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The Littlefield Unified School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Vacancy Announced

February 12, 2016

Application Deadline

February 29, 2016

(12 Noon, AZ Time)

Application Screening

March 09, 2016

Conduct Interviews &


March 15-16, 2016

Announcement of New



New Superintendent

Assumes Duties

July 1, 2016 (or as mutually agreed)


Beaver Dam Elementary School

Invites Qualified

Applicants for Superintendent/Principal

Littlefield/Beaver Dam Community

Community Profile Littlefield/Beaver Dam is a community located in Northwest Arizona, regionally known as the Arizona Strip. The

community is situated along Interstate 15, approximately 30 miles south of St. George, Utah and 10 miles north

of Mesquite, Nevada. Mesquite is the host of a number of world class golf courses. For outdoor enthusiasts,

Zion National Park is an easy one hour drive to the north and for ski enthusiasts, the Brian Head, Utah ski resort

is located just two hours north of Littlefield, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a three hour drive to the

east. Additionally, 90 miles to the south is the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada and the Lake Mead

Recreational Center. The Littlefield/Beaver Dam community is centrally located to a number of recreational sites

and exciting tourist attractions, while providing the comforts of small town living. There are approximately 4,000

residents living in the area.

District Profile

The Littlefield Unified School District has a proud history that dates back to the early 1900s when a few families

in the farming communities of Littlefield and Beaver Dam were holding school in their homes. At the

determination of the community, an adobe building was constructed several hundred feet above the Virgin River

in Littlefield and formal education commenced sometime around 1910.

In 1997 a new elementary school was constructed and in 2004 a new Junior/Senior High was built. Presently

there are two school buildings, and a set of modular facilities that serve as District Offices. The Elementary

School houses grades K-6 as well as a Pre-School Program and the Junior/Senior High is host to students in

grades 7-12. Approximately 75% of the total student body is Hispanic and 25% of our enrolled students are

Caucasian. Prior to the State of Arizona discontinuing its school ratings and using test data to identify district

success rates in the 2014-2015 school year, LUSD had improved its assessment scores and letter grade status.

District and Statewide data clearly indicated that recent changes were having a positive impact. Those changes

included improved staff development training, increased mental health services, an effective credit retrieval

program and inclusion of employee input. As a result of these changes, we have demonstrated an increase in

student learning. A great amount of credit for our recent success belongs to the teachers who report to school

every day and make every effort to help our students learn. Every teacher in our District cares about our

students. Every teacher!

Beaver Dam Jr/Sr High School

Superintendent/Principal Profile

The Governing Board of the Littlefield Unified School District is seeking as its next Superintendent/Principal (Junior/

Senior High School) an experienced administrator who will help lead the District to higher academic performance.

Prior experience as a superintendent or assistant superintendent is desired. The ideal candidate will be a leader with

a collaborative management style who sets high expectations for staff and students and is a visible advocate for the

district in the community.

PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION Arizona Secondary Principal certificate (required)

Minimum of five years of successful teaching experience

Minimum of three years experience as building principal

Masters Degree

Budget experience

Employee supervision experience

Experience as an assistant superintendent or superintendent (desired)

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Bi-lingual in Spanish (preferred)

Must be able to demonstrate the ability to develop and execute an accountability hierarchy that holds all

stakeholders accountable

Must be highly organized and consistently demonstrate effective time-management skills

Demonstrates the ability to develop effective relationships with students and parents

Demonstrates the ability to develop strong relationships with employees

Collaborative management style

Effectively uses data to improve all aspects of the district

Decision making reflects what is in the best interest of students

Embraces, respects and understands the demands specific to education in rural communities

Demonstrates the ability to motivate others to work towards achieving the districts mission statement

Forward thinking and visionary

Demonstrates the ability to effectively reach out and engage the community in the districts effort to enhance

instruction and operational efficiency


Works smart and hard

Willing to help out in any capacity

Reliable and consistent

Leads by example

Compassionate but firm

Caring and empathetic

Demonstrates the ability to motivate others

Helps people feel good about themselves

Calculated risk-taker

Solves problems, doesnt create them

Facilitates a feeling of good-will amongst all stakeholders

Makes school a safe and fun place for students to learn and employees to work

The Littlefield Unified School District is committed to excellence. Therefore, we are committed to providing

opportunities for all students to learn and develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We are committed to

providing resources to our students, parents and teachers in an ongoing effort to help students transition from

childhood to adulthood.

1. Children must feel loved, feel important and feel safe.

2. Learning should have a component of fun and joy connected to it. Students should look forward to coming

to school and working with their teachers.

3. Teachers believe they can teach their students and their students will learn. Our teachers offer their

students extra help after school, as needed, for those students who ask for the assistance.

4. Every child matters because we know them.

5. Our teachers strive to make a difference because they address the individual needs of their students.

6. An instructional focus is established and maintained in each classroom.

7. Every individual on the LUSD Educational Team is appreciated and respected.

8. LUSD encourages all parents to become actively involved in the education of their child.

1. Improve Student Learning:

a. Increase the number and percentage of students passing the state mandated AIMS test.

b. Decrease the number of students scoring in the Far Falls Below category on the AIMS test.

c. Earn an "A" grade from the Arizona Department of Education.

2. All enrolled seniors will graduate with their class and receive their diploma.

3. Further enhance the district's employee evaluation system.

4. Improve communication with all stakeholders.

5. Reduce the dropout rate to 0%.

6. Develop a long range Maintenance Plan.

7. Develop a long range Technology Plan.

Compensation Compensation for this position will range from $85,000 to $95,000. The successful candidates specific

compensation will be determined during contract negotiations and be based on professional preparation and

experience. The District offers a competitive benefits package.

Our Mission Statement:

Our Beliefs & Values:

The seven goals for LUSD9 are:

Funding and Finance

Budget Total budget for all funds is $4.4 million. Our maintenance and operation portion of the budget is $2.7 million.

To see the complete budget please use the link below:


Bond Override

In 2008 a capital bond override was passed for $1,600,000 for the addition to the high school. The payment

term for the bond override is 2010 through 2023. (53.86% for and 46.14 against)

A JTED override was defeated by 4 votes in November 2010. (49.61% for and 50.39% against)

A 7% maintenance override was defeated in November 2012. (33.15% for and 66.85% against)

Staffing Levels

Current staffing levels are as follows:

The high school principal / superintendent position is counted .5 at the high school and .5 at the district. All food

service, custodial and bus driver staff fall under the district staff. Only 15 classified staff members are

considered full time employees.

Certified Classified Total