Location These are all the locations of the Oceans. Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean Southern Ocean

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  • LocationThese are all the locations of the Oceans.Pacific OceanAtlantic OceanIndian OceanArctic OceanSouthern Ocean

  • ClimateTropical OceansPolar OceansThe tropical oceans are warmer than others because they are closer to the equator. The normal temperature is 38 degrees.The polar oceans are far south and far north. The surface is completely frozen. Ice bergs flout on the surface.

  • PlantsCoralSea flowersSea grassSea weedStone brain

  • AnimalsSharksJelly FishKiller WhalesTurtlesClown FishCod

  • DecomposersAllegeFungiBacteria

  • Food ChainKiller WhalePorpoiseCodHerringZooplanktonPhytoplankton

  • Natural ChangeA natural change to the ocean is a hurricane. Which kills fish, plants, whales, and more by all the water pushing and flying out.

  • Human EffectPollution kills most life in the ocean such as fish and plants and causes humans to get sick when they swim in it. Children are told only to eat 6oz. Of tuna fish and no sword fish because they are filled with mercury and oil.

  • AdaptationsFish adapt to the water by having gills and birds hold there breath to catch there food in the water.

    uses it to breath under water.

  • Endangered AnimalsHumpback WhalesSea OttersCod FishSea turtlesSharks

  • FactsSome of the salt we eat comes from the ocean.All oceans are salty with at least 1.2oz. In every 35oz. Of water.There are many fishes we dont know about near and in the bottom of the oceans.

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