Low Cost Startup Business Ideas

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There are many low cost startup business ideas out there. But before you make your move you really need to look at the pros and cons of these low cost startup business ideas.


<ul><li> 1. http://www.empowernetwork.com/harishpatel/blog/low-cost-startup-business-ideas/ May 22, 2013Low Cost Startup Business IdeasLow Cost Startup Business IdeasThere are many low cost startup business ideas out there. But before youmake your move you really need to look at the pros and cons of these low coststartup business ideas.Low Cost Startup Business IdeasOne of the typical low costbusiness ideas is to go intotutoring. You are able toprovide one to one tuitioneither in your own house or thechilds house.The overhead costs are verylow. At your house you can getaway with just using the diningtable. You also need texbooksbut overall the cost is very low.You can get startedvery quick with thisbusiness but you wontmake much money inthis business.At one point I was thinking of joining an online tutoring agency to go into. ButIm glad I decided not to. I realize that this will take up a lot of my time.What other low cost business ideas are there?Catering is another low cost opportunity. Food hygiene is very important here. </li> <li> 2. You could do this business from home but you may need to buy extra thingslike a large fridge. All the equipment that you need may all add up. Also dontforget food transport. Not only does it need to get to its destination it needs tobe below a certain temperature. The food will need to be insulated.The main headache is that you need to comply with the food safetyregulations.Out of the different low cost startup business ideas I chose one that only hada start up cost of $25. Really cheap. So cheap that some people dont take itseriously.If you do take it seriously you can make a lot of money. Recently a 12 year oldmade $12k in four months. This is not rocket science. Anyone can do this.All you need to do is to blog on topics that interest you, tell others (via internettraffic) and get money.I initially thought that this was too simple to be true. There must be somethingmore to it. Its actually very simple and it works.There are many low cost startup business ideas out there but not all of themare very simple and straight forward.Click the link below to find out more.Click here to find out how you can start earning 100% instant commissions!Source Image: Stuart Miles/ freedigitalphotos.netKeywords:Low Cost Startup Business Ideas </li> </ul>