List of books used for teaching the Accelerated Literacy teaching

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  • List of books used for teaching the Accelerated Literacy teaching sequence

    in the National Accelerated Literacy Program The purpose of this booklist is to provide suggestions of books recommended for use in teaching the Accelerated Literacy approach. The books listed are not the only books used to teach the Accelerated Literacy approach and are by no means exclusive of other books teachers may know and enjoy.

    Book Teaching

    Notes Transition, YEAR 1 The books listed for Reception (Kindergarten, Transition, Pre Primary) and Year 1 are not all meant to be read independently by children during their first year at school. Books that can be shared by classes in their first year of school will usually have short segments that repeat often in stories. These short segments of the story can be used for Accelerated Literacy teaching sequences. Later in the same year or in the next year these familiar stories can be revisited and children will be able to read larger sections of them. The book list for these classes has therefore been divided into two sections - picture books that have repeating patterns that can be used with very early readers, and picture books with simple text that children can read themselves. Picture books with repeating patterns Allen, Pamela. (1997). The Bears Lunch. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140562419 Y Allen, Pamela. (1994). Belinda. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140544933 Allen, Pamela. (1989). Fancy That! Puffin Books, ISBN 0140509712 Allen, Pamela. (1982). Who Sank the Boat? Puffin Books, ISBN 0140566937 Ahlberg, Janet and Allan. (1989) Each Peach, Pear, Plum, Puffin Books, ISBN 0140509194 Brown, Ruth. (2000). Snail Trail. Andersen Press, ISBN 0862649498 Browne, Eileen. (1994). Handas Surprise. Walker Books, ISBN 0744536340 Burningham, John. (1970). Mr Gumpys Outing. (2001). Red Fox. ISBN 0099408791 Y Burningham, John. (1973). Mr Gumpys Motor Car. (2002). Red Fox. ISBN 0099417952 Retold by Gray, Brian. (2000). Henny Penny. Goanna Press, ISBN 2770000010849 Carter, Melanie. (1992). Possum Goes To School. Childerset Publishers, Cairns, Australia. Rod Campbell. (1982). Dear Zoo. Mantra Publishing Edition, 2004 , ISBN 1844441679 Cox. Tania. (2000). Little Bat. Working Title Press. ISBN 1876288094. Emmerton, Sylvia. (2005). My Mob Going to the Beach. Black Ink Press, ISBN 1863340149 Y Foreman, Michael. (2000). The Little Red Hen. Red Fox, ISBN 0099403773 Retold by OToole, Mary. (1993).The Gingerbread Man. Macmillan Education, ISBN 0732915732 Galdone, Paul. (1972). The Three Bears. Clarion Books, ISBN 9780899194011 Germein, Katrina. (2002). Big Rain Coming. Puffin Books, ISBN 0143500457 Y Hutchins, Pat. (1971). Titch. Puffin Books, ISBN 0099262533 Y Hutchins, Pat. (1986). The Doorbell Rang. Puffin Books, ISBN 9780688092344 Jensen, Kiersten. (1986). Possum In The House. Childerset Publishers, ISBN 0949130028 Kraus, Robert. (1971). Leo The Late Bloomer. Windmill Books, ISBN 006443348X Retold by OToole, Mary. (1993). The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Macmillan Education, ISBN 0732915740

    Rosen, Michael and Oxenbury Helen. Were Going on a Bear Hunt. Walker Books ISBN 1406310948

    Waddell, Martin. (1995). Farmer Duck. Walker Books, ISBN 0744581737 Waddell, Martin. (1992) Owl Babies. Walker Books ISBN 9781406302851 Waddell, Martin. (1992). The Pig in the Pond. Walker Books, ISBN 1406301590 Y Wild, Margaret and Strevens-Marzo, Bridget. Kiss Kiss. Little Hare ISBN 9781921272332

  • Book Teaching Notes

    Wild, Margaret. Piglet and Mama. Working Title Press. ISBN 1876288590Picture books with simple text Laurel, Hylton. (2003). The Cowboy Frog. Magabala Books, ISBN 1875641858Lobel, Arnold. (1993). Mouse Soup. HarperTrophy US Edition ISBN 0064440419Lobel, Arnold. (1994). Mouse Tales. HarperTrophy US Edition ISBN 0064440133 Y (x2) Retold by Lofts, Pamela. (1984). The Echidna and the Shade Tree. Ashton Scholastic, ISBN 1865046221 Retold by Lofts, Pamela. (1983). Dunbi the Owl. Ashton Scholastic ISBN 1865046264Hutchins, Pat. (1968). Rosies Walk. The Bodley Head, ISBN 009941399X Y Retold by Saxby, Maurice. (1993). Why the Bear has a Stumpy Tail. Macmillan, ISBN 0732915767 Shannanan, Lisa. (2002). Bear and Chook. A Mark McLeod Book. Hodder, ISBN 0733615767

    Year 2 Allen, Pamela. (1991). Black Dog. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140543953Allen, Pamela. (1990). My Cat Maisie. Puffin Books, ISBN 014054237XAllen, Pamela. (1992). Alexanders Outing. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140554785 Y HAPPY FAMILIES SERIES including: Ahlberg, Allan. (1980). Mr Biff the Boxer. Puffin, ISBN 0140312366,Ahlberg, Allan. (1981). Mr And Mrs Hay the Horse. Puffin, ISBN 0140312471,Ahlberg, Allan. (1981). Miss Brick the Builders Baby. Puffin, ISBN 0140312420Ahlberg, Allan. (1981). Mr Buzz the Beeman. Puffin, ISBN 0140312447Ahlberg, Allan. (1981). Mrs Lathers Laundry. Puffin, ISBN 0140312439Ahlberg, Allan. (1988). Mrs Wobble the Waitress. Puffin, ISBN 0722656602 Y Ahlberg, Allan. (1980). Mr Tick the Teacher. Puffin, ISBN 0140312455,Ahlberg, Allan. (1988). Mr Creep the Crook. Puffin, ISBN 0140323457,Ahlberg, Allan. (1980) Master Bun the Bakers Boy. Puffin/Viking. Penguin Books Ltd. AustraliaAhlberg, Allan. (1981). Master Money the Millionaire. Puffin, ISBN 0140312463,Ahlberg, Allan. (1988). Miss Dose the Doctors Daughter. Puffin, ISBN 0140323465Ahlberg, Allan. (1980). Mrs Plug the Plumber. Puffin, ISBN 0140312382 ,Ahlberg, Allan. (1980). Master Salt the Sailors Son. Puffin, ISBN 0140312404Cooper, Helen. (1998). Pumpkin Soup. Corgi Books, ISBN 0552545104DAth, Justin. (2001). Topsy And Turvy. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141309385 Y Graham, Bob. (2003). Rose Meets Mr Wintergarten. Walker Books, ISBN 074459829X Y Hobbs, Leigh. Fiona the Pig. Viking. ISBN 0670040975Lebeck, Maureen. (1999). Dingo Stories from Parnngurr. Parnngurr Community School, Newman,WA

    King-Smith, Dick. (2005) The Finger Eater. Sprinters Series. Walker Books, ISBN 1844281272Lobel, Arnold. (1992). Frog and Toad are Friends. Harper Trophy US Edition ISBN 0064440206 Lobel, Arnold. (1976). Frog and Toad All Year. Harper Trophy US Edition ISBN 0060786981Lobel, Arnold. (1992). Days with Frog and Toad. HarperTrophy US Edition ISBN 0064440583Lobel, Arnold. (1992). Frog and Toad Together. Ladybird ISBN 9781846465451Retold by Lodge, Louis. (1993). The Elves and the Shoemaker. Macmillan, ISBN 0732915759

    Moromoto, Junko. (1998). The Two Bullies. Red Fox, ISBN 9780091834722Niland, Deborah. Annies Chair. Puffin. ISBN 9780143501985Peguero, Leone. (2000). Mrs Wilkinsons Chooks. Red Fox, ISBN 0091829364Tolstoy, Aleksei & Sharkey, Niamh. (1998). The Gigantic Turnip. Barefoot Books, ISBN 1905236581

    Winch, John. (1996). The Old Woman Who Loved To Read. Scholastic, ISBN 1865048054Winton, Tim. (1999). The Deep. Fremantle Press, ISBN 978186382107

  • Book Teaching Notes

    Year 3 Costain, Meredith. (2000). Freeing Billy. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141306645Dahl, Roald. (1966). The Magic Finger. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141311290Dubosarsky, Ursula. (2001). Fairy Bread. Puffin Books, ISBN 9780141311753Dubosarsky, Ursula. (2002). The Magic Wand. Puffin Books, ISBN 0143300180Flack, Marjorie and Wiese, Kurt. (1994). The Story About Ping. A Red Fox Edition Penguin Putnan Edition, ISBN 0448421658

    Retold by Graetz, Margaret. (2000). The Mouse Deer and the Crocodiles, ISBN 2770000010856 The Mouse Deer and the Crocodile, ISBN 2770000010832, The Mouse Deer and the Tiger. Goanna Press, Canberra.

    Graham, Bob. Waterhole. Walker Books. ISBN 0744565936Huchet Bishop, Claire and Wiese, Kurt. The Five Chinese Brothers. Putnam. ISBN 9780598113572

    Jinks, Catherine. (2002). Daryls Dinner. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141313358Kelleher, Victor. (2002). The Gorilla Suit. Puffin Books, ISBN 9780143300175Kelleher, Victor. (2002). Goblin at the Zoo, Random House, ISBN 0759321000 Goblin in the Bush. Random House, ISBN 1740517709 Goblin in the City. Random House, ISBN 1740519817 Goblin in the Rainforest. Random House, ISBN 1740519825 Goblin in the Snow. Random House, ISBN 1741660254 Goblin on the Reef. Random House, ISBN 1740518551

    King-Smith, Dick. (2003). Aristotle. Walker Books , ISBN 0744566800Laguna, Sofie. (2003). Bad Buster. Puffin Books, ISBN 0143300334Lee, Lyn. (2004). Mary, The Big Brown Hairy Spider. Omnibus Books, ISBN 1862915334Lee, Lyn. (2001). Pog. Omnibus Books, ISBN 1862914435 Y Little, Lorna. (2004). The Mark of the Wagarl. Magabala Books, ISBN 1875641971Lurie, Morris. (1969). The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140342974


    Meeks, Arone Raymond. Enora and the Black Crane. Ashton Scholastic. ISBN 0868966444Metzenthen, David. (2004). Spider! Puffin Books, ISBN 0143300991Moloney, James. (2004). Duck Sounds. Puffin Books, ISBN 0143301101 Y Norrington, Leonie. (2003). Croc Bait. Omnibus Books, ISBN 9781862915138 Retold by Scott, Patricia. (1993). Of Mice, Lions and Elephants. Macmillan Education, ISBN 9780732915919


    Retold by Scott, Patricia. (1993). Aesops Fables. Macmillan Education, ISBN 0000056367Retold by Scott, Patricia. (1993). Tales Of The Fox. Macmillan Education ISBN 0000056294Small, Mary. (2004). Ruff and Tumble. Puffin Books, ISBN 0143301314Walker, Barbara K. (1975). Teeny-Tiny And The Witch-Woman. Random EditionSheldon, Dyan and Blythe, Gary. The Whales Song. Red Fox. ISBN 0099737604Steig, William. (1969). Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Aladdin, ISBN 1416904891Winton, Tim. (1991). The Bugalugs Bum Thief. Puffin Books, ISBN 0143300849 Y

    Year 4 Base, Grahame, 2003, Truck Dogs. Puffin Books, ISBN 014330190XCannon, Janell. (1998). Stellaluna. Koala Books, ISBN 0864611242

  • Book Teaching Notes

    Dahl, Roald. (1974). Fantastic Mr Fox. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141311282 Y DLacey, Chris. (2004). Horace. Corgi, ISBN 9780440864455de PAOLA, Tomie. (1975). Strega Nona. Scholastic Inc, New York. ISBN 9780698118140Harris, Christine. (2001). Jamils Shadow. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141312106 Y Jennings, Paul. (1988). The Cabbage Patch Fib. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140377697Jennings, Paul (1996). The Cabbage Patch War. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140382437Jennings, Paul. (1994). The Gizmo. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140370900Jennings, Paul. (1998). Uncanny. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141301759,Jennings, Paul. (1985). Unreal. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140370994Jennings, Paul. (1987). Unbelievable. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140321497,Jennings, Paul. (1987). Quirky Tales. Puffin Books, ISBN 014037101XJennings, Paul. (1990), Unbearable. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140371036Jennings, Paul. (1993) Undone. Puffin Books, ISBN 014036823X(Paul Jennings stories with Teaching Notes include: Spooks Incorporated, A Good Tip for Ghosts, Lighthouse Blues, Strap Box Flyer, Nails (Year 6), and Smelly Feat. There are Teaching Videos available for Lighthouse Blues and Spooks Incorporated)


    KingSmith, Dick. (1985). The Sheep-Pig (also known as Babe). Puffin Books, ISBN 0582417791


    KingSmith, Dick. (1997). All Because of Jackson. Young Corgi Books, ISBN 9780552554299Lobel, Arnold. (1980). Fables. Harper Collins, Mexico (The Bad Kangaroo, The Hen and the Apple Tree and Frogs at the Rainbows End) ISBN 0064430464


    Lowe, Pat and Pike, Jimmy. (1992). Yinti. Magabala Books, ISBN 9780733970832 Y Moloney, James. (2002). A Box Of Chicks. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141313617Moloney, James. (2004). Moving House. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141308931 Y Moloney, James. (2005). 68 Teeth. Series: Aussie Chomps. Puffin Books, ISBN 0143301918 Y Wagner, Jenny (1979). Aranea. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140502742 Out of PrintWrightson, Patricia. (1991). The Sugar-Gum Tree. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141306912 Wrightson, Patricia. (1997). Rattlers Place. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140387129

    Yolen, Jane. (1967). The Emperor and the Kite. Putman, ISBN 0698116445

    Years 5 6 Banks, Lynne Reid. (1999). The Indian In The Cupboard. Collins, ISBN 0007148984 Coutts, Toni Tapp. (2007). Yiwal and the Flying Fox in Whatever! More Territory Treasures (pp 40-42). Northern Territory Writers Centre. ISBN ISBN 9780980384635

    Dahl, Roald. (1982). Georges Marvellous Medicine. Puffin Books, ISBN 0224064908 Y Dahl, Roald. (1988). Matilda. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141311363Also available in LARGE print from Clio Press, Oxford ,1989, Windrush seriesDahl, Roald. (1999). The Mildenhall Treasure. Jonathon Cape, ISBN 0224060171Dahl, Roald. (1983). The Witches. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141311398Gleitzman, Morris. (1999). Toad Rage. Puffin Books, ISBN 9780141306551Hartnett, Sonya. (2004). The Silver Donkey. Walker Books, ISBN 1406304298Hughes, Ted. (1968). The Iron Man. Faber and Faber, ISBN 0571207618Ibbotson, Eva. (2001). Journey to the River Sea. Macmillan ISBN 033039715XLewis,C.S. (2001). The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. Collins, ISBN 0006716776Moloney, James. (1995). Swashbuckler. UQP, ISBN 0702228257 Norrington, Leonie (2007). Annie and her Dad in Whatever! More Territory Treasures (pp 1- 5). Northern Territory Writers Centre, ISBN 9780980384635

    OBrien, Robert. (1971). Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIHM. Puffin Books, ISBN9780140366143

  • Book Teaching Notes

    Paterson, Katherine. (1977) Bridge to Terabithia. Puffin Books, ISBN 9780140366181 Y Rodda, Emily. (1993). Rowan of Rin. Omnibus Books, ISBN 1862916357 Y Rodda, Emily. (1994). Rowan and the Travellers. Omnibus Books, ISBN 1862916365Rodda, Emily. (1996). Rowan And The Keeper Of The Crystal. Omnibus Books, ISBN 1862916373

    Small, Mary. (2004). Catastrophe Cat. Uni WA Press ISBN 1920694374Sperry, Armstrong. (1940). Call It Courage. Aladdin ISBN 0689713916Stow, Randolph. (1969). Midnite - The Story Of A Wild Colonial Boy. Puffin Books, ISBN 9780141307312

    Thiele, Colin. (2000). Pannikin & Pinta. Lothian ISBN 0734403607 Y Thiele, Colin. (1986) Storm Boy. New Holland ISBN 1864368047Thiele, Colin. (2004). The Twilight Ghost. Puffin Books, ISBN 0143301616Wang, Gabrielle. (2002). The Garden Of Empress Cassia. Puffin Books. ISBN 014330027XWhite,E.B. (1963). Charlottes Web. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141317345 Y

    Junior Secondary Avi. (2002). Poppy. Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0689837186Armstrong, William. (1972). Sounder. Harper Trophy ISBN 0060935480Babbit, Natalie. (2002). Tuck Everlasting. Bloomsbury ISBN 0747564175Bowler, Tim. (1997). River Boy. Simon & Schuster, Oxford Uni Press Edition ISBN 9780192754448

    Davis Jack. (1991). A Boys Life. Magabala Books, ISBN 187564167XDisher, Garry. (2001). The Bamboo Flute. Hodder Headline, ISBN 0733615880Hill, Anthony. (1994). The Burnt Stick. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140369295Holm, Anne. (1963). I am David. Mammoth. ISBN 0749701366Ihimaera, Witi. (1987). The Whale Rider. Reed ISBN 186948584XJones, Max & Harris, David. (1998). A Man Called Possum. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140382682

    LeGuin, Ursula. (1968). A Wizard Of Earthsea. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140304770Lowe, Pat. (1994). The Girl With No Name. Puffin Books, ISBN 0140369538Lowe, Pat. (2002). Feeling the Heat. Puffin Books, ISBN 0141309024 Y Magorian, Michelle. (1981). Goodnight Mr Tom. Puffin ISBN 0141301449Marsden, John. (1993). Tomorrow When The War Began. Pan MacMillan ISBN 9780330274869




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