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Lets see what the Country looks like Buddhist Temples

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Lets see what the Country looks like Buddhist Temples Slide 2 People give rice to the monk to earn merit. The boy carries the rice for the monk for the same reason Slide 3 5% of Cambodians belong to a Muslim minority group. Muslim missionaries paid for the mosque. Slide 4 The Countryside Mostly muscle power but some wealthier farmers now have rotavators and even tractors Slide 5 A third of the population lives below the poverty line Slide 6 Travelling Away from the main roads travel is often difficult, particularly in the rainy season Slide 7 In the fields ox carts are the most common method of transport Slide 8 Sometimes you just have to walk Slide 9 50% of the population is under 18 years old Slide 10 Fish is a staple part of the diet and a major source of protein Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 CA helped set up new ways of farming fish This is a fish refuge in a rice paddy. The fish will eat pests in the flooded paddy and then retreat here as the paddy is drained when the rice is harvested Slide 14 We also support local village churches Slide 15 Here are the FAITH project workers. They help village churches to do community development as a means of reaching out to their neighbours Slide 16 There are animal husbandry projects And craft ones too. Their produce is on sale here Slide 17 We provided aid to those forcibly resettled And work with the hill tribes Slide 18 Whats living in Cambodia like? Food can be bought in the markets although there are now some supermarkets in the capital Slide 19 You have to get used to poverty and unrest Slide 20 Animals are often not treated with respect, this is TWO pigs on their way to market Slide 21 This Tokay gecko is about 30cm long and might be found climbing your bedroom wall! Slide 22 There are other little creatures to get used to too! Slide 23 Strange fruits to eat, this is a papaya. Slide 24 I hope this gives you a feel for Cambodia. A place of contrasts: Slide 25 JOY Slide 26 And Sorrow Slide 27 Wealth Slide 28 And poverty Slide 29 Friends we understand Slide 30 And people we cannot understand Slide 31 Humanity Slide 32 And inhumanity Slide 33 Please help Cambodia Action to bring Gods love to the beautiful but tragic country of Cambodia This Slide show will start again in a few seconds

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