Lets Stop Making Shit and Start Making Smart Shit

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Text of Lets Stop Making Shit and Start Making Smart Shit

  • Lets stop making shit and start making smart shit

    I want to change the world.Do YOU?

  • Lets pretend that we are ants Ants have a structure: Queen, workers, warriors. But

    they have no money and they can survive without money.

    People have a structure too: The Creative Guys, The Know How Guys and The Workforce Guys.

    So I'm the Creative Guy I create shit. Then I give that idea of a shit to a Know How Guy. Then he says what to do to the Workforce Guy. ...And then shit happens.

  • So I Create Shit from my imagination for free no cost at all. But the tech guys create a technology from their

    science skills research. They research the shit. Also free. Government sponsored organisations and so on.

    Then when the research is done we can proceed to actually make our shit from our imagination become a shit in our hands!

    Then the workforce comes in. They don't create shit. They do shit!

  • When the shit is done We have to pay for that shit which was created for free. Just

    manufactured for a fee. The shit has the price. So shit = price. So if we pay the price for the shit. We get the shit. If we made shit and bought shit that means we spent our time,

    research time and manufacturing resources just to make shit real.

    How about we stop making shit?

  • Shit we do

  • Shit we do

  • Shit we do

  • I hope you see that the shit is the same

    Different is the shape In our world is like 7.023

    billion We have more mobile

    phone types than we have people.

    If you know what I mean

  • Shit we do

    We have various cars

    Some people have 2 cars

    Some people have 4 or more cars

    Do you really need this shit?

  • Shit we do

    Why we waste nothing and have the same value?

    See the difference?

    Why we waste our paper for money?

  • Shit we do

    Same shit Different price Different style Different name

  • Why stop making shit?

    We have limited resources and we waste it on shit.

    We do upgrade shit, when will we make the perfect shit?

    When will we stop upgrading shit we do not need?

  • Different types of shit do you see the difference?

    We need to create shit We need to make shit No price Smart Shit

    We need to create shit We need to make shit Yes price Evil Shit

  • Can we make smart shit?

    Yes we can

  • What is smart shit?

    Smart shit is a believe that everything should be free

  • How to we start? We need to stop making alternatives. Alternative isn't a choice. Choice is a YES or NO kinda question. We need to focus on a true purpose of the shit we make. So if we use a car or a computer, phone or whatever. Then we become users who pay money for shit we had

    made. So why can't we make our shit free?

  • How to make shit free? The Creative Guy creates shit for free The Know How Guy teaches to do shit for free The WorkForce Guy does shit for free. In result we all have free shit It may seem that the creative guy doesn't do

    anything. And yes its true. Because he is a creator. His main skill is to craft an idea that all humanity

    could use. And This Is Damn Hard.

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