Lookalikes: My Daughter and Dora the Explorer?

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Do you think my daughter looks like Dora?


<ul><li> 1. e m po we rne t wo rk.co mhttp://www.empo wernetwo rk.co m/amberfo x/blo g/lo o kalikes-my-daughter-and-do ra-the-explo rer/?id=amberfo xLookalikes:My Daughter and Dora the Explorer?Okay so shes a cartoon!I know, I never thought about it either. Who compares their own kid to a cartoon character?But, since she was about 3 years oldEVERYWHERE we went people started to say it. Aww she looks just like Dora! Wow, she could play Dora in a movie!T he grocery store, the movies, and even at Disney World people stop me and say something about it.Up until she was getting ready to turn 5, she loved it! Dora the Explorer was her favorite show. Now shes 6(all grown up you know!) and Dora is a thing of the past. She has moved on to Disney princesses and tiresof hearing people compare her and Dora as lookalikes.</li></ul> <p> 2. Lookalikes: Who Do You Know?So, give me your opiniondoes my daughter look like Dora?And, who do you know that has a celebrity (or cartoon) lookalike?Comment below!And Did You Know.?Did you know I can blog about anything on this blogging platf orm and make money f rom it? I mean really! Ittook me 10 min to create this post about my daughter and Dora. I share it on social networks, and peoplef ind it on Google (we are on a high ranked domain, so articles appear higher!)Click the picture below to share crazy stories about your f amily and get paid f or it!</p>