LinkedIn 22 Tips To Maximize The Experience

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  • 1. LinkedIn: 22 Tips toMaximize the Experience

2. LinkedIn WorksBecause Its Safe 3. Sacrificing Features for Security Linkedin Works BECAUSE it Does Less than Facebook Connections are Controlled Relatively Easy to Use Easy Layout Control Minimal Advertising Useful Applications Address Book Paradigm 4. LinkedIn Rewards Action Follow These Tips Spend a Few MinutesEvery Day on LinkedIn You Have to be PART ofLinkedIn 5. LinkedIn ProfileTips 6. 1. Upload a Good Photo2. Complete Your Entire Profile, Including Previous Jobs3. Do Not Use Email Address as Your Last Name 7. 4. Use Keywords Liberally in Your Profile5. Link to Web Sites using Keywords6. Link to Blog RSS Feed 8. 7. Update Profile Often, but Not Too Often8. Create Status Updates (like Twitter and Facebook Status) 9. LinkedInApplications IncreaseUsefulness 10. 9. Activate LinkedIn Applications and Connect to Content You or Your Company Createso WordPress &Bloglinko SlideShare &GooglePresentationo CompanyBuzz (TwitterSearch) 11. LinkedIn Connections 12. 10. Have a GoodReason forInvitingSomeone toConnect11. Use CustomIntro Text 13. 12. FindConnectionsThroughLinkedInSearcho Nameo Companyo Locationo Keyword 14. 13. Browse YourConnectionsConnectionsto FindPeople youMissed orForgot 15. 14. Invite Contacts From Your Outlook and/orWebmail Databases (caution one at a time) 16. LinkedInRecommendations Like eBay Feedback forPeople 17. 15. Provide andRequestRecommendationso Use Custom InviteTexto Provide SomeGuidance toReviewer onPossibleThemes/Keywordso Be Ready toReciprocate 18. LinkedIn Messages Break Throughthe Clutter 19. 16. Send Messages toConnections aboutEvents, JobOpenings, etc. 20. Building Your Reputation onLinkedIn 21. 17. Set up a Searchand AnswerQuestions inLinkedIn AnswersSection 22. 18. Join Groups(not too many)and Participate.Meet PeopleThrough GroupDiscussion (ormembers list),and Connect19. ConsiderCreating YourOwn Group 23. Using LinkedIn for Business Development 24. 20. Connect withPeople YouNeed to Know21. Use Search toFindAppropriateContact Peopleat TargetCompanies22. Use Search toFindBackgroundInformation onProspectPersonnel