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TUESDAY 9TH OCTOBER:I watched the first minute of the Little Mix video "Wings" and compiled a word document which showed a frame by frame account. Tomake the task seem a little less daunting, I made a second document to show the different shot types we would need of each character, despitethe fact the music video is tens and tens of shots, the list of shot types made it easier to understand what shots we would actually need and theway we put them together during editing is what made the video look difficult to re create. The shots we needed included, a mid shot from thethighs up of each character, a second but closer mid shot from the chest up, a close-up from shoulders up and an extreme close-up of justfaces. We also needed a mid shot of the entire group dancing and also a long shot. There were also individual shots of characters dancing ontheir own. Today, we also selected roles for each individual, as separatecharacters also had "solo" roles, such as Jesy Nelson, who sings"My Feet, feet cant . . . up your mouth yeah" and JadeThrilwall, who sings "Walk, walk on over there . . . oh yeah".We matched characters closely based on appearance and if theyhad similar costumes to the characters. For example, Linzi wasPerri Edwards due to her blonde hair, Grainne was originallyLeigh-Anne Pinnock, though was swapped for Jade as she didnthave the available costume. Deanna was given the role of Jesy asshe has striking red hair and I was originally the character Jadeas I had the costume available and was willing to take on the extrasinging role she has, I was then changed to Leigh-Anne as I wasthe only one who owned a yellow top. We also began learning the lyrics (below) for the first minute of the music video.It was essential that we knew the lyrics as the quick cuts meant match on actionwas essential and if specific characters had lip synched out of time then match-on-action would be much more difficult. FRIDAY 12TH OCTOBER:Today we began filming for our music video. We had only 45 minutes as setting up the green screen had take longer thananticipated, this meant we had to sacrifice costumes as this would be too time consuming and we would risk running out oftime. We began filming the four different shot types for each individual, beginning with the longer shots, this meant that eachcharacter had maximum practice before close-ups (we really couldnt risk any slip ups) Due to the tight time schedule wehad, every character had to get their part right the first time. We started with myself, then Linzi, then Grainne and finished withDeanna. We then moved onto our group shots. Overall shooting went better than expected, although we didnt have the preferredtime scale to make use of mise-en-scene. (Though we did acquire extra time with the green screen to use a Strobe light to act asour very own Little Mix light) we managed to film everyones individual roles and were able to import the footage onto ourcomputer. TUESDAY 16TH OCTOBER:Today I began editing my footage together. I began by searching for thebackgrounds that we would need to replace our green screen with. We couldntget the exact images and certain images online were too small, so I had tocompromise.Deannas background was the most difficult to find, as the majority ofbackgrounds on the internet had watermarks on them or were much too small. Iopted for an image of vintage stereos found on Tumblr. However the image hadto be edited, I had to crop and tint the image blue as the original had had asepia effect added to it.The other images were much easier to find. For my character I chose a busy bowbackground, this was due to my hair which meant the green screen wasnt aseffective for my character and I was outlined by a green glow. Using a busybackground meant this was less noticeable as the audiences eye was distracted.For Linzis background I chose to use purple flowers although the original usespink, this was because the images of pink flowers I first attempted usinglooked cheesy and childish, which isnt my personal aim of the frame by frameremake.Grainnes background was the easiest to find as there was very little options onGoogle. For Grainne I used a brightly coloured graffiti background.I also had to find a background for the group shots. This was very simple to findas all I needed was the inside on an abandoned warehouse. Due to the mass amounts of shots I was going to be using, and the addedgreen screen backgrounds which would also need to be brought down onto thetimeline, I decided to edit the close-up shots individually, this was due to thecomplex swish we would use, when the screen is split into foursections, each with a performer in, the panels then slide or swish. As thiswould have been so complicated to do and would need to be accurate and theadded backgrounds would have made this much more difficult, I edited theshots needed for this by adding their green screen backgrounds inseparately.I dragged the needed clips into the time line, to add my background to theclip I selected the clip and browsed through the effects on Final Cut Pro, Iused a Keyer effect so that it would remove the green background. Once Ihad added the effect to the clip, I then imported my background images anddragged them onto the timeline. I moved the image so it was on the trackbelow my original clip, this was so the image would appear behind the clipand could be seen in the black space rather than above the clip hiding theperformer. I did this to each individual clip and exported them. To create the slide movement, I dragged all four clips after being exported andthen re-imported with their backgrounds, into the timeline. To make the clipssmaller I clicked on the small transform button, and shrunk the image andmoved it to fit in the corner. I did this for all four clips so they filled the frame.I found the position on the clip where the swish or slide movement occurs. I hadto apply the movement to each individual clip. I started with Deannas clip. OnceI found the position where the movement begun I added a small blue mark byselecting the clip and pressing M. Then using the transform tool at the leftside of the video I selected the small diamond shape to mark the beginningposition. I then played the clip and paused at the point where the clip shouldhave finished its movement and marked this with a blue marker. Using thetransform tool again I moved the clip to its new position. In Deannas case sheneeded to move from the right hand lower corner upwards.So I moved her clip up and clicked the diamond again. ThisMeant the image would now move. I repeated this same processFor all four images using the blue markers as a guide. TheFinished product meant that all images moved. 20th 23rd OctoberI continued to edit my Frame by Frame remake. Adding in green screens using the same process as before and using a split screeneffect, to do the split screen I used a similar process to splitting the screen into four. Using the transform tool I shrunk the clip down soit fit neatly on one side of the frame, and repeated the same for the background images and the other clip.I tried to match my shots as close to the original as possible. There was little difficulty editing the rest of the footage together asthe majority of the complex stuff had already been done, including a second and third swish or slide movement.I was really impressed with my final product as it closely matched the original and required a great deal of skill in order to fullyedit the footage at such a quick pace. I finished by exporting the video by going to Share and Export. Then using an OnlineYoutube Converter I downloaded the original video and imported it into Final Cut Pro along with my Exported Frame by Frameremake. Then using the split screen effect and put each video either side of the frame. I exported the video to create a Comparisonbetween the two, as the two videos played side by side I could see how closely we had matched it. And it was pretty close! The finished videos can be found on my blog.