.e Some of the Urban Legends you hear are actually based off of historical fact. You then provide a point, a proof, and a comment on something that supports your idea. i.e (Point) History often depicts scenes that we have heard from Urban legends. (Proof) There is a story about a man with a hook escaping from prison after he had killed a young couple. This was in a 1891 Newspaper! (Comment) This shows that there really are crazed men with hooks that are willing to murder young girls, just like the Urban Legend said. The story has simply been adapted to the current times. Provide a transition to the next point/proof comment ie. There are also stories dating back to 900 BC. Make sure there are TWO points/proofs/comments per paragraphEnd with a concluding sentence that leads into your next paragraphi.e However, not all urban legends come from experiences long ago. Some are more recent.

  • ConclusionThe FIRST sentence of your concluding paragraph should restate your thesis. i.e Although some Urban Legends are just stories, many of them come from real experiences; both past and present.

    Finish by discussing some open ended points from your topics and leaving the reader of your essay with something to think about. Perhaps a question or a comment that makes a person thinki.e Urban Legends are always changing. 50 years ago, they were completely different from what they are today. What will Urban Legends be like 50 years from now?

  • The Writing ProcessBrainstormSelect and Group Ideas (subtopics)Outline Rough DraftReviseEditFinal Copy

  • Wait, Works Cited?A works cited is a page attached to the back of your essay that shows where all of your quotes come from.It has its own pageIt prevents plagerism

    I am Legend:

    Matheson, Richard. Cue for Treason. TOR, New York: 1995.

  • Formatting Good copy MUST be:TypedDouble Spaced12 pt Times New Roman font



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