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Liturgical Renewal

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Liturgical Renewal. A Service of Word and Table. On the Way: Roman Catholic. Movement for Liturgical Renewal – begins 1909 Papal Encyclicals Mystici C orporis (1943) – The Church as the corporate Body of Christ implies social responsibility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Liturgical Renewal

Liturgical Renewal

A Service of Word and TableLiturgical RenewalOn the Way: Roman CatholicMovement for Liturgical Renewal begins 1909Papal EncyclicalsMystici Corporis (1943) The Church as the corporate Body of Christ implies social responsibilityMediator Dei (1947) First encyclical devoted entirely to the liturgy; in favor of reform

Major Change: Roman CatholicRoman Catholic: Second Vatican Council-1962-65Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy 1963First document adopted Vote in favor: 2147 to 4ChangesMass in the vernacularRestoration of the tableSimplicity of the massPeople as active participantsPrincipal of collegiality in decision-makingOn the Way: ProtestantConsultation on Church Union (COCU) (1960)Consultation on Common Texts (CCT (1960)Revised Common LectionaryNational Council of Churches Faith & Order Commission Studying questions that divide the churchesLima Document on Baptism, Eucharist & Ministry (1982)

United Methodist HistoryAnglican Church in AmericaJohn Wesley called for frequent, constant communionMethodists in AmericanConflict between American revolutionary ideas and Church of England in AmericanThus, need for Ordained Elders in an American Methodist Episcopal ChurchCircuit Riders and implications for Communion

Source: Hoyt Hickman, Address, North American Academy of Liturgy, 2003

((5UMC Worship Renewal: HistoryBy 18th c., Wesleyan sacramental heritage (based in the Anglican liturgy) greatly diluted and ignoredLittle communion theology or liturgical theologyInfrequent practice of the Lords SupperEvangelical Church and Church of the United Brethren in Christ > join as Evangelical United Brethren (1946)Both similar to Methodist Church in theology and polity (governance policy).

Source: on early UMC: Hoyt Hickman, Address, North American Academy of Liturgy, 2003 on EUB:

6What United Methodists Are Saying"Living into the Mystery" (16 min video)Living into the Mysteryis a compilation of the stories of the experience and meaning of Holy Communion from laity, seminarians, and clergy from diverse settings across the United States. Congregations included are Christ Deaf Church (Baltimore), Grace United Methodist Church (Manhattan), New Hope United Methodist Church (Anderson, IN) and Edgehill United Methodist Church (Nashville, TN). [Aug 28, 2012]UMC Worship Renewal: HistoryUnited Methodist Church formed in 1968Immediately established a Commission on WorshipTask: to address desire for contemporary worship, creativityMethod: Solicited best liturgies from local congregationsResults: Held a national convocation to listen to these (1969)New UMC worship would draw from the best

UMC Worship Renewal: Many Traditions Anglo: Semi-Anglican traditionalists:urban, more educated and affluent, text-based, Anglican and Wesleyan rootsAnglo: Free Church traditionalists:rural or less educated and affluent urban, oral, revivalist rootsOther ethnic and racial traditions:African-American + Native Am, Latino, Asian-AmBeyond N. America: United Methodists with their own national and ethnic traditionsSource: Hoyt Hickman, Address, North American Academy of Liturgy, 2003

UMC Worship Renewal: New TextsAlternate Texts Service of Word and Table 1972Baptism 1976Marriage 1979Death and Resurrection 1979

Official Adoption -1984 General Conference; appeared 1988 HymnalMoved from back to frontA Basic Pattern of Woship

Basic PATTERN: A Service of Word and TableOrder of ServiceHymn of PraiseConfessionActs of PraisePrayers/Pastoral PrayerScriptureHymns/Psalms/PrayersOfferingSERMON+ Communion ServiceHymnBenedictionOrder of ServiceGathering & PraiseService of the WordConfession/PardonPrayers, Hymns, AnthemsScriptureSermonResponses to the WordConcerns & Prayers/ Peace/OfferingService of the TableDismissal & Blessing1968 Hymnal1989 HymnalA Service of Word and TableRenewal of ancient Church traditionsMore historical than Wesley Sunday Service 1784 More historical than 1965 Order of Worship based on Wesley serviceRecovery of biblical rootsRestoration of 2-fold division of worship: liturgy of Word & liturgy of the Table (synagogue/upperShared Christian prayers and actions across denominationsSource: Word & Table: A Basic Pattern of Sunday Worship for United MethodistsRev. Ed., Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1980.EmphasesThanksgiving and praiseDoing and simple actions rather than reading and textsActive role of the peopleUnity of two parts of the serviceFlexibility and adaptabilityImportance of practical problems

A Theology of United Methodist CommunionThis Holy Mystery 2004 Resources: General Board of Discipleship pages: BASIC ACTIONSJesus took the break, gave thanks, broke it, and gave it to his disciples:

TAKING THE BREAD AND CUPTHE GREAT THANKSGIVINGBREAKING THE BREADGIVING THE BREAD AND CUPTook the Bread.Preparing the tableBreadCupLinensBlessed it.THE GREAT THANKSGIVINGEUCHARISTIATHE PRAYER Giving Thanks to (Hebrew: blessing) God for his gifts of life, the gifts of the earth, and other acts of loveRemembering Jesus ministry, death and resurrectionInvoking the Holy Spirit, anticipating our hope

Broke the bread..ActionsBreaking the one loafLifting the one cupand gave it to his disciplesSHARING THE BREAD AND CUPThe pastorTables with dismissal and prayerIn the pewSelf-serviceShared cup wine/grape juiceIntinction w/ and w/o individual prayersaying.WORDSThis is my body, This is my bloodThis is the bread of heaven, This is the cup of salvationChildren: Remember God loves youA Variety of Themes and SymbolsCentral emphasesRemembrance of last supper, mourningChrists Sacrifice and sufferingHospitality and abundance (justice, equality, openness to outside world)Community and openness (open table, unity within congregation)Compare footwashingSymbols and practicesAltar, tableMinister facing people, facing altar, gestures, participation vs watchingBreadWine-grape juiceIntinction, kneeling, dismissal by tables, in-pewReceiving vs taking, receiving vs. self-serviceMusicLeft-over elements, the disabled, the sick, allergies

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