LinkedIn: Developing Career Connections & Effective Profiles

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LinkedIn: Developing Career Connections & Effective Profiles. PDAP : Career Development Workshops. Agenda. Introduction LinkedIn Profile Complete Profile Requirements Profile Enhancers 3.Networking 3 Degrees of Separation Building Connections Job Search Summary. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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LinkedIn: Developing Career Connections & Effective Profiles1PDAP: Career Development WorkshopsGet ReadyKnow yourself and what you wantGet SetPresent yourself with styleGOMake your moveDiscovering Your Nutrition Career PassionThe Wow Factor: Resumes & Cover Letters that Stand Out

Job Search Strategies that Maximize Results

Interview Techniques that Land the JobLinkedIn: Developing Career Connections & Effective Profiles Nutrition Grad School Application Essentials When you include this slide into the workshop that you are revising, please highlight the corresponding workshop in yellow on the grid Exploring Careers Outside of Academia is still on the grid for now (still pending a final decision)2AgendaIntroductionLinkedIn ProfileComplete Profile RequirementsProfile Enhancers3.Networking3 Degrees of SeparationBuilding ConnectionsJob SearchSummary

IntroductionWhat is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking website that currently has the largest online professional network in the world.4Introduction

LinkedIn facts and statistics:Over 277 million members in 200+ countries and 170+ industries

9+ million Canadian usersFastest growing demographic of users?

As of May 2013, over 30+ million students and recent college grads on LI5Introduction

LinkedIn facts and statistics:Users include influencers and key decision-makers

Executives from every Fortune 500 company use LinkedIn

90 of the Fortune 100 companies have used LinkedIn as a hiring resource6Introduction

Why do professionals use LinkedIn?To connect with colleagues and industry trends

To network and exchange ideas with other professionals

To create a personal brand

All of the above

a & b

Explain what personal branding is, and how it can contribute to a students professional presence online.

Personal branding what do you want others to know you for (e.g. niche, area of expertise, knowledge)? How do you want to be remembered? Another way to think of personal branding the mental shortcuts that we use for people. E.g.) the fashionista, the IT genius/whiz7Introduction

Will LinkedIn get you a job?NO


LinkedIn Profile7 components for a 100% complete profile:

PhotoIndustry & LocationCurrent Position & DescriptionTwo Previous PositionsSkills & Expertise (3+)EducationMinimum 50 ConnectionsShow this slide and the next slide (Profile Enhancers), before bringing up a LinkedIn account to show as an example.9

LinkedIn ProfileProfile enhancers:

SummaryHeadlineStatus UpdatesWebsite LinkTwitterPublic Profile URLAdditional SectionsEndorsements

RecommendationsGroupsContact Preferences

After showing this slide, bring up a LinkedIn account (can be your own or a students that youve received permission to show) and walk through the different sections of the profile make sure that the profile you show is 100% complete and has the various profile enhancers (its best to show a student profile; however, your own is fine)Highlight tips for each of the sections from the workshop facilitators LinkedIn Notes documentAsk students to refer to the LinkedIn Profile handout and follow along with their own LinkedIn account noting tips on the handout

To make this more interactive, you could ask for a volunteer to give their name and pull up their LinkedIn account, once youve finished showing your example do a compare and contrast and get the group to point out the good and the bad. This will help you check in with the group to see if they picked up on the tips that you gave them earlier on, while reviewing a complete profile10

LinkedIn ProfileAdditional Tips:

Remember your personal brandUse industry keywords and skillsKeep your profile fresh, update frequentlyReposition sections of your profile (as needed)Change settings to accept InMailChange privacy settings to Public After reviewing the LinkedIn profile, use this slide to sum things up11

NetworkingLinkedIn uses the concept of 3 degrees of separation:

Your friend and direct connectionA friend of a friendA friend of a friend of a friend!

NetworkingBuild your network on LinkedIn:

Add connectionsGroupsPeople searchFind AlumniContactsBe LinkedIn, or be left out!

After showing this slide, go back to the LinkedIn web page and show each of these different sectionsRefer to the facilitators LinkedIn Notes to highlight key points13

NetworkingAdditional Tip:

Customize your messages when connecting with new contacts!


NetworkingMobile Apps:

LinkedIn MobileLinkedInContactsLinkedInCardMunch15

Networking: LinkedIn Mobile

LinkedIn Mobile16

Networking: LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn Contacts17

Networking: LinkedIn CardMunch

LinkedIn CardMunch18

Job SearchUsing LinkedIn for job search:

LinkedIn JobsFollow companies & influencersSkills & ExpertisePeople search

After showing this slide, go back to the LinkedIn web page and show each of these different sectionsRefer to the facilitators LinkedIn Notes to highlight key points

If youre pressed for time, you can briefly talk about conducting a People search and not show it since youve already shown how to access this, for the previous part of the workshop19

SummaryLinkedIn is the #1 professional social network, and it is an effective tool that can help you:

Create a personal brand

Increase online visibility to recruiters/ employers

Facilitate new connections


Mention that there are additional hard copy resources in the Career Resource Centre. However, social media changes quickly, and students will find more up-to-date information online (especially on LinkedIns blog and help page)21Connect With Us!

Ryerson University Career Development & Employment Centre

LinkedIn Profile Information:

Location: POD 60

Phone: (416) 979 5177


Hours: Mon. Thurs. 8:30 am 6:30 pmFri.8:30 am 4:30 pm the presentation link from this last slide (, since its already on the LinkedIn Profile handout. Tang22