Logon then turn your monitor off!

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Logon then turn your monitor off!. Creating a database. A way of keeping information. Start the database program. Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Access. Type in members. Click Create. Create the new database. Double click Create table in design view. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Logon thenturn your monitor off!</p></li><li><p>Creating a databaseA way of keeping information</p></li><li><p>Start the database programStart &gt; Programs &gt; Microsoft Office &gt; Access</p></li><li><p>Create the new database</p></li><li><p>Now create a table to hold the data </p></li><li><p>Enter some fieldsA field is the name of one bit of data for example Surname</p></li><li><p>Now tell it what type of fieldIs 50 too long?The longest surname in school is 15 characters long!Change it to 20</p></li><li><p>Create more fieldsFirst Name (length 15)Gender (length 1 you will enter M or F)Address line 1 (You work out how long to make it. Think of the longest you know and add a few extra)District (How long?)Town (How long?)Postcode (postcodes can be 9 long)</p></li><li><p>Add a Date of birth field</p></li><li><p>Select Date/Time</p></li><li><p>Now choose the type of date</p></li><li><p>Add a membership number</p></li><li><p>Make it a Primary keyWhats a Primary Key?A field which is a primary key has to have unique entries no two the same. Autonumber fields are always unique.</p></li><li><p>Save the tableUse File &gt; SaveType in a table name e.g. Member listClick OK</p></li><li><p>Starting your database againChoose Start &gt; My DocumentsFind your database file it should be called members and will look likeDouble click the fileChoose Yes then No then Open</p></li><li><p>Putting data in the databaseTry double clicking this.</p></li><li><p>The table of dataYou could just click in the table and enter data buttheres a better wayClick this cross to close the table.</p></li><li><p>Creating a form to enter dataSelect this objectthen double click Create form by using wizard.</p></li><li><p>Creating a form (2)Click this </p><p>then click Finish.</p></li><li><p>Entering data in a form.Ignore thisType your detailsType your detailsType M or Fe.g. 12-Jan-1987Type your details</p><p>Click this for the next oneSmithJosephM12-Jan-9316 Feather driveHarold HillRomfordRM3 7FG</p></li><li><p>Entering data in a form.Oops theres a mistake!That should be Drive not driveTo fix it just click where the mistake is and correct it.SmithJosephM12-Jan-9316 Feather driveHarold HillRomfordRM3 7FG16 Feather rive16 Feather Drive</p></li></ul>


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