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  • 1. Live & InteractiveYour Website in Focus - Does your website meet your nonprofits objectives? Raheel Gauba // Brand Leader & Creative Director, Blackbaud#liveInt

2. ABOUT ME #liveIntBorn in Pakistan. Played keyboards in a band. Moved to Toronto in 1996. Studied Computer Science, Philosophy & Mathematics at U of T. Worked for CHUM Television as a web developer for almost 3 years. Moved to the US to work for a start up as the head interactive designer. Started working for Blackbaud in 2006 and lead the interactive team. Moved to the marketing team in 2010 to work on the company rebrand and website! 3. how do you feel about me?#liveInt4 4. KHI 5. 12,000 kmYUL KHI 6. 12,000 km550 kmYYZ YUL 7. YYZ 8. MSPYYZCHSGLOBAL TEAM 450+ WEBSITES INTERACTIVE + BRANDING 9. I LOVE NONPROFITS. I AM ALSO CRAZY ABOUT GOOD DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY & THE ART OF POWERFUL COMMUNICATION. I WANT TO HELP NONPROFITS BY HELPING THEM ACHIEVE THEIR FULL POTENTIAL THROUGH GOOD BRANDING, TECHNOLOGY & ONLINE CHANNELS. WHAT MAKES ME WAKE UP EVERY MORNING? THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE & THE PROMISE OF ACHIEVEMENT. 10. do you feel differently about me?#liveInt11 11. FOUNDATIONS OF SUCCESSFUL WEBSITESUNDERLYING STRATEGIES FOR NONPROFITS: SHARE INFORMATION MORE EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE IN A PERSONALIZED MANNER SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS BUILD A COMMUNITY & STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS#liveInt12 12. SOME INTERESTING FACTSIt takes only a 20th of a second (50 milliseconds) for people to make decisions after viewing a website. SOURCE: BBC#liveInt13 13. SOME INTERESTING FACTS69% of North American marketers say dynamic, personalized content is important for their website. Only 5% say its of low importance. SOURCE: Marketing Charts#liveInt13 14. SOME INTERESTING FACTSOnly 55% of companies are currently conducting any online user experience testing. SOURCE: eConsultancy#liveInt13 15. SOME INTERESTING FACTS46% of mobile users report having difficulty interacting with a web page, and 44% complain that navigation was difficult. SOURCE: Keynote#liveInt13 16. WEBSITE DESIGN & EXPERIENCE DESIGN PHILOSOPHYEVERY PIXEL HAS A PURPOSE DESIGN MUST BE AUDIENCE CENTRIC LESS IS ALWAYS MORE MAINTAIN OR IMPROVE THE BRAND IDENTITY THE PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITE SHOULD BE OBVIOUS FOCUS ON MOVING THE AUDIENCE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX CONTENT IS KING PUT YOUR CMS TO GOOD USE!#liveInt14 17. ITS THE ERA OF SIMPLICITY & USABILITY aaah! ed A bling more No ites! t webs ou#liveInt16 18. GO MOBILE OR GO HOME! More people are browsing your website using a mobile device than ever before... ARE YOU READY FOR THEM? FACT: MOBILE WEB USAGE WILL TRUMP DESKTOP WEB USAGE IN 2014 source: 19. YOUR SUPPORTERS ARE SOCIAL... HOW ABOUT YOU? / / / / /are you listening? are you sharing? are you partnering? sincere asks for shares appropriate technology#liveInt18 20. CREATE VISUAL + SHARABLE CONTENT! 50% your brain is involved in visuals 0:01s Time it takes to evaluate a visual scene People remember 80% of what they see (20% of what they read) sources: Human Anatomy & Physiology 7th Edition, The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication, Syntactic Theory of Visual Communication.#liveInt19 21. HOW ABOUT PIZZA WITH YOUR USERS? #liveInt20 22. EMOTIONS LEAD TO ACTIONS / / / / /blog regularly use powerful titles ~ be brave! use one engaging image (ideally) featured quotes calls to action should be short, simple and feel urgent#liveInt21 23. (PLEASE) TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED... WHY SHOULD I SUPPORT YOU? 5,459 PEOPLE SERVED 99,299 GALLONS DELIVERED 1.2M PETITIONS FILED 76,229 LIVES SAVED (AND COUNTING)#liveInt22 24. AND FINALLY...What would you like for me to do next?#liveInt23 25. your turn!#liveInt25 26. Many apologies! We couldnt get to everyone... but... 27. WE HAVE A WINNER! The Philadelphia Protestant Home YOU HAVE WON A FREE 30 MINUTE 1:1 WEB STRATEGY CONSULTATION 28. Thank You! Live & InteractiveYour Website in Focus - Does your website meet your objectives? Raheel Gauba // Brand Leader & Creative Director, BlackbaudLets continue the conversation on twitter #liveInt My twitter handle: @raheelgauba More slides here: