Let's Get Sally to Walk

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2. WHO IS SALLY?Sally is a 35-year-old woman. Married withtwo kids. Busy lifestyle. Was in goodshape 10 years ago but mediocre shapetoday. Interested in walking more. Uses aWalking Wizard to nd her personalizedstyle of walking. Then, to initiate this newwalking habit 3. Sally sees the walking style tailored best to her personality and lifestyle Sally sets up daily calendar reminders to walk at intervals or in one chunk Sally sets up check-in reminders at beginning and end of each day: Have you been walking? Sally tells 5 friends about her walking goal and style and asks them to check in with her frequently about how its going Sally goes to the store and buys comfortable walking clothes Sally takes a photo of herself in the walking clothes that she likes Sally puts this photo in 3-5 key, visible locations (desk, bedside table, car dashboard, etc.) Sally walks 30 minutes for the rst time Sally walks again for 30 minutes Sally walks for the 5th day in a row