LGBTQ 101 Creating inclusive environments for all genders and sexual orientations

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LGBTQ 101 Creating inclusive environments for all genders and sexual orientations. What is Response? We support teens & their families through outreach, counseling and sexual health services in a teen-friendly environment. Counseling. Clinic. Outreach. Where is Response?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of LGBTQ 101 Creating inclusive environments for all genders and sexual orientations

  • LGBTQ 101Creating inclusive environments for all genders and sexual orientations

  • What is Response?We support teens & their families through outreach, counseling and sexual health services in a teen-friendly environment.CounselingClinicOutreach

  • Where is Response?

    9304 Skokie BlvdSkokie, IL 60077

    Located on the corner ofSkokie Blvd & Gross Point Rd

    Right in between Emmas Cafe& Edwardos Pizza! YUM!

  • Be Fully Present : No food or phones2 B4 Me: 2 people share before I speak againWatch My Air Time: 2 minutesUse our Tools: Index cards, folders, etc. Snaps: Acknowledging the good I witness

    - CPS Arts Department, 2014 Agreements

  • 1.) Hands raised for questions2.) Peace sign fingers = Our quiet sign3.) Talk time = 2 minutes 4.) No food or phones during session5.) Index cardsHousekeeping Reminders

  • Todays Agenda:REFLECT How do LGBTQ issues fit into the work you do?REFRESH New skills related to:Learning the LanguageImproving CurriculumResponding to offensive language and commentsRENEW How to apply what weve learned

  • Goals

    Write on your index card-Share with the person next to youREFLECT:What are you hoping to get out of this workshop?

  • Gender Identity/ExpressionHow someone feels inside, and how they portray that to the worldSexual orientationWho someone is attracted to emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.REFRESH: Learning the Languagemanwomanboygirlfemininemasculinegender fluidandrogynousgender neutralqueertransgenderthird gendergaylesbianbisexualpansexualasexualqueergender varianttrannytransgenderedA transgenderhomosexualstraightA gaySexual preferencetransvestitegay lifestyle

  • Share with the person next to youREFLECT:How might gender and sexual orientation come up in the work you do?

  • 6 in 10 LGBT students reported feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation; 4 in 10 because of how they expressed their genderLess than a fifth of students reported that school personnel frequently intervened when hearing homophobic remarks or negative remarks about gender expression.More than half of students heard homophobic remarks from school personnel.Nearly one third of students missed classes or entire days of school in the past month because they felt unsafe or uncomfortable.Students of any sexual orientation who learn about LGBTQ people/issues in class feel safer and more included in school. (2008 Preventing School Harassment)

    From GLSEN 2011 School Climate Survey:

  • -Look at the material youve been given-Circle any parts that you feel are not inclusive-How would you change it?REFRESH: Improving Curriculum

  • Boyfriend/girlfriend PartnerMom & Dad Parent or GuardianSplit into boys and girls count off by 2sMale or Female Gender _________Heteronormative imagesGender policing & body shaming

    Look out for

  • Share with the person next to youRENEW:Think about the programs you run. Do you have any resources or materials that you use and would like to edit to make more inclusive? How?

  • This is gayGirls are so bossyNo homo, broDont be a pussyMaria youre dressed like a dude today!What are some possible responses?What are some challenges you may face?

    REFRESH: Responding to comments from students

  • This is gayWhat do you mean by that?Gay is actually a word for sexual orientation, please choose a different one.Girls are so bossyWhy do you say bossy, not confident or assertive? Do you call boys bossy?Thats a big generalization! Lets not make such sweeping statements about groups of people.No homo, broWhy do you think some people feel so worried about their actions being seen like that?Comments like that make it sound like its bad to be gay, I dont want to hear it again.Dont be a pussyDid you ever stop to think about that phrase and what it implies? Why do you think people say it so often?Im sure you dont mean to be, but that comment is sexist. Not to mention inappropriate. Use a different word please.Maria youre dressed like a dude today!What does dressing like a dude mean? Maybe shes just wearing what she feels comfortable in?Maria can dress however she likes, lets not police each others clothing choices.

    REFRESH: Responding to comments from students:Questions that open discussionStatements that address and redirect

  • Goal Setting

    Write on back of index cardRENEW:-What is one concept/idea that you will take away from this session?

    -What are two concrete steps or actions that you will do in the next two weeks based on this session?

    *****During this workshop its ok to make mistakes, ask questions, etc. Takes time to learn all these things and thats ok*Bring terms and definitions resource sheet, plus ok vs not ok to say sheetHow run this?*-curriculum on healthy relationships, sex ed, bullying-permission slips, evaluations-insults and gender policing among students while you are in class*Gender and sexual orientation often come up in many different topics and lessons. Even if you feel your program topic includes nothing related to gender or sexual orientation, it is still important as a classroom management skill to understand and be able to respond to comments related to gender and sexual orientation, including slurs and gender policing*Do in groups then share back to large group*Take this slide out? Just take notes on what they say after practice activity, on a post-it?*There are two main ways to respond to offensive language or statements: engage with questions, or address it with a comment and move on. Based on your time restraints, the context, and the content of your workshop, you may choose one over the other.*