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  • LOGO!Simply different simply ingenious

    Answers for industry.

    Micro Automation

  • Transport facilities

    Conveyor systems Hoisting platforms Elevators Silo works Automatic feeders

    Residential and commercial building services

    Lighting control Door/gate control Shutters, blinds and awning control Watering and sprinkler system control

    Unique applications

    Solar-electric systems Marine Harsh environments Display panels and traffic control signs

    Switching and controlling the profitable way

    Every decision maker faces mounting pressure to increase production while reducing

    waste, energy costs, and maintenance downtime - all with a shrinking workforce. Those

    with innovative ideas are looking to their industrial partners for flexible controllers that

    perform multiple operations requiring minimal troubleshooting and maintenance. No other

    programmable relay satisfies these requirements better than LOGO! the original and best

    selling programmable relay worldwide.


  • Heating/ventilation/air conditioning

    Energy management Heating control Cooling systems Ventilation systems Air conditioning systems

    Machine controls

    Motor, pump and valve controls Air compressors Exhaust and filtering systems Water-treatment systems Woodworking equipment Etching and purification systems

    Operational monitoring systems

    Access control Vehicle control monitoring Alarm systems Limit-value monitoring Traffic light control systems Baggage control

    Maximum flexibility through consistent modularity

    The modular design of LOGO! enables flexible control systems for small or large systems. A wide range of modules allows individual expansion of LOGO! to 24 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs! Communication modules are also availa-ble for AS-Interface and KNX (Instabus network for building automation). Examples using the analog output module to solve simple closed-loop control tasks are included. Heating and cooling systems can be designed with the RTD PT100 module using special func-tions for PI control, ramp response and analog multiplexer.

    Proven millions of times in numerous applications

    Together with the LOGO! Comfort, a software, configuring of our programma-ble relay is childs play: program genera-tion, project simulation and documenta-tion are accomplished simply using drag and drop functionality, allowing maximum ease of operation. LOGO! includes maximum functionality: backlit display, efficient line usage, and the ca-pability for directly modifying message texts for optimum customer satisfaction. LOGO! has proven successes in a multitude of applications.

    Advanced intelligent technology

    The LOGO! system from Siemens is the ideal controller for simple automation tasks in industry and building services. The intelligent programmable relay features maximum user friendliness and satisfies nearly every functional requirement with high speed precision, efficient instructions and memory design. Applications can easily be accomplished with LOGO! and its large selection of expansion modules.


  • Even more ingenious also with external text display

    Welcome the LOGO! TD text display HMI, the newest addition to the LOGO! line of

    programmable relays. LOGO! TD provides an affordable HMI for equipment builders

    and their customers, even on the simplest relay control systems. Make quick

    adjustments and troubleshoot failures easily using LOGO! TD with built-in operator

    functions and diagnostics.


  • Performance optimized further

    The new LOGO! 7th generation (version 0BA6) offers expanded program memory by more than 50 % now with 200 function blocks. Other hardware upgrades include basic and pure models being expanded to 4 channels of 0-10V built-in analog inputs, and 4 channels of configura-ble 5Khz high speed counting inputs. All prior generation expansion modules and user programs are upward compat-ible to 7th generation controllers.

    Expanded Functionality

    LOGO! 7th generation built-in display is now brighter and supports up to 50 configurable four-line message blocks with an optional text ticker feature showcasing 24 charac-ters per line. Additional software enhancements include special analog math functions for basic scaling or average calculations, and built-in PWM (pulse width modulation) function for heater control applications.

    LOGO! gets an HMI

    The LOGO! TD is a backlit four-line LCD supporting text or numeric displays up to 24 characters per line, with six buttons for screen navigation and data entry, along with four user function buttons. With a built-in horizontal and vertical bar graph display feature, viewing options are not limited to text only. The bar graph display modes can be configured to represent any numeric value in the LOGO! controller, including an attached tank level sensor, flow rate, rpm, counts, time, cycles and more. All LOGO! control functions and LOGO! TD screens are developed in a single Soft Comfort software user program, eliminating the need to maintain separate PLC and HMI programs.

    Simple left-side connection for LOGO! TD text display


  • The LOGO! hardware

    LOGO! offers the widest range of capabilities and successful implementation of extensive applications

    with the option of selecting 38 integrated functions and linking them with up to 200 blocks. With its wide

    variety of available I/O, LOGO! offers more options for direct-to-device connection than any other

    controller. LOGO! systems can now now be easily selected for almost any small industrial application and

    also for non-manufacturing commercial applications.


    LOGO! reduces costs by up to 50 %

    Replaces many hard wired controls Requires less space in the control cabinet Reduces bill of materials Requires fewer accessories Saves on service because it is wear-free

    LOGO! reduces installation time by up to 70 %

    Built-in DIN rail or panel mounting Easy wiring and panel layout Can be programmed using LOGO! Soft Comfort Pretested sample programs available at no chargeReal time clock/calendar with daylight savings timeUser friendly documentation; easy to learn


  • LOGO! reduces space requirements by up to 70 %

    Space saving even when fully expanded com- pared to rotary timers, counters and cube or contactor relays

    Built-in basic and special functions can elimi-nate more standalone devices

    LOGO! Soft Comfort makes programming simple and fast. Create ladder and function block

    diagrams simply by selecting, dragging and dropping functions and making your connec-

    tions. The included offline simulator allows programs to be tested and debugged without any

    connected hardware, providing significant savings on installation time and cost.

    LOGO! Soft Comfort simple, practical, productive.

    Universal application

    Vibration-resistant High level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Industrial standard For all climatic conditions Radio interference suppression class B All necessary certifications for use anywhere in the worldMarine approval

    The LOGO! software


  • The LOGO! functions

    With eight basic functions, you can quickly create simple control programs either on the

    device or on the PC. With 30 special functions, you can also create more advanced programs

    faster and easier than ever before. An extensive selection of sample applications can be

    found at: www.siemens.com/logo

    The eight basic functions

    NOR (or not) Series connection NC contact

    XOR (Exclusive OR) Dual changeover contact

    AND with edge evaluation (pos. edge)

    NAND with edge evaluation (neg. edge)

    AND Series connection NO contact

    OR Parallel connection NO contact

    NOT Inverter

    NAND (and not) Parallel connection NC contact

    The 30 special functions

    ON delay

    Clock-pulse generator

    Impulse relay/ edge-triggered

    Impulse relay/ pulse output

    Retentive ON delay

    ON/OFF delay

    OFF delay

  • The LOGO! modules

    NOR (or not) Series connection NC contact

    AND with edge evaluation (pos. edge)

    NAND with edge evaluation (neg. edge)

    LOGO! Basic and LOGO! Pure

    Different voltages, i. e. 12 V DC, 24 V AC / DC, 115 / 240 V AC / DC Can be used for a wide range of applicationsAutomatic changeover from daylight savings time to standard time Reduces maintenance overheadPassword protection Protects your engineering38 integrated, pre-tested functions No additional devices, such as elapsed time counter, are requiredLinking 200 functions is possible Extensive applications can be implemented without restrictionsEight digital inputs (incl. four AIs at 12 / 24 V DC) and four digital outputs on boardDisplay of message texts, setpoint and actual values as well as direct modifica-tion of the values on the display (except for Pure versions)

    Retentive data memory Protects current values against loss in the event of a power failureFlexibly expandable up to 24 DIs, 16 DOs, 8 AIs and 2 AOs Protects original investment Suitable for a wide variety of applicationsLOGO! Soft Comfort Software V6 for user-friendly generation of control programs on PC; suitable for a variety of operating systems, such as Windows 95/98, NT 4.0, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, MAC OS X 10.4 with J2SE 1.5.0 and SUSE LINUX 10.0.Connection facility for remote text display on all BA6 basic devices

    Digital expansion modules

    Four modules for expanding digital inputs and outputs:

    DM8 230R / DM16 230R Supply voltage 115 / 240 V AC / DC Four/eigh