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Listen Up Ladies (and gents). It’s Girlcode: roommates

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Listen Up Ladies (and gents) Its Girlcode: roommates Good Roommates People that are clean Dont wake you up early in the morning or late at night Wear the same exact size shoe as you Doesnt shed Farts only in their room or the bathroom and airs it out Wont f*** your boyfriend when you run out for milk Very thoughtful Take the time to make sure youre okay 4 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Roommate 1.Are you a serial killer? 2.Do you drink? 3.Do you do drugs? 4.Do you share? Best Way to Deal with a Issue, Problem, or Concern Be a woman, talk to them. Put Post-its all over the house in the areas you have issues with. TAKE CARE OF THE TOILET! RESTOCK THE SHAMPOO! Cleanin g Every roommate always thinks they are the only one who does any cleaning. Devise a plan to switch trash duties and make sure to follow it Bringing a Guy Home Get Your Swerve on, I just dont want to hear it. If I hear moaning and things banging, were going to have issues. Define what is okay with your roommate in terms of overnight visitors Communicate with Your Roommate Communication is the basis for any relationship Keep it positive by talking to your roommate before things get unbearable. Youll be surprised how much better it will go! If you feel like you need help starting the conversation, see your RA for tips and assistance.