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  • 1. Flexible Library Scheduling in the Elementary School
    Its all about student learning.

2. What is Flexible Scheduling?
"a scheduling arrangement that allows for variation in library use, rather than having each class scheduled into the library for a regular, fixed period
3. Shannon (1996): The library media specialist and the teacher plan together for instruction or use of resources based on student learning needs in each curriculum unit and schedule on that basis. The schedule is arranged on an ad hoc basis and varies constantly.
Everything that the teacher librarian is qualified to teach, and is interested in having the students learn, is inextricably tied to the classroom curriculum.
What is Flexible Scheduling?
4. Flexible Scheduling
Allows teachers to bring their classes to thelibrary at the time of greatest needfor instructional purposes.
Flexible Access
Allows students to visit the libraryat their point of need.
What is Flexible Scheduling?
5. Why Flexible Scheduling?
Educational research on effective learning tells us:

  • learning skills in context is more effective than learning in isolation

6. inquiry-basedlearning is more meaningful 7. student achievement increaseswhen libraries and librarians play an integral role in student learning