Leveraging LinkedIn Creating a Powerful Profile that Maximizes your Presence and Personal Brand

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Leveraging LinkedIn Creating a Powerful Profile that Maximizes your Presence and Personal Brand. Maggie Tomas April 2013. Agenda. Introduction. History. Demographics. More fun facts. Let’s work on Profiles. 5 Tips to Creating a Great Profile. Branding. Setting up your profile. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leveraging LinkedIn Creating a Powerful Profile that Maximizes your Presence and Personal BrandMaggie TomasApril 2013

Excited to be hear. Passionate about LinkedIn and find that it the key tool to a job search in 2013. Introduction and background.1Agenda*Establish what you can do with LinkedIn and why it is so important to use. Demographics I hope will convince you. *How to set up an effective profile and really think about how you want to brand it*How to get your profile noticed*how to ensure you are projecting the right brand.2Introduction

Great example of the benefit of using LinkedIn. Ed: sales manager in education tech. Felt he was not growing in current position and feeling stagnant etc. Came to me and we worked on the typical stuff, resume, cover letter, assessment etc. Then spent a lot of time on LinkedIn, his summary, and his headline. He became passionate about his profile and getting it just right. 2 months later he was approached by his dream company with a invitation for an interview. He ended up moving to Philly (his home town) for the role.Recruiters have it open all day longNever eat along: way to increase network, way to find a job, way to connect, way to share information

3HistoryTo give you a better idea of why LinkedIn is important and to encourage you to use itTake a look at these statistics and tell me what they mean to you.

Increase in users, place to be seen, and see a lot of professionals (in your area). High level users-not just for those of us looking for a job. What 4DemographicsAgain, what does this age group mean to you? I see this changing and increasing for the latter group as the years pass and LInkedIn becomes standard.5More fun factsAnother reason to use it: Clients will vet you over LinkedIn6Lets work on ProfilesThis is what a LinkedIn could be. Things to take note of, branding, vision, tagline, photo, publications etc75 Tips to Creating a Great ProfileMust be honest: had a recruiter friend call me and tell me she just had to renig a 4th round interview when it came out in the 3rd round that the applicant was not employed by a certain previous employer but was in fact a contractor.Complete: LinkedIn gives these incredibly handy prompts to let you know your profile is completeHeavily Branded: Who are you? It should be apparent in every way possible (key words, theme, logos, photo)Searchable: Appropriate key words and NOT private (my FB is private, not my LInkedIn-otherwise what is the point)Recommendations: Make sure your profile is peppered with appropriate recommendations8BrandingBrand exercise (Oprah, Coke, Target etc.) What do you want people to say about you. Think about the generic brands at the store (same ingredients yet cheaper). The perceived value is less because they have not spend the same energy or time in branding. This is your tagline in your LinkedIn summary. 9Setting up your profile

Does everyone have a profile established? If not LinkedIn does a great job of prompting you on what to put in and identifying you on how complete your profile is.10Editing your Profile

Its important to edit regularly. If you feel you would like to edit while I present then do so.

Does anyone know why frequent edits are important? 11Name and PhotoIf you dont have a full professional name-or what you go by- this will raise questions. Take a moment to edit your name if you have not entered the appropriate name in your profile.Now lets talk about photo: Your photo must match your brand, must be professional, must be a shot of you alone, and must be an accurate portrayal of what you look like. Does not necessarily have to be full suit, that would depend on your industry and clientele (corporate finance at a casual company, vs. I-banker)12HeadlineTake a minute to read these. What does each tell you about this person. Each creates a different perception. Spend time here and take a minute to evaluate your headline. This is the first place your brand is shown (aside from your photo). This brand (your headline) needs to be supported throughout the profile.

Things to keep in mind: headline can only be 120 characters. You can add support in the summary sectionIdea: search for others in positions similar to yours and see what they write. Can you adapt? (5 minutes)13

Summary Section

If the headline is your initial filter, your summary section is the basis upon which people form opinions about you. Tagline: Can you sum up your brand in one sentence? That should be your tagline. A line that starts off your summary. The following text in your summary supports that tagline and gives some key attributes and contributions you have made in your career. Ex: Maxwell House: Good to the Last Drop, Disneyland: the happiest place on earthActivity: Take 5 minutes to work on a tagline. Share it with your neighbor. What feedback did you receive. Do you want to start your summary section with this?14Experience SectionI dont suggest bullets. Try to write in paragraph form (not first-person) a few sentences that sum up your experience (show example) and highlight key contributions or achievements. If you were to sum up your job in a few sentences to a recruiter what would you say?15Another exampleHighlight paragraph form.What works and what doesnt?16Tips17Account and Settings

Premium vs. basic: pros and consExplain in mail and how groups can get around that. New changes do not allow users to see 3rd degree contacts unless you have premium. I have still been able to get by because it is more powerful to connect with someone that you have some level of connection with.18Finally