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Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Theory, Channel, and Applications

Electronic Library and Learning Centre ProjectDr. Bessam Z. Hassan (Head of Project)Mr. Ghassan Qas Marrogy (member)Mr. Ahmed Neshwan (member)Supervised by Dr. Hisham Jawad Ahmed

Communication & Computer Engineering DepartmentContentsIntroductionNetwork and InfrastructureFunctions of the Learning CentreAcknowledgements2Next IntroductionNetwork and InfrastructureFunctions of the Learning CentreAcknowledgements3Knowledge At the Tip of Your FingerLibrary Future: Has reading gone extinct?The future of the public library looks a lot like a computer Store: Rows of glossy touch screens, iPads mounted on a dark-colored bar inviting readers, and hundreds of other tablets stand ready for checkout to anyone with a borrowing card.NO!It has only changed . . .4

4Distant Learning and Virtual ClassTeach and Train your students anywhere in the world with interactive multimedia-based courseware! This engaging method brings the learners up to speed on new equipments, policies, or procedures without the need for costly travel or workshops.Create you own courseware to work with your current learning targets, or create a learning target customized to your tools and needs. Online testing and certification is just an added feature! No boundaries or limits5

Students Books and Locker RoomsWho is carrying books anymore?Seriously? No one of course!!!

Locker rooms? Thats old fashionI have all what I need on my smart phone6

Next IntroductionNetwork and InfrastructureFunctions of the Learning CentreAcknowledgements7Network InfrastructureIndoorWireless coverage within the buildingInvestigates the impact ofDistancePacket lossOutdoor (future work)Entire Campus environmentMobility8

Next IntroductionNetwork and InfrastructureFunctions of the Learning CentreAcknowledgements9Added Features of the e-LibraryCurrently more than 33000 books and lectures (under classification) ExpandabilityEasy to use Graphical User InterfaceFree of charge, no borrowing limits, take it home booksLecture notes, Home works, Video Lectures, Tutorials, Self-learning and EducationStudent e-lockers, e-storage, shared common rooms, and virtual sessions (future project)Software library (future project)10

Self Education and Video Lectures11

Server Time Sharing and Simulation Environment 12

Previously it might take days or weeks on your PC to get resultsRun it now on your server and it takes only momentsRun your Simulator from Your Tablet PC or Smart Phone Virtual LAB13Complete LAB with just one server

Virtual Classroom (Project under development)Start your lesson electronically from any computer on the network. Students may be anywhere (at any class or lab)Make use of existing wireless networkNo server interaction just monitoringNo effect on other functionsReduced costs and time14

e-Library on-going Project e-Library is an on-going project that needs all the attention and supportContinuous running costs and needed to fund this projectAnti-virusLicensingState of the art software updatesExpenses can be retrieved from student participation and server-time sharing15Next IntroductionNetwork and InfrastructureFunctions of the Learning CentreAcknowledgements16AcknowledgementsWe would like to thank the presidency of Cihan university for the confidence been put in the project and the opportunity to develop into a leading technology17Thank You18