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Lunar Ranging Group LUNAR Team. Gravitational Physics Lunar Physics Lunar Laser Ranging 12 April 2011 Pasadena, California. Overall Schedule. University of Califonia , San Diego Tom Murphy Via Telephone Goddard Space Flight Centrer Stephen Merkowitz / Alix Preston Via Telephone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lunar Ranging GroupLUNAR TeamGravitational PhysicsLunar PhysicsLunar Laser Ranging

12 April 2011Pasadena, CaliforniaOverall ScheduleUniversity of Califonia, San DiegoTom MurphyVia TelephoneGoddard Space Flight CentrerStephen Merkowitz / Alix PrestonVia TelephoneUniversity of Maryland, College ParkDoug CurrieDecadal Survey SubmissionsAstronomy and AstroPhysics Decadal SurveyGravitational and Particle Physics Panel ReportMany Excellent Comments on the Value of LLRPlanetary Sciences Decadal SurveyLunar Geophysical Network Recommended for New Frontier MissionWould Place Four Retroreflectors on the Moon

murphygsfcTopics UMdTalksDecadalComputer SimulationsResultReview Deployment & RolesGLXPCandidatesFunctionsDeploymentLanderSurfaceDrillingLifetimeMurphySun ShadeDust BombardmentFuture Talks & ActivitiesDustILRSStatus and SuggestionsGround StationsTests at FrascatiNLSITalkDemonstration

Conference ProceedingsCurrie, D. G., , the LLRRA-21/LSSO Team & the MoonLIGHT/INFN-LNF Team 2010, A Lunar Laser Ranging RetroReflector Array for the 21st Century 40th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, TX 1 Currie, D. G., Zacny, K., 2010 Regolith Drilling for the Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector Array for the 21st Century, LUNAR Workshop, Cambridge MA

Currie, D. G., Zacny, K., the LLRRA-21/LSSO Team & the MoonLIGHT/INFN-LNF Team 2010 A Lunar Laser Ranging RetroReflector Array for the 21st Century Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Washington DC.

Dell'Agnello, S., Delle Monache, G. O., Currie, D. G., et. All, G., & McElfresh D. The Moon as a test body for General Relativity and new gravitational theories presented at the conference European Planetary Science Congress 2010 (ESPC2010) at the Angelicum Centre Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Rome, Italy.

DellAgnello, S. , Currie, D. G. , Delle MonacheG. O. , et al Cantone, C. Garattini, M. Martini, M. Intaglietta, N. Lops C. , March, R , Tauraso, R, Bellettini G. , Maiello, M , Berardi, S. , Porcelli, L.; "Next Generation Lunar Laser Ranging and its GNSS Applications"; IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky (MT),

Peron, R.; Bellettini, G.; Berardi, S.; Boni, A.; Cantone, C.; Coradini, A.; Currie, D. G.; Dell'Agnello, S.; Delle Monache, G. O.; , et al. Advanced instrumentation for Solar System gravitational physics EGU General Assembly 2010, held 2-7 May, 2010 in Vienna, Austria,

Currie, D. G., Delle Monache & G. O. DellAgnello, S. 2010 A Lunar Laser Retroreflector for the FOR the 21ST Century (LLRRA-21): Selenodesy, Science and Status 2010 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA

Currie, D. G., DellAgnello, S. & Delle Monache, G. O. 2011 LUNAR LASER RANGING: FLIGHT HARDWARE SIMULATION, TESTING AND STATUS. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, TX ,

Talks, Colloquia and Public PresentationsTalks at Scientific ConferencesCurrie, D. G., & the LLRRA-21 Teams 2011 A LUNAR LASER RANGING RETRO-REFLECTOR ARRAY for the 21st CENTURY 2nd Lunar Laser Ranging Workshop, International Space Sciences Institute, Bern Switzerland

Currie, D. G., & The LLRRA-21 Teams 2010 A LUNAR LASER RANGING RETRO-REFLECTOR ARRAY for the 21st CENTURY LUNAR Workshop Boulder CO

Currie, D. G., DellAgnello, S. & Delle Monache, G. O. 2010 A Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector Array for the 21st Century ISOT 2010 International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technologies, Toronto, Canada

Currie, D. G., & the LLRRA-21 Teams 2011 A LUNAR LASER RANGING RETRO-REFLECTOR ARRAY for the 21st CENTURY 2nd Lunar Laser Ranging Workshop, International Space Sciences Institute, Bern Switzerland

DellAgnello, S.; Currie, D. G.; Delle Monache, G. O.; Lops, C.; M. Martini 2010 LLRRA21/MoonLIGHT: a 2nd Generation Lunar Laser Ranging Array for Precision Gravity Tests and Lunar Science Measurements at the Conference Global Lunar Conference Beijing, China. Ddd 31 May-3 June 2010 talkColloquia and Public PresentationsCurrie, D. G. 2011 2nd NLSI Commerce Virtual Lecture A Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector for the 21stCentury

Computer SimulationsProblemsCommercial Software IssuesComputer Failures300 Million Beers Law Calculations for EachComputer simulation ObjectivesEnd to End SimulationTechnical ObjectivesSelection of Thermal CoatingsEffects of Shorter Sun ShadeGLXP Candidates for Size / Angular TolerancesEclipse EffectsFor LLRRA-21, not Apollobbb9Computer Simulations500 Time Steps Over a LunationHeatLoad3DIDL University of MarylandEvaluates Solar Heat Loads in CCR at ~ a Million NodesThermal DesktopCommercial - Cullimorgan and Ring TechnologiesCombine CCR Heat Loads with Solar Inputs to Temperature at 1733 NodesTempToPhaseIDL University of MarylandConverts Temperatures from thermal Desktop into Phase ErrorsCode VCommercial - Combines Thermal Phase Errors with TIR Phases and Effect of Offset AnglesAnalysisIDL University of MarylandConverts Far Field Diffraction Patterns into Useful Operational ResultsBbb

In HeatLoad3D74.4 x 2 nodes / ray4,000 rays500 time steps300,000,000 300 million 1,000 spectral bands300 billion Beers Law Calculation per One choice of parameters

10Frascati TestingThermal Vacuum TestsOptical Table for Far Field Diffraction PatternInfraRed Camera for Temperature MeaurementsOptical Simulator for SunThermal Sensors on CCRImages of Chamber and CCR FaceDifferent Deployment VersionsSingle Shot Range AccuracyCurrent Single Shot Accuracy is ~20 mmIf Mounted on LanderThermal Expansion of LanderHeat Flux from LanderSingle Shot Accuracy of 1-3 millimetersIf a Surface DeploymentThermal Expansion of RegolithHeat Flux from LanderSub-Millimeter Single Shot Accuracy If an Anchored DeploymentAnchored at ~1 meter depthBetter than 100 micron Single Shot Accuracy Google Lunar X PrizePrize by Google Corporation for 30 M$Only Private Money for GLXP ObjectivesCan Be Government MoneyFor Other Objectives Like LLRRA-21Currently Working with:Lunar Express, Hai Li Astrobotics David GumpMoon Express Bob RichardsNextGreatLeap Michael JoycePenn State University Miles SmithFREDNETSean CaseyMultiple Missions that May Be SuccessfulAchieve an Array of Retroreflectors

Deployment Lander

Surface Deployment

Frame of Silicon CarbideWhat has been tested at Frascati15Anchored DeploymentAstrobotics & Honeybee

Degradation of Laser ReturnsTom Murphy and APOLLO StationFactor of 9.6 over 40 yearsAmelioration of ProblemSun ShadeBlocks Dust DepositionBlock Micrometeorite BombardmentBut What is the Real Reason for Degradation?For Micrometeorite BombardmentTest at Horanyis Dust Accelerator

Lifetime of LLRRA-21bbb17Signal Level for One LLRRA-21BrieflyLLRRA-21 Signal ~ Equal to Apollo 15 ArrayTherefore Can Works with Sub-Meter TelescopesWill Need to Upgrade of Laser, Timing ElectronicsMcDonald at 0.67 meter Currently successfully Ranges to A15Long Life - Dust Issues Handled with SunShade

More Precisely IsoThermal Station Angle LLRRA-21 Signal Return LatitudeOffsets w.r.t. A15 45 Yes 78% 45 No 58% 00 Yes 88% 00 No 71%Future ObjectivesSchedule: >> Driven by the Google Lunar X Prize LaunchApril/December 2013 i.e., AstroboticsNeed to Finalize the Design Need to Attain Sufficient TRL to Obtain Funding i.e., T/V/O TestNeed to Fabricate/Test/Integrate Flight HardwareSimulations to Optimize Thermal CoatingsTo Control Thermal Gradients and thus Signal Optimize within Limits of Pracitical CoatingsDifferent Choices for Different GLXP MissionsInteractions with GLXP TeamsEach has Different Physical & Organizational StructuresTherefore Each Requires Somewhat Different Thermal DesignEach Requires Different Emplacement Procedures

Future Talks & ActivitiesEvaluate Dust Bombardment Mihaly Horanyi Dust Accelerator - Early MayInternational Laser Ranging Service Meeting Late MayPresent Status of LLRRA-21 to Actual Ranging GroupsCollect Suggestions from OperatorsPresent What is Needed for Ground Stations for LLRRA-21Thermal/Vacuum/Optical Tests at Frascati Early June TRL 6.5 -> TRL 7.0NASA Lunar Science Institute Mid JulyTalk on LLRRA-21 Hardware and GLXP Mission StatusReport on Honeybee Grant on Pneumatic Drill for LLRRA-21Demonstration of Pneumatic DrillingProbably Mounted on Astrobotic Lander

Future Talks & ActivitiesSun Shade & Thermal CoatingsSimulate Various Thermal CoatingsSimulate Stepped Sun ShadeFabricate Stepped Sun ShadeThermal/Vacuum/Optical Test of Stepped Sun ShadeSimulate Elliptical Sun ShadeWork with Google Lunar X PrizeModify Nominal Design for Different MissionsAddress Various Emplacement Strategies and CostsInvestigate Funding Routes for GLXP FlightsFabricate and T/V/O Test Big CCR with Offset Anglesbbb21


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