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  1. 1. SafePoint Value Proposition The Loomis SafePoint Solution positively impacts all areas of business: Loss Prevention Safety & Security Reduced Shrinkage of 1-2% Decreased Investigation Time Finance Expedited Cash Flow Consolidated Banking Relationship of Your Choice Enhanced Visibility of All Cash Activity Streamlined Reconciliation Operations Significant Labor Savings/Cost Reduction End of Day Efficiencies Most importantly SafePoint provides business owners real time information & flexibility allowing them to become more competitive, while providing peace of mind.
  2. 2. Loomis Direct A new kind of online experience Information not simply data Fast and fluid Easy to use interface providing a outstanding user experience Fast access to cash overview Centralized users and permissions management All information can be exported
  3. 3. Benefits for Loss Prevention Employee Transaction Detail: Deposit amount Deposit time Denomination detail
  4. 4. Benefits for Loss Prevention
  5. 5. Benefits for Operations You may add users remotely and give permissions as needed
  6. 6. Benefits for Operations Daily Summary Monthly Summary
  7. 7. Benefits for Finance Department Detailed Reporting, exported via Xcel of CSV file Manipulate data to support your needs Same data your bank receives
  8. 8. Benefits for Finance Department Business Day Calendar: Customizable date range Quick snapshot Pick up detail Banking credit amounts
  9. 9. Benefits for Finance Department Current content view:
  10. 10. Loomis Direct Everything you need at your fingertips

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