Let's Take A Look: Rose & Dmitri Shankel

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  • 1. For todays tour, were going to have a look around the house of Rose and Dmitri Shankel and their sons Alexander and Ivan at 350 Tang Road. This house is in the downtown hood, which is on the Takemizu Village template. The house was decorated to suit the family during the rebuild, and at the time the pictures were taken, the family had not yet moved in. Fun fact: This house was built as closely as I could manage to the floor plan of the house where I grew up.

2. The front of the house without all that writing stuff on it 3. Orientation shot of the first floor 4. The flower room, where Rose and Dmitri make flower arrangements 5. The living room, looking towards the flower room. The frames will eventually hold pictures of the boys. 6. The living room, looking away from the flower room 7. The full bathroom downstairs. Yes, those are large windows in the bathroom. 8. The back hall/mudroom/entrance from the back yard 9. The kitchen, with a breakfast bar to the left 10. The dining room 11. The front hall/telephone nook 12. The back yard never mind that theres a playground right across the street 13. Orientation shot of the second floor 14. The landing at the top of the stairs. The windows are what create the tower effect. 15. Alexanders room, with the chess table from when Daddy was a boy 16. The nursery, currently occupied by Ivan 17. Dmitri and Roses bedroom. The frames will eventually hold pictures of the boys. 18. And thats all I have for you today! Please join me again at an unspecified future date for another tour.Until next time, Happy Simming!