Logo Licensing: How to protect your brand while generating revenue Presented by LRG Prep

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<p>UNIVERSITY OF MARY</p> <p>Logo Licensing: How to protect your brand while generating revenue</p> <p>Presented by LRG PrepHistory of Collegiate LicensingLRG Founded in 1991; 194 collegiate clients today;Royalty accounting &amp; collection, trademark enforcement, merchandising &amp; brand development; </p> <p>Emergence of High Schools at Retail</p> <p>High School Licensing</p> <p>7.5 Million high school athletes per year; More than 500 Million fans in attendance annually; According to USA Today Sports each high school athlete is supported by at least 8 relatives/friends;</p> <p>High School Licensing</p> <p>3,491 participating high schools nationwide;More than $3 Million in royalty revenues have been generated since the inception of the NFHS Licensing Program in 2010; 28 licensees including Nike, Under Armour, &amp; Russell; </p> <p>High School Licensing</p> <p>Why License Your Logos?</p> <p>Control the use of your school name, mascot, &amp; logo; Generate royalty revenue from the sale of licensed merchandise; Promote your brand and use unique logos to avoid trademark infringement; </p> <p>High School Licensing</p> <p>Q&amp;A</p> <p>Dick WelshLRG Prepdwelsh@lrgusa.comwww.lrgprep.com</p>