LITTLE SUTTON PRIMARY   Lane, Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Birmingham Museum on Wednesday. They visited the museum Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 5NL 0121 464 4494 enquiry@ Littlesub75  page 1
LITTLE SUTTON PRIMARY   Lane, Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Birmingham Museum on Wednesday. They visited the museum Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 5NL 0121 464 4494 enquiry@ Littlesub75  page 2

LITTLE SUTTON PRIMARY Lane, Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Birmingham Museum on Wednesday. They visited the museum Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 5NL 0121 464 4494 enquiry@ Littlesub75

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  • Worcester Lane, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 5NL

    0121 464 4494


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    Bird Cam is back! - We are streaming our bird box again this year. With Spring on the horizon we are hoping to see some visitors moving in very soon. Keep your fingers crossed!!! You can watch developments at

    Year 2 Visit to Black Country Museum On Friday Year 2 visited the Black Country Museum as part of their topic on The Victorians. Despite the cold week, the children were blessed with glorious sunshine in which they could enjoy visiting the different houses and settings from Victorian times.

    The day began with a fascinating science show where the children learnt about different gases in the mine and saw how methane could explode. It was quite a spectacular bang! The day continued with visits to many different homes, a toll house, a back to back, grocers and a chemist to name but a few. A highlight of the afternoon was experiencing a Victorian

    cinema and the capers of Charlie Chaplin. The children were exceedingly well behaved and many of the house speakers commented on the insightful questions they asked. Well done Year 2!

    Year 5 Anglo Saxon Day & Assembly Year 5 put on a great performance on Tuesday morning when they acted out their assembly on Anglo-Saxons for their par-ents. The children had a great time showing their extensive knowledge in a variety of ways, such as the television programmes 'Invasion Invasion Invasion' with Sill and Erstie followed by 'Would I Lie to You' to find the real reason why Anglo-Saxons came to Britain (something that is still disputed even today!) All the children looked fantastic in their costumes and made parents laugh with their weather reports and their singing of Stevie Wonder 'Superstition'.

    Y5 also had a whole day today devoted to the Anglo Saxons, where everyone (including the teachers) dressed in Anglo Saxon costume. There were some wonderful activities for the children to take part in, such as measuring and making traditional oat cakes using their maths skills, creating their own tapestries based on The Bayeux Tapestry, designing their own traditional illumi-nated lettering and spending time with an Anglo Saxon expert from King Edwards School, who taught them all about Anglo Saxon graves and excavations. A great week Year 5!

    Quiz Club On Monday we had the pleasure to host Quiz clubs General Knowledge area heat, where two teams from Little Sutton battled it out against other local schools. The quiz consisted of a variety of challenging questions based on: geography, histo-ry, science, maths, English and popular culture. It was a tough competition, however Little Sutton Team A : Isabella, Eliot, Sam and Eddie were victorious, winning a place in the semi-

    finals in Nottingham on April 27th

    . Also Little Sutton Team B which consisted of Matilda, Omar, Dominic &, Sahib finished 3rd in the competition. Well done to both teams, all the children performed exceedingly well and we are very proud of you!.

    Y3 Visit to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Birmingham Museum on Wednesday. They visited the museum as part of their Egyptian topic. Soon after they arrived, they attended a fascinating workshop all about the process of mummification! The children learned about the embalming and wrapping process, the removal of the vital organs and also the funeral ceremony (see our QR code for 3TV's performance of some Ancient Egyptian funeral music!). They then had the opportunity to visit the Ancient Egypt exhibit which showcases some artefacts which are over 4000 years old, ranging from mummified crocodiles all the way through to flip flops! The children behaved impeccably on the trip and were a credit to the school. Well done Y3!

  • Menu for Next Week In addition, there is a salad / fruit bar and a basket of crusty bread available.

    Please note that choices may vary slightly due to circumstances beyond our control.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Bolognaise Chicken fillets

    Fish fingers Cheese pasty Jacket potato

    * Spaghetti

    New potatoes *

    Sweetcorn Green beans Baked beans

    * Iced flapjack

    Yoghurt Fresh fruit

    Chicken pie Chicken fillets

    Fish fingers Cheesy pasta Jacket potato

    * New potatoes

    Pasta *

    Carrots Sweetcorn

    Baked beans *

    Iced sponge Yoghurt

    Fresh fruit

    Chicken Curry Fish crunchy

    Pizza Jacket potato

    * Rice

    New potatoes *

    Sweetcorn Peas

    Baked beans *

    Chocolate crunch

    Yoghurt Fresh fruit

    Roast lamb Fish fingers Cheese flan

    Baguettes/wraps Jacket potato

    * Mashed potato Roast potatoes

    * Carrots Broccoli

    Baked beans *

    Muffins Yoghurt

    Fresh fruit

    Pork sausage Veggie sausage Haddock grill Jacket potato

    * Pasta

    Mashed potato *

    Broccoli Sweetcorn

    Baked beans *

    Rice pudding Yoghurt

    Fresh fruit

    FoLSS Update With Spring just around the corner (hopefully!), we are busy organising our Easter activities. Your continuing support for our fundraising events really does make a huge difference to the learning opportunities of our children, so thank you in advance.

    Easter Egg Competition - Wednesday 28th March (Deadline 8.45am - 1 per entry) Prizes for both KS1 & KS2 - get your thinking caps on for original ideas!

    Easter Coffee Morning & Bake Sale - Thursday 29th March 8.45-10pm Join us for a peaceful cuppa & a slice of cake after morning drop off. All welcome! We would be grateful for donations of cakes, homemade or shop bought! Remaining cakes will be sold for 50p each to the children at break time.

    We are busy collating an Easter Chocolate Hamper to raffle. We would be very grateful if you might consider sending a small egg or other Easter goody into school to help us in our quest.

    This Weeks Awards This week the following awards were presented in Celebration Assembly:

    Lunchtime Award RWB & 6EW Classroom Awards 2CH & 3BL Attendance 3BL, 4KP, 4SA & 6MK with 100% Overall Attendance 97.99% Annual Attendance Target 97% Respect Award 2AW & 5AS House Award Drake with 226 points

    Congratulations to the following children who received awards in Celebration Assembly Ronny YR, Evelyn Y1, Ava Y2, Rebecca Y3, Brandon Y4, Matilda Y5 & Jayan Y6.

    Year 6 Viking Day On Wednesday, the children in Year Six were fortunate enough to have a Viking day in school. "The Specialists" came into school and led a session on how Viking society was structured, what they would wear and why. Whilst sharing the different artefacts or replicas of things the Vikings would have used, some children were invited to wear different types of armour and helmets and the purpose of each piece was explained. The children also learned about battles and how different weapons would have been used.

    Following this, the children learnt about trading during Viking times and then had the opportunity to write in runes and make Viking brooches. In the afternoon, the children explored toys and games and played Kubb and Nine Men's Morris before coming together once

    more to share a Norse myth. It was an incredibly enjoyable day; the children really learned so much and consolidated their knowledge of the Vikings further in a fun, practical way. Many thanks to The Specialists for leading such a great day for Year Six.

    E-Safety Tip of the Week Phishing - Sometimes you get emails pretending to be from legitimate sources, asking you to give away personal or private information. This is called phishing. A phishing email may be disguised as one from a bank. There are a few things to look out for: The email address is different to usual emails from your bank, the message isnt personalised, uses the wrong name or poor spelling, the message says you need to take action to stop something from happening.

    The word of the month is


    A message from Little Sutton Nursery Thank you to everyone who attended our Open Evening on Thursday. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We now look forward to another successful Open Evening at our 0-3yr nursery, based at the Harvestfields Centre, on Tuesday 27th March from 5.30 to 7.30pm. Please call in as everyone is welcome.

    Reception Woodland Learning Our Reception children have had so much fun in the woodland area today. They were asked to find 6 different objects - a leaf, a pebble, a blade of grass, a feather, a twig and an object that they found interesting. One of the childr