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    Celia M. Hastings Local History Room of the Patchogue-Medford Library As well as selected links from the PML Local History Website

    Revised, edited, expanded, with selected surname additions by Mark H. Rothenberg

    Wyandanch Austin Roe Walt Whitman Theodore Bessie Coleman Jacqueline Billy Joel Bill OReilly Roosevelt Pioneer Aviator Kennedy Onassis


    See also Long Island Families

    American Families of Historic Lineage, Long Island Edition, 2 vols., issued under the editorial supervision of William S. Pelletreau and John Howard Brown. New York: National Americana Society, [n.d.]. LI REF 929 P

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    Long Island and Patchogue Vertical File Subject Headings (Patchogue-Medford Library. Celia M. Hastings Local History Room)

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    General Histories of Long Island

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    Classic L.I. Histories & Document Collections (Patchogue-Medford Library. Celia M. Hastings Local History Room. Long Island History web page)

    Long Island: A History of Two Great Counties, Nassau and Suffolk, 3 vols., ed. by Paul Bailey. New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1949. LI REF 974.721 BAI


  • Handwriting , Historical (Decipherment)

    Stryker-Rodda, Harriet (Genealogically Speaking). Understanding Colonial Handwriting, repr. from New Jersey History. Newark, NJ: The New Jersey Historical Society, 1980. LI REF 929.1028 STR


    See also Military Records

    Funeral Sermons Index (Mostly Suffolk County, also CT & NJ)

    o Christopher Youngs Record of Funeral Sermons Preached, With the Names of Persons,

    Places, and Dates, Text and Verse, 1829 to 1879, comp. by Diane F. Perry. [Riverhead, NY]: Suffolk County Historical Society, by permission of the Baiting Hollow Congregational Church, 1976. LI REF 929.5097 YOU -- The Index by Last Names, contains the following surnames: Allen, Barbaer, Beeman, Beemer, Brown, Carter, Chalmers, Compton, Conklin, Corwin, Courson, Cuffee, Culver, Davis, Dayton, Downs, Edwards, Emmon, Gerard, Glover, Griffing, Hallock, Hammond, Hawkins, Homon, Howell, Hulse, Jackson, Jennings, Jones, King, Lee, Leek, LHommedieu, Luce, M[c]G, Matthew[s], Mills, Moger, Muthy[?], Noyes, Osborn, Overton, Owen, Penny, Petty, Price, Raynor, Reeve[s], Robinson, Rohbuck, Skidmore, Smith, Terry, Terryl, Tooker, Turner, Tuthill, Tyler, Warner, Wells, Wines, Woodhull, Young[s].

    Suffolk County, NY

    o Adams, James Truslow. Memorials of Old Bridgehampton. Port Washington, NY: Ira J.

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    o Healy, Clement M. South Fork Cemeteries (Images of America). Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2006. LI REF 974.725 CO-SUFF HEA-S

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    Nassau County, NY

    o Oyster Bay (N.Y. : Town). Historian. Historic Cemeteries of Oyster Bay: A Guide to Their

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    o Wantagh American Revolution Bicentennial Committee. Cemeteries of Old Wantagh. Wantagh, NY: The Committee, 1976. LI REF 974.7245 V-WANTGH CEM


  • Long Island, NY

    o Association for Gravestone Studies. Regional Guides to 17th and 18th Century Graveyards:

    Guide 2: Long Island, N.Y. Graveyards (Including Lower Manhattan Island). Worcester, MA: The Assn., with the Assistance of Friends for Long Islands Heritage, [1986]. LI REF 736.509 REG

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    New York, NY

    o New York, NY. Chamber of Commerce. Colonial Records of the New York Chamber of

    Commerce, 1768-1784; with Historical and Biographical Sketches, [comp. by] John Austin Stevens, Jr. New York: B. Franklin, 1971. NY REF Storage 929.3747 COO

    o Richman, Jeffrey I. Brooklyns Green-wood Cemetery: New Yorks Buried Treasure. Brooklyn, NY: The Cemetery, [1998]. Q974.723 RIC; NY REF 974.71 RIC

    New York (State)

    o Association of Municipal Historians of New York State. New York State Cemeteries Name/Location Inventory, 1995-1997, 3 vols., Lynn M. Fisher, et al., compilers. NY REF 929.5 ASS Arranged by county, then internally , alphabetically by cemetery name. For Long Island, see: Suffolk County, v. 3: pp. 810-868. Nassau County: v. 2: pp. 430-446. Queens County / Borough: v.2: pp. 610-617. Kings County: v. 1: pp. 316-318.


    Suffolk County, NY

    o Census of Suffolk County, New York, 1776. Lumbertville, NJ: Hunterdon House, 1984. LI

    REF 929.3747 CEN -- Index (pp. 45-56) includes the following surnames: Ackley, Acley, Acker. Adams, Ackerly, Albans, Albertson, Aldritch, Allen, Andres, Arnold, Arthur, Avery, Babcock, Baker, Bales, Balis, Barnes, Barns, Barran, Bartlee, Bates, Bayles, Bayley, Beal, Beckwith, Beebe, Bell, Bellows, Belos, Benjamans, Benjamin, Benjamins, Bennet, Bennett, Bennit, Biggs or Biges, Bigs, Billard, Binner, Birtts, Bishop, Blidenburgh, Blydenburgh, Booth, Boshea, Bostin, Bowditch, Bower, Brewster, Brichet, Brown, Brush, Bruster, Buchanan, Bud, Buell, Buffet, Burnet, Burto, Bushop, Button, Carey, Carmon, Cary or Carey, Case, Chapin, Chappel, Chase, Chatfield, ChattalinClark, Cleeves, Cleveland, Cole, Coleman, Conking, Conklan, Conkling, Coock, Cook, Cooper, Corey, Corey, Corwin, Corwithe, Cox, Crook, Cullen, Culver, Culvewrs, Dains, Darling, Darrow, Daval, Duvall, Davenport, Davids, Davis, Dayton, Degroat, Denton, Dering, Devenport, Diamond, Dibble, Dickerson, Dickson, Dimon, Domini, Dominy, Dow, Downe, Downs, Drake, Duis, Duvrek, Eaton, Edwards, Emmons, Eyre, Fanning, Ferrey, Field, Filer, Fithian, Flint, Floyd, Fordham, Fordom, Forneir, Foster, Founten, Fowlar, Franke, French or Frinch, Gagger, Gann, Gardiner, Garrard, Garrot, Gavett, Gelston, Gerard, Gerrard, Gibbs, Gilbert, Gilburd, Gildersleeve, Gillett, Glover, Goldsmith, Goodel, Goold, Gorden, Gould, Green, Griffing or Greffing, Gyer, Hackstaf, Haines, Hains, Hallack, Hallick, Hallock, Hallot,