Lets Take an Adventure through the Food Pyramid!

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Lets Take an Adventure through the Food Pyramid!. So what is this Food Pyramid? (Click on the button that you think fits best). An Egyptian Pyramid. A stack of Eggs. Its a guide that helps us choose healthy foods. Nope try again. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Food Guide Pyramid</p> <p>Lets Take an Adventure through the Food Pyramid!</p> <p>1Okay, it is a pyramid of food but its not THE Food Pyramid.Try again.4Your Right!!!!!!!!!!</p> <p>5What is at the bottom of the pyramid?The base of the pyramid is the grain, cereal and bread group. We need 6 to 11 servings of this group. </p> <p>6The next layer up is the fruits and vegetables group. You need 2 to 4 servings of the fruits and 3 to 5 servings of the vegetables a day.</p> <p>7The next layer is the dairy and the protein groups. We need 2 to 3 servings a day of the dairy group and 2 to 3 servings of the protein group.</p> <p>8The tip-top of the pyramid is the sugars, fats, and salt group. I know its the fun group. If you eat a little bit from this group its ok. But try getting foods from other groups!</p> <p>9</p> <p>The shape of the Pyramid is balanced. If we make the best food choices our diets will be balanced, which means our health will be balanced.10Where Should You NOT Eat For Dinner?</p> <p>11Our bodies dont come tumbling down, but little things might happen like: Maybe youre too tired to do your work at school. Youre cranky.Cuts and injuries might take longer to heal.Or it takes longer to get over a cold.12In the long run if we dont choose a healthy diet we have a greater chance of getting some bad diseases like:Heart diseaseDiabetes Obesity</p> <p>13Food Is Our Fuel</p> <p>14Each group on the Pyramid has nutrients!</p> <p>15Food labels that you will see on food that you eat.proteincarbohydratesironvitamin C calcium cholesterol</p> <p>Click on the bowl of fruit to see a couple of food labels.16Theres a lot to know about food and nutrition. Knowing about the Food Guide Pyramid gives you a good start at having a balanced diet and living a healthy life style.</p> <p>17Click on the Food Pyramid to find more facts about food and nutrition.</p> <p>18Where We Should Go To Dinner?</p> <p>19</p>


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