Lumber for basement partitions. Material for basement partitions

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Lumber for basement partitions Slide 2 Material for basement partitions Slide 3 Drain access for the shower Slide 4 Deciding where the center partition will be located the easy way before building the wall Slide 5 Typar the basement walls first Slide 6 The bottom plate on a sill gasket screwed to the concrete with a 1 space behind Slide 7 Rigid insulation against the old concrete foundation Slide 8 Setting the bottom plates for partitions this is where the photos of the heat tubes comes in to play before attaching Slide 9 The sewage pump container Slide 10 Exterior stud walls Slide 11 Cardboard for the work benches Slide 12 That would be Dave Slide 13 Its cold upstairs we try and keep the heat in the basement where were working Slide 14 The lid was covered with Typar to keep the concrete out Slide 15 Lots of blowing snow in Carlow Slide 16 The boys created this snow toilet one evening and brought it to work and assembled it at lunch Slide 17 An outdoor John complete with toilet paper roll Slide 18 Pop comes to see Slide 19 Step flashing against the existing brick Slide 20 Mild spell toilet melted leaving only the nuts holding it down Slide 21 A Mennonite on the way to town Slide 22 I was coming out of the garage and heard the horse on the pavement Slide 23 Insulating the porch floor Slide 24 Rigid insulation over Roxul Slide 25 Plywood to seal the underside Slide 26 Basement partitions taking shape Slide 27 A bright new day Slide 28 Plumber arrives to rough in the basement bathroom and work on the in floor heating system Slide 29 The plumber has a microwave for lunches Slide 30 Someone has been tardy getting to work so I created a Bayfield-Carlow bus schedule to drive home the point Slide 31 Removing the sliding garage doors Slide 32 We will use most of the old materials