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Little Poets

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This is a project in English

Text of Little Poets

Page 1: Little Poets
Page 2: Little Poets

My muffinWhen I see it, it looks so fresh.

When I smell it, it smells so nice.

When I touch it, it feels so fluffy.

But when I eat it, it tastes the BEST!


Page 3: Little Poets

The dog looks beautifuland smells nice.Its fur feels soft.

But it sometimes sounds awful!


Page 4: Little Poets


Oh my sweet orange juice!Off the juicer

It’s got a beautiful colourand it smells fantastic.

It looks excellent and it tastes delicious in my mouth.

I will drink it now!

Page 5: Little Poets

Oh my favourite cat!It smells fantastic,

it feels soft in my hands and it looks so good.It sounds so sweet

and we can’t be separated!


Page 6: Little Poets


I love my chocolate cake!You’re a star

and I love you very much.You are so tasty

and you smell nice.You feel soft in my hands!

Page 7: Little Poets

Oh my sweet chocolate!Just off the chocolate

machine! It looks fresh

and smells nice.It tastes yummy in my mouth.

It sounds so tempting,I can never resist it!


Page 8: Little Poets

My dog feels soft.It looks beautiful.

It smells badand sounds wild!


Page 9: Little Poets


Oh my sweet ice cream.I love the way you taste.

I like the way you melt in my mouth.I adore the soft texture in your

flavour.You’re so tempting in the summer.

You’re so tasty and irresistible!