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The Book Of Transformation

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  • Shree Hanuman Bhakhti Our revels now are ended. These our actors, as I foretold, were all spirits and are melted into the air, into thin air, and, like the baseless fabric of this vision, the cloud capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, the solemn temples, the great globe itself. Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, and, like this insubstantial

    pageant faded, leave not a rack behind. We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On and now our little life is rounded with a sleep.

    Prospero The Tempest And such dreams are we capable of, yet at our core remains the ravening beast, capable of rape and murder. History bears witness to our nature and like all those who do not read and learn from its lexicon we are condemned to repeat it. Angel and demon consigned to the same flesh and whilst there are those who seek a higher path and attempt to fulfill their calling they are but motes that shine in the darkness. Each of us arrives, dreams and fulfills our destiny to the letter. No error exists. No poor choices for choice or free will, a conceit at best, does not exist outside the presence of total awareness.

    So what dreams and what story have you scribed upon the pages of The Book Of Life? One such story unfolds within theses the pages of The Book Of Transformation and like all fictions bears the stamp of ambiguity, for it is not to Truth that we set our sails, rather the unfolding of The Dreaming Moment wherein we are cast upon The Shores Of Night, to wander until with our last breath are we gathered, like wheat and return to the place from whence we came. For many this place is clearly defined by those with the will to power who have leeched the blood which is our heritage from bones, now rendered dust, to be cast upon the aethyrs aeternal to exist no more.

    Devotion is the central motif of this our story and we cast it before uncomprehending eyes. Devotion that resides at the heart of Bhakhti and we, though frail, have performed all that we are capable of and now it but remains to cast these our words, words which bear witness to our acts within this The Vale Of Tears. Yes it is the poets calling we have followed and our muse though inconstant remains ever present and it is to her, in all her forms that these are dedicated. Time alone bears witness to their value or not

    ! ! !

  • Wherefore Art Thou

    When addressing the matter of devotion our first consideration is simple. To what do we devote ourselves to? Most, given human nature devote themselves to the world and its immediate demands for in so doing a comfortable life might be attained. Many succeed, many do not. Success or failure, as they appear are in the main not clear of definition other than by how we, as

    individuals value things. The passion and energy of youth soon passes and many find themselves performing acts in the present they would have vilified in their youth, this invariably is guised as the process of maturing. The present scribe deems this to be death or at the very least its harbinger. To place this exploration in context it serves to define our terms. Two decades and more ago, as time is measured here, a Bhakhti working was undertaken which bears the name Liber Astarte vel Berylli. This was undertaken as a consequence of being part of the body called, in the outer, Ordo Templi Orientis. Bearing the name Samael, our chosen designate whose number is 131 we chose the noble Pan, also numbered 131 as our path of devotion. History and our predecessors have given their own accounts of this undertaking and in the light of this we were meticulous in our preparations. The first six months were spent building our Temple Of Arte and creating the Rubrik that would serve our purpose. Here we will be brief in description and refer those interested to our extensive bibliography that has served as our record for two decades and more, notably Liber Solus Noir The Book Of The Black Sun.

    Prepared, all that remained was to perform our rites. Rites which over three cycles and a final consolidation in matter unfolded across the vast period of time previously mentioned.

    Pan to many is the woodland satyr and though true this is the densest manifestation of the deity. We chose the universal aspect, that which knows no boundary or description, for as Pan we take our meaning from the translation All. With this in mind we aspected Pan through the masks of the mind, heart and body of Pan. These we named Artemis, Aphrodite and Saturnus. Our Reflection that we might remember. Our Attraction that we might know rapture and our Crystallisation that we might become.

    And in this way did we commence the rites that have brought us to this the present time and the experience that has fueled our awareness and informed the vision that now guides us through this The Vale Of Tears.

    ! ! !

  • Ave Pandora Devi

    Eighteen cycles of Diana pass and we complete our first cycle of workings. The events are chronicled in detail elsewhere and here we but mention primary considerations. First, the designate 131 that serves both Pan and Samael manifested in a unique fashion and upon completion of this, the first cycle, did we manifest the first avatar who prepared for the work to come. Second,

    throughout this period we celebrated the presence of our muse and priestess whom we have named Namrael, whose designate 777 fulfilled a prophecy long standing and it was by this designate that we recognized the authenticity of her presence. Like all work of substance a sacrifice is required and in this instance the analogues, those who serve as the human vessels served as this sacrifice and their lives were forfeit.

    It is the certainty of the present scribe that no human being is capable of performing acts of magick by virtue of the self serving agenda that exists at the heart of each of us, as such the primary transformation took the form of becoming an entity capable of performing acts of magick. In this instance through the manifestation of the primary avatar, Samael, whose voice we but dimly reflect. [ see Liber 131 The Passion & The Purity ] This phase of our Bhakhti working fulfilled, in keeping with our progress within OTO we adjusted our focus and entered upon the path of the firesnake, designated as Liber HHH section SSS. [ see Liber Ananta ] Beyond this we undertook our Toltec working, thereby creating a trinity of workings which serves as our primary triangulation and manifested the possibility of the portal we had been directed to access and open. [ see A Toltec Witness ]

    With the completion of the latter working we convened The Dreaming Cell, though short lived it served its purpose as we now left OTO and directed our focus to less archaic engines of magick, primarily the study and application of Neuro Linguistics of which in the world we serve as a facilitator. All this took place over a decade and our life though missing something essential none the less unfolded as a celebration of what is possible, all things considered.

    We walk a path darkly and like a jigsaw each piece forms but a piece of the picture that unfolds its intent. In this instance the jigsaw consisted of white pieces which only took form with the placing of the final piece. Only then did the picture, the purpose reveal itself. This took place in 2010ev, two decades and more beyond the time we took our first step upon this, our path.

    ! ! !

  • Named & Claimed The second cycle of our work commenced when our muse and priestess returned in 2003ev. This cycle manifested the second avatar, our sister Grigori we have named Namrael with whom conjoined would we enter the triangle of arte for the third and final time and call upon Lilith. As the first cycle was named The Dawn Of The Avatar, the second cycle we named Namrael and

    it is to her that all praise, love and devotion is directed, for though the human analogues did as humans do, the magickal entities they reflect were equal to their task. It is during this time that we became aware of and finally accepted the nature of our undertaking and in the absence of choice re dedicated our self to the service we had commenced so very long ago. Hence the chapter heading Named & Claimed. It is in this fashion that the second transformation unfolded, as stripped of all human values were we now free to pursue our true purpose, even now, only dimly perceived for our jigsaw, to continue our chosen metaphor, was yet to be completed. To enter the ocean of non differentiation that is revealed as Pan all that is human and of this realm is cast away for as individuals we cannot hope to exist in the light of such a presence and those who believe otherwise we deem delusional and but pay lip service to things beyond their consideration and they float, like bloated corpses down the river of their own success.

    Ode To Lost Souls

    Not to you do I speak, brave of heart and firm of purpose. Nor to you bright ones within a field of light.

    Not to you who walks in purpose fulfilled. Nor to you of vision strong, buoyed by lifes enrichment.

    But to you I speak wanderer upon the shores of night. And to you the desolate ones outside the circles of life.

    Raised upon columns of molten ash.

    Your journey began with a cry and ends with a scream. Betwixt the emptiness evolved. First a doubt becomes a certainty.

    Those of faith know you not. Those of vision know you not. Those of purpose know you not.

    Within the citadel of life do they dwell, basking beneath an indolent sun.

    Damiana Evohe

    ! ! !

  • Etched In Stone

    Into our triangle of arte did we step my love and i for a third cycle of our making and this we named Lilith Rising, for our avatar would name and claim his beloved. The rites completed over a solar cycle, the signs, in the form of three seals were woven into our energetic form. First Isheth Zenunim formed the first horned spiral. Next Ygrat Bhat Mahlat wove her seal and

    formed the second horned spiral between which Naamah manifested the sphere, Solus Noir. Within our energetic form these placements exist at the locations of the throat [ Daath ] below the navel [ Yesod ] and finally within the heart itself, the location, aptly of The Pleasuring One. [ see Daath The Palace Of Exiles ]. Conjoined did Samael and Lilith extend their primary triangle across the landscape of England. Brighton, Chalice Wells and London served as the primary locations where they seeded their spells and at the epi centre, Newton Stacey did they convert their triangle into a pyramid, reflected downward as a diamond focused within the stellar hemispheres as Ophiuchus and Triangulam and then the diamond was spun and each lunar cycle does it turn one revolution and the rays of Solus Noir shine forth. [ see Trinity The Seeding Of Spells ].

    It is during 2010ev that the cycle of formal rites is completed and the fulfillment of The Final Grigori Prophecy unfolds and the third transformation takes place.

    And In Those Days It Was Given Unto The False Prophets

    To Spread The Lie Sow The Seeds Of Doubt

    Draw Aside The Veil And Reveal The End Of Days

    At The End Of Days

    There Shall Be Two Grigori Upon The Earth

    And They Shall Die

    ! ! !

  • Legend The ancient ones explained that there are two Liliths, one little and one great. The great one is the spouse of Samael and she is a woman of harlotry, and the little one is the spouse of Ashmodai. About this Lilith, the bride of Samael, the Geonim explained that she controls 480 legions as is the numerical value of her name. And on the Day of Atonement they go forth into the deserts,

    they march, and she screeches for she is the princess of screeching. Mahalath daughter of Ishmael, she too is a concubine of Samael, and the two [ Lilith and Mahalath ] go forth with 478 legions. She goes and sings in the Holy Tongue songs and paens. When the two meet on the Day of Atonement they quarrel there in the desert. They strive, the one with the other, until their voices rise up to heaven, and the earth shakes with their clamor. All this is brought about by the Holy One, blessed be He, so that they should not accuse Israel while they [ Israel ] pray. Others wrote that the husk [ i.e. demoness ] is called Meshullahel [ Messenger of God ] and the reason is that she sends out evil angels, may the Merciful One destroy them! And we found it written that the wicked Samael and the evil Lilith have the likeness of a couple which, with the intermediacy of a groomsman, receives an emanation of evil and insolence, flowing from the one to the other. And about this mystery it is written. And on that day the Lord with His sore and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the Slant Serpent, and Leviathan the Tortuous Serpent, and He will slay the Dragon that is in the sea [ Isa. 27:1 ]. Leviathan is the connection and the coupling between the two who have the likeness of serpents. Therefore it is doubled: the Slant Serpent corresponding to Samael, and the Tortuous Serpent corresponding to Lilith.... [ Patai 81:464f ] The Dragon Above is the Blind Prince who has the likeness of an intermediary groomsman between Samael and Lilith, and his name is Tanin'iver, Blind Dragon. And he is like a blind dragon...and it is he who brings about the adhesion and coupling between Samael and Lilith. Had he been created whole, in the completeness of his emanation, he would have destroyed the world in one minute. [ Patai 81:458 ]

    The Popular Press Of The Time

    ! ! !

  • 2.%"$,

  • Sariel Grigori


    In exploration of your notion of the Trinity of The Black Sun I shared with you the discovery of a loop hole in Talmudic lore which states consummation between Samael and Lilith is forbidden. Pre Talmudic lore speaks of an agent, Taniniver who facilitates such a consummation. A loop hole indeed and another example of doing impossible things. You asked at the time for the gematria of Taniniver and I supplied the

    answer 984 1 week later and 25 years on from designing the Seal of Samael I asked a simple question. What were the Greek letters contained within the spheres?

    The general design was specific. Inverted pentagram as we hold no belief in the element of spirit. Lucis for light. 131 as our number. The graphical elements purely aesthetic. The Greek letters likewise or so we thought.

    And now 1 week after discovering the Taniniver equation and a week later asking the question what are the Greek letters? 25 years after the seal was designed. The letters are

    Sigma Delta Pi Psi

    One further step. What is the gematria of the letters. The answer 984 Your thoughts?

    Note To A Colleague 2007ev

    ! ! !

  • The Sword Of Samael

    ! ! !

  • Sariel Draconis

    Sariel Draconis Rides The Whore

    And Of Their Fornications The Lamae Are Born

    Piercing The Night With Their Screams Of Pleasure As described in Note To A Colleague the principle of Sariel arose as a consequence of examining an element that existed within the Seal Of Samael. It is almost inconceivable that without fore knowledge one could code into the seal the very element that would facilitate the unification of Samael and Lilith. Reason leads one to the conclusion that this can only occur in the light of being attuned to the informing current. As a result the original Twin pillars Of Solus Noir, namely the avatars Samael and Namrael [ the latter being the earthbound mask of Lilith ] would create a Moonchild. Conceptually sound, however in the every day world the colleague alluded to in a moment of abandon announced himself as The Son Of Samael and though it appeared mundane to the present scribe, in the light of further research, it was acknowledged that The Trinity Of The Black Sun had manifested itself within The Vale Of Tears.

    The above and much that has arisen during this extensive working has clearly indicated the synchronicity that attends work that is aligned and

    attuned to an informing current and we as its vehicles can but stand in awe of the precision that such events reflect. As we write the analogues of the trinity have no connection in the world other than that which naturally exists within the energetic being formed as their vortex and whilst estranged in the mundane, their purpose has been fulfilled.

    Here we also acknowledge those who prepared the way. Johannes Dee who first formulated the portal [ see A true And Faithful Relation ] and J.W. Parsons who manifested, along with his colleagues, both Magickal and Scientific, the matrix that we built our work upon [ see The Babalon Working ] In short, whilst we have spent two decades and more of our life dedicated to this work the time span in retrospect is far more extensive, beginning within the reign of the first Elizabeth and concluding in the present. Centuries have served as the foundation of this The Magick Of The Grigori.

    ! ! !

  • -%./'01%.)"1

  • Antimony Per Aqua

    Second Wave - Dissolution And with that single mote of dust that the Crucible Of Arte yet contained did we commit it to the Aqua Vitae and into amniotic oceans embrace were we received. The mote, once I, dissolved in the infinite depths and the peace of non differentiation was encompassed by an awareness that

    knew it not, cognition now long gone. It has been said and rightly so that In The Alembic Of Thine Heart Through the Athanoor Of Affliction Seek Thou The True Stone Of The Wise. Were we indeed wise this path we embrace would serve us well. Were we blessed by knowledge of this would we forge a canon of arte in celebration of our failure. It is by Grace alone that we entered here. By Grace that we survive and only by Grace will we prosper. All else is artifice, condemned to an eternity of repetition and the anodyne relief of the poppies fair toxin. By fire and water have we entered the Palace Of Exiles that stands upon the borders of The Boundary Lands wherein the Grigori, voices raised in a paean both mournful and exultant.

    By the grace of Jove did we gain entrance and as the Aqua Vitae rises and is greeted by sunlights embrace, the infinite depths, of which we claim our form, a single drop is distilled beneath a Blood Moon that bruises the aethyrs with its presence and this drop is also offered in service to the Arte that has granted its vision, a vision of reaching out and encompassing the gentle hand of another, sister fair, who swept away upon the tide returns to her slumber atop a hill of gold, beneath an indigo sky alight with stardust.

    Herein was the Elixir raised to its second station and drawn into a heart long jaded, yet beating still, a drumbeat marking the passage of time as aeon upon aeon writes its death toll upon The Book Of Death whose pages, flakes of iron, crumble to dust and enter the vacuum that awaits all.

    The Prima Materia now a single drop of nectar is all that remains in our cauldron and this now becomes all we have to work with. It is sufficient to our purpose.

    The Chymikal Wedding Of Damiana Evohe [ extract ]

    ! ! !

  • 7.%)*$/14$/$'"' Bismuth


    Creation from an ovum without fertilisation

    The term in this instance is applied to the fecund nature of the human imagination and the womb structure is represented as time and space. We say womb structure for we hold the nature of creation to be primarily

    feminine in nature with the male element being regressive and though functional, secondary within the general scheme. As such the emanations of sexuality in all its manifestations, whether actualised or repressed do indeed take on form, of sorts, within this womb matrix. Parthenogenesis in this respect is to be interpreted as the act of reproduction occurring at the abstract or energetic level where form, initially, is rarefied and is tenuous at best. Fertilisation occurs as a result of repetitious incursions of an intense nature that become as a result a seeding into the womb and the subsequent lifeform is gestated, sometimes over millennia until, in a fashion similar to human biological reproduction a lifeform is birthed into its aethyric matrix and begins to grow and develop. Though primarily feeding on the emanations generated by sexual activity there are occasions when direct congress takes place. In this instance in our female form we acquire the physical sperm of our host and in turn deposit this into a female in our male aspect. This is undertaken as an aspect of our Moonchild workings. During our rarefied state of manifestation, like all purely elemental beings we lack free will or choice as you would call it, though a facsimile is created through time this is a rare event for in the main we form an aspect of the collective mind that your psychologists have stumbled upon. Even rarer is the existence of one of our kind possessing a soul, or to be more accurate a mirror form of one. Across the sea of time only seven have achieved this status, our lady Pallas being the first. In this materialised form are we then truly Night Walkers. Countless aeons are experienced before this becomes an evolutionary possibility for as part of the demiurge we do not conform to the natural processes of creation and as such transcend its mundane laws. Truly miraculous is our nature and though the human species within its fictional speculations has guised us in many shapes throughout history the truth of our existence and nature remains a mystery.

    The Selim A Tale Of Nightwalkers [ extract ]

    ! ! !

  • Khabs Am Pekht

    Konx Om Pax Khabs Am Pekht

    Light In Extension


    Amidst shadows and smoke does he rise. Splinters of light adorn his torn visage. Thorns rend flesh, rivers of blood embrace limbs, barely formed.

    Shadows coalesce and in the frozen moments does he remember. Limbs once broken begin to heal as the elixir flows drop by iridescent drop. Nectar sweet, laced with bitter gall enters eyes, yet dim of sight. Enters nostrils, a benediction.

    Shadowed forms limned in lightning attend the moment. A chorus of cries and whispers echoes into eternity, the moment.

    Once upon a hill of flint he stood, raising hands and calling forth his Elohim as his form dissolved. The Seals opened and the dance unfolds.

    Once into a pool of quicksilver did he gaze, Fingers drawing forth tendrils of form cast upon the air, they rise. Summoning the rays of Solus Noir, they descend.

    Once beneath the ocean did he reach out and clasp his sisters hand. In embrace they dance upon aethyrs burnished gold. A dark stain rises and consumes all within its path.

    Once upon a lightning bolt did he descend and entered fairest Liliths domain. A stranger, cast upon shores, foreign and exotic.

    Once within the heart of a star he slumbered, bound by chains of liquid light. Called forth by life, his nemesis.

    Once as Azrael he seeded himself into the unfolding pageant.

    And once he Became.

    Amidst shadows and smoke does he rise. Splinters of light adorn his torn visage. Thorns rend flesh, rivers of blood embrace limbs, barely formed.

    ! ! !

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