LTE Pro Experimentation 2,6 GHz TDD Air France -Paris CDG ...· Air France -Paris CDG Airport

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Text of LTE Pro Experimentation 2,6 GHz TDD Air France -Paris CDG ...· Air France -Paris CDG Airport

  • LTE Pro Experimentation2,6 GHz TDD

    Air France - Paris CDG Airport

    Christian RegnierHead of Communication solution department Air France KLM Secretary of AGURRE

  • Agenda

    Introduction - Experimentation in video

    Objectives and resources

    Needs and Issues

    Experimentation progress

    Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance & Ground services

    First feedback from businesses

    Experimentation Schedule

    Next steps

    Q & A


  • 3Introduction - Experimentation in video

  • Objectives

    Prepare in the medium term the migration of Tetra and WIFI network on LTE Pro network, for professional usage, on our major Airline Hubs (Roissy CDG & Orly).


    Temporary Allocation by French Regulation authority (ARCEP) of 20 MHz in Frequency Range 2.6 GHz since November 1st of 2016.

    Partnership with Telecom suppliers Operational implementation for our businesses

    Internal Mobilisation of businesses, IT Radio Experts, Security, Deployment, Development, Network, Communication etc.


    Objectives and resources

  • Needs and Issues

    Better operational performance required by our businesses Obsolescence of our Tetra radio network (20 000 communications per day). WiFi no more appropriate (technical aspect, financials) Significant increase of video usage and digitizing of our operational businesses

    Control of our critical communications in CDG & ORY internally kept Engineering control (skills) Exploitation control (operations) Costs management Infrastructure flexibility in order too answer current and future operational usage :

    (voice and data, video, IOT, 5G)


    LTE Pro Network implementation : project launched by Air France as well as others companies

    AGURRE Association created since 2012. Implementation of action plan to address usage evolution and to obtain frequency resources Discussions with Public Authorities (Ministry of Interior, ARCEP, ANFR, Ministry of Economy)

  • IT and radio tests

    Businesses tests

    Real Life Usage (Flight) for ground services


    Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance & Ground services

  • Aircraft connectivity

    Predictive and preventive maintenance

    Improvement of contents, software updates and upgrades for servers onboard

    Operational data downloads/uploads

    Improve inter-business communication around the aircraft (real time + zero paper)

    New chatty aircraft and LTE Pro offer new possibilities

  • high quality of reception within covered area

    Not necessary to connect again after a

    network disconnection

    less use of battery on tablets (Aircraft engineering

    & maintenance)

    Tablets much less heat

    cockpit and cabin connectivity OK

    Connectivity OKIn the passenger boarding bridge

    successful test either with IPAD and

    Scanners(ground services)

    Luggage application : better performance

    compared to WIFI and public

    network connection

    Form factor (device + 4G key) not deployable as it is


    First feedback from businesses

  • MCPTT Tests

    In Progress

    Additional Engineering tests and measures

    Extension (6 months) of frequency allocation by Arcep(november to april 2018)

    Real Life situation usage by AF E&M

    Tetra/LTE interconnection

  • 10Next Steps : (estimated Macro planning)

    Renewal of hardened End User Devices (2.6 GHz compatibility)

    Smooth Migration from Tetra to 4G

    ORY/CDG: Outdoor


    ORY/CDG: Indoor infra

    MCPTT Iot (Critical) 5G

    Full convergence (voice, data, video)




    11Q & A