LINCOLNSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL Reminiscence COUNTY COUNCIL A guide to video, slide packs, photocards, audio-cassettes and other material ... Three films from Humphrey Jennings,

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  • Reminiscence Resources


    A guide to video, slide packs, photocards,

    audio-cassettes and other material

    available for loan from the

    Special Needs Library Service

    August 2005

    LINCOLNSHIREpart of the East Midlands Region


    Introduction.............................................................3 Videos .....................................................................4 Slides.......................................................................11 Photo-cards .............................................................14 Audio-cassettes .......................................................18 Exercise ..................................................................25 Other resources .......................................................27


  • INTRODUCTION The Special Needs Library Service provides a library service to residential homes, nursing homes, day centres and warden controlled housing throughout Lincolnshire. Part of the Service provides a back-up to activities organised in the establishments by means of a collection of reminiscence resources. Reminiscence can be of particular importance to older people for a number of reasons. It can enhance a persons feeling of self-worth and esteem; help in recognising the individuality of a person; and not least can be an enjoyable and stimulating experience. The Service also holds a collection of books aimed at care staff and activity organisers. These include ideas for quizzes and activities, and books on working with clients with dementia. If you would like to borrow any of the items listed, please contact the Community Librarian: Special Needs. The items will normally be sent to your nearest library for collection. For more information please contact: Community Librarian: Special Needs Special Needs Library Service Eastgate Centre 105 Eastgate Sleaford Lincs NG34 7EN Tel: (01522) 550370 Fax: (01522) 550372 August 2005


  • VIDEOS - All Videos are VHS format only Music, Memories and Milestones This series of videos feature material from news film archives. Captured on film are the music, moments and memories from two decades:

    - 1930s 54 mins approx The Big Bands, Worldwide depression, Edward and Mrs Simpson. Jesse Owen, Sir Malcolm Campbell, Gracie Fields - 1940s 54 mins approx World War II, Glen Miller, Marlene Dietrich, Sir Winston Churchill Reflections Video tapes consisting of archive film, music, lantern slides and photographs interspersed with questions and discussion points. Converts passive TV viewing into an interactive activity. - CHILDHOOD Three pensioners return to the streets in which they grew up and remember their childhood and schooling - MONTYS MUSEUM A tour round Monty Maxfields private museum - an Aladdins cave of memorabilia - STARTING OUT Memories of setting up home in the 1930s and 40s are contrasted with the experiences of young people today - HOME FRONT A look at the lighter side of wartime How we used to live


  • 1936-1953 4 videos with 5

    episodes of 21 mins

    Archive film and dramatic reconstruction show the life of the fictional Hodgkins family at the time of such events as the Jarrow march, abdication crisis, rationing, evacuation, VE Day and Festival of Britain 1945-1970 2 videos with 10

    episodes of 20 mins This set covers the such topics as rise of rock n roll, nuclear power, immigration, changes in transport, and the lowering of the voting age British Movietone News Collection A collection of videos in black and white showing clips many clients would have seen in the cinema. Each video lasts just under one hour - GREAT EVENTS Major events in 20th century Britain, including King George Vs Silver Jubilee, life of Montgomery and outbreak of World War II - TRIUMPH OF FLIGHT Features such aircrafts as the Caledonia Flying Boat, the Hawker Hurricane, Concorde and the Great Zeppelin. Wartime stories also feature - ANIMAL CLASSICS A light-hearted look at a wide range of animals from elephants and tigers to the dog and cat - FASHION AND BEAUTY A collection of clips looking at fashion over 40 years. Hats, hair, jewellery, make-up, undergarments and gowns are among the many items covered - MAJOR DISASTERS


  • Including rare footage of the plane that flew into the Worlds tallest building. A range of natural and manmade disasters is included - EARLY CUP FINALS Covers the great Cup Finals of the 1930s and 1940s - CUP FINALS Covers the 1950s and early 1960s - CHALLENGE OF THE SEA The excitement of both ocean liners and naval ships at sea is covered in this video. The complete story of the Queen Mary is included, as well as unique wartime action from the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean - HORSE RACE GREATS Covering the period 1929-1940, this video includes the Derby of 1921 featured on the very first BMN newsreel. Rich in an atmosphere of past times Royalty Videos - QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER: 90 Glorious years Narrated by Richard Baker. 90 mins Video produced by the BBC to commemorate the Queen Mothers 90th Birthday in 1990. It includes archive film and photos, an interview with Princess Margaret and reminiscences from the Queen Mother herself - QUEEN ELIZABETH II 53 mins A 40th anniversary portrait from 1992 showing the events that have shaped the reign of Queen Elizabeth II - THE FERGIE STORY: A Paradise Lost? 50 mins


  • This provides an insight into the life of the Duchess of York as a member of the Royal Family. Exclusive footage and interview with friends and informed observers are included - DIANA: Model Princess 50 mins Using previously unseen film footage, the Princess of Wales is seen both at work and in family life - NIGEL DEMPSTERS PORTRAIT OF THE QUEEN MOTHER 60 mins A personal tribute to The most gracious of Ladies - THE GLITTERING GOWNS 60 mins The stories of the Kings and Queens of Europe from the end of Victorias reign - A PRINCE AMONG ISLANDS 50 mins Showing a return visit by the Prince of Wales to the remote Gaelic- speaking island of Berneray in the Sound of Harris Imperial War Museum - KEEPING THE WHEELS TURNING: Women and Children at War 1939-45 Seven films originally produced by the Ministry of Information focusing on the activities of women and children in the Second World War. Subjects covered include evacuation, education, women in factories and women in the home. Each film lasts between 8 and 15 minutes - LISTENING TO BRITAIN: A Jennings Trilogy Three films from Humphrey Jennings, now generally regarded as Britains greatest documentary film-maker. They evoke the mood of a large variety of people both at work and at play. Films last between 10 and 40 minutes Provincial Life


  • - SEEMS LIKE YESTERDAY 30 mins approx Featuring South Holland, Boston, Grantham, Lincoln and many other districts of the County, this video presents a wide-ranging picture of life in Lincolnshire during the first half of the 20th Century - CHURCH FARM DIARY A calendar of events at Church Farm Museum in the heart of Skegness, with a look at many rural crafts and activities - BYGONE LINCOLN

    Showing Lincoln from 1918-1962. Includes the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1918: The Lincoln floods of 1947; racing on the Carholme in 1962; the Brayford swing bridge and much more - BYGONE LINCOLN 3 55 mins The city on film, 1937-1965 - THE LINCOLN CATHEDRAL STORY 45 mins A journey through one of Europes finest cathedrals - LINCOLNS RAILWAY 60 mins Tells the story of 150 years of railway history in Lincoln - LINCOLN: CITY OF SECRETS 45 mins Computer technology is used to display how Lincoln would have looked in the past. There is also a look at the remains of historic Lincoln that lie below todays streets - A FENLAND SCHOOL 60 mins A video history of the primary school at Fodderdyke Bank, New Leake, dating from the early 1900s - BOSTON LOOKS BACK 43 mins


  • Covers the period 1904-1951. Includes the proclamation of George V, Empire Day 1928, hospital fund-raising in 1932 and scenes from the war years to the Festival of Britain - SOUTH HOLLAND LOOKS BACK 49 mins From 1913-1973, including the first ever tulip festival, this video shows scenes from Spalding, Quadring, Holbeach, Sutton Bridge and many other places from this are of Lincolnshire - FLOOD 54 mins Films of various East Anglian floods, including the Cambridgeshire Fens in 1937 and 1947; Houghton in 1947 and Norwich/Suffolk in 1953 - LOUTH LOOKS BACK 50 mins Taking in the period 1935-65, this video includes the Big Freeze of 1938, extracts from the Playhouse Newsreels, excerpts from Ramble round Louth showing surrounding areas in 1940 - SLEAFORD 2000 35 mins History trail of Sleaford - TO BE A YELLOWBELLY 2 videos each 80 mins First shown on Channel 4, these films show rural communities over a year, at work and play. There are two films on each video - FENLAND FARMING 55 55 mins A look at farming in the Fens in 1955 - ACRES OF CHANGE 75 mins Contrasts farming methods of 1939 with those in the 1990s - OPERATION HARVEST


  • War in the countryside 1939-1945 60 mins The story of the farmers war effort, told through archive and contemporary film - BYGONES - THE HARVEST 40 mins Recreates how harvesting used to be done. Includes interviews with retired labourers and archive film - BYGONES - THE HORSEMEN 40 mins Memories of men who worked with heavy horses in the early 20th century - FIFTY YEARS TO THE DAY Memories of RAF Bardney, recorded fifty years after the station b