Literacy and Adult Education: Select Publication from NUEPA...New Publication from NUEPA Literacy and Adult Education: Select Readings Edited by – A. Mathew and Jandhyala B. G. Tilak Literacy and adult education

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  • New Publication from NUEPA

    Literacy and Adult Education: Select Readings Edited by A. Mathew and Jandhyala B. G. Tilak

    Literacy and adult education have always been held up at conceptual and policy levels with very lofty ideals in national development and in creation of an equitable society. Several developing countries, including India, had experimented and are still experimenting with different approaches and models of providing literary, some successfully and some not so successfully. However, literacy and adult education have not been on the priority list of the social science research community or on the priority policy agenda of the governments in many developing countries. As a result, a scholarly critique of the concepts, theories and the programmes relating to literacy and adult education has been scanty and scattered. This book, based mainly on the writings on literacy and adult education during the last two and a half decades, offers a scholarly critique of the concepts, theories and the programmes relating to literacy and adult education.

    Experts on the Book

    "Mathew and Tilak, who significantly contributed to the knowledge base linking literacy and basic

    education with national development in the developing economies, present, in the collection, the linkages and gaps in the theory and practice of several initiatives in the context of India. Students and researchers, interested in policy study in broader areas in education and development in India, will find the collection to be a significant addition to their resource material."

    A.K. Jalaluddin Former Director, NCERT, New Delhi

    This book "is likely to qualify as 'Required Reading' by scholars and policy elite engaged with 'literacy' and 'adult education' in India and elsewhere, simply because presently there is no other book around that provides such thoughtful and thorough treatment of the subject. ... There is food for thought in the book, both for those engaged in advancing theory and practice of literacy and adult education and for those committed to creating a fully-literate India of knowledge-based communities in villages and townships."

    H.S. Bhola Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

    Bloomington, Indiana, USA


    Joseph Bara / Niels-Hugo Blunch / Tarujyoti Buragohain / John Cameron / Stuart Cameron / Anita Dighe / R.

    Govinda / Abha Gupta / B.N. Kamble /A. Mathew / Arun Mehta /A Narayanamoorthy / Ila Patel / P.

    Gopinadhan Pillai / Shri Prakash /M.K. Premi / Vinod Raina / Nitya Rao /Nelly P. Stromquist/

    S. Subramanian / Suleman Sumra / Jandhyala B. G. Tilak / N.V. Varghese / Dorte Verner

    ISBN 978-81-7541-706-9 Page: i-x + 428, 2014

    Shipra Publications Delhi 110092 For the National University of Educational Planning and Administration

  • Contents

    Foreword Preface

    1. Adult Education: Indian Perception in an Evolutionary Perspective A. Mathew and Jandhyala B.G. Tilak

    Adult Education in Historical Context

    2. Indian Adult Education in the Context of a Global Scenario: A Critical and Comparative Appreciation A. Mathew

    3. Literacy and the Concept of Adult Education: Colonial Context and the National Quest Joseph Bara

    4. Eradication Illiteracy as a Tool of Poverty Alleviation and Rural Transformation in Tanzania Suleman Sumra

    5. Literacy Development in Asia: Problems and Prospects R. Govinda

    Analysis of Literacy in India

    6. Indias Literacy Panorama Mahendra K. Premi 7. Growth and Regional Inequality in Literacy in India Jandhyala B. G. Tilak 8. Impact of Primary Education on Literacy: An Analysis of Census 2001 Preliminary Data Arun

    C. Mehta 9. Trends and Determinants of Rural Literacy among Scheduled Castes Population: A State Level

    Analysis B. Narayanamoorthy and B. N. Kamble 10. Inter-household and Gender Equity, Efficiency and the Measurement of Literacy

    S. Subramanian 11. A Decomposition Model of Growth of Literacy in India Shri Prakash, Tarujyoti Buragohain

    and Abha Gupta

    Economic Aspects of Literacy

    12. Economic Benefits of Adult Literacy Intervention John Cameron and Stuart Cameron 13. Is Functional Literacy a Prerequisite for Entering the Labour Market?: An Analysis of the

    Determinants of Adult Literacy and Earnings in Ghana Niels-Hugo Blunch and Dorte Verner

    Literacy and Gender

    14. Literacy and Gender: When Research and Policy Collide Nelly P. Stromquist 15. Gender Issues in Literacy Education Ila Patel and Anita Dighe 16. The Role of Adult Education in Reducing Class and Gender Disparities Anita Dighe

    Literacy Campaigns in India

    17. Total Literacy Campaigns in India: A Study of their Organisation and Cost-Effectiveness N.V. Varghese

    18. Total Literacy and Continuing Education in Kerala P. Gopinathan Pillai 19. Grassroots View of Total Literacy Campaign: Petachua Village in Durg District, Madhya Pradesh

    A. Mathew 20. Mopping the Floor and Closing the Taps: Linkages of Total Literacy Campaign and Elementary

    Education Vinod Raina 21. Sustaining Literacy in a Non-Literacy Milieu: PLC Experiences Warrant Change in Policy and

    Perception A. Mathew 22. Evaluating Literacy Campaigns: Issues and Prospects Nitya Rao and R. Govinda



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