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LuSt 4 ART - Fine Art Catalogue for Galerys and Collectors

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Fine Art Catalogue for Galerys, Collectors and Art lovers by Countess Lucie Stastkova

Text of LuSt 4 ART - Fine Art Catalogue for Galerys and Collectors

  • LuSt 4 ART

    Countess Lucie Stastkova

    Fine Artist

    Tel: 0049 151 175 850 98


    Saumweg 7

    85111 Adelschlag


    Email: [email protected]

    Internet : www.lust4art.de

  • Art is a daughter of the Liberty Friedrich Schiller

  • Countess Lucie Stastkova

    of the Imperial House of Rurikovic

    Master Comander of Germany

    Association Nagual

  • Vita

    Countesss Lucie Stastkova is a child of the golden city of

    Prague, the city of the arts.

    Born in 1968 in Prague, she grew in her artistic savvy

    family, the daughter of well-known throughout Europe and

    Porcelain doll artist and doll doctor, Anna Slesinger. In fall

    1981, she fled with her family to Germany where she lives

    since. Countess Lucie Stastkova irritating to the

    fascination of light and shadow, proportion of bodies and

    of the characters facial features.

    She studied it with your unique technique called

    "Stastkovition", so plastic and soft contours to paper to

    make the characters seem so alive.

    Work with chalk dust require the highest standards of

    precision and concentration.

    Also works in oils and watercolors, the artist has exhibit,

    which were shown in various exhibitions.

    Many works are now in private collections.

  • Technique

    Chalk on paper

    The basis of my work is ground-color artist's

    chalk on paper. Only then is a difficult

    development process is done with utmost care

    and precision. Careful there, the chalk dust

    is removed again, where the lighting effects

    are to be built of a subject, thereby, a vivid

    impression made soft contours and create a

    play between light and dark.

    This technique I have developed some twenty

    years ago and kept it in my art apart from

    the other techniques of painting to reveal

    something special and unique to the viewer

    and art lovers. This technique is called ``


  • Goddes

    My first artwork with chalk powder painted by a


  • By this effect of the soft contours I was immediately

    convinced and I experimented a lot.

    My enthusiasm grew, and then finally when I had all the

    powder, element not only on paper ... and totally in my,

    my work was absorbed, self-made, my eraser and hopped

    away, landed on another piece of paper full of chalk dust

    and left a mysterious curved track. This effect was

    incredibly beautiful and I knew immediately I will

    implement this and check around. And so the first work of

    art created in my special technique, which I have called


    Just look at yourself

  • In the Sauna

    Nude study male,

    Catalogue Nr. 2000- LMS/ LuSt 4 ART 6

    Chalkpowder on paper, Stastkovition

    300 x 200 mm

  • Or this potrait

    Portrait of a Lady

    Catalogue Nr.: 2002 LMS/LuSt 4 ART 8

    Chalkpowder on paper, Stastkovition

    270 x 190 mm

  • Lagune ,

    Kleiner Brombachsee,

    Catalogue Nr.: 20 - LMS/LuSt4ART- 18

    Chalkpowder on paper, Stastkovition

  • The version in blue


    Seascape, Catalogue Nr. 2011 Lust 4 ART 30

    Chalk powder on paper, Stastkovition

    250 x 250mm


    Figurative female, Catalogue Nr. 2011- Lust 4 ART -98

    Chalk powder on paper , Stastkovition

    400 x 300mm

  • Seaman

    Nude study male,

    Catalogue Nr.: 1998 LMS/ LuSt 4 ART 16

    Chalk powder on paper, Stastkovition

    290 x 200 mm

  • Extase,

    Nude study, female,

    Catalogue Nr. 2011-LuSt 4 ART 99

    Chalk powder on paper , Stastkovition

    600 x 400 mm

  • Venus

    Nude study, female,

    Catalogue Nr . 240 , 2012 LuSt4ART

    Chalk powder on paper , Stastkovition

    800 x 600 cm

  • Midlife

    Nude study, male,

    Catalogue Nr . 52 LuSt 4 ART 2012

    Chalk powder on paper , Stastkovition

    600 x 800mm

  • Exhibitions

    August 2001


    Schwanstetten, Germany

    August-November 2002

    Galerie Christa Mederer ,

    Gunzenhausen, Germany

    Juni 2005 Kunstmarkt

    Oberammergau, Germany

    31.Oktober 2011 Tam Tam im Pathos

    Transporttheater Pathos , Mnchen, Germany

    25. Januar 2012

    Charity event

    Aktion Knstler helfen

    for Berliner Strassenchor

    Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany

    December 2011- April 2012 April

    Bel Art Galery

    Prague Czech Rep.

    11. Mai 24. Mai 2012

    Galerie Bertrand Kass,

    Innsbruck, Austria

    14.Juni 2012 -29.Juli Solo Ausstellung

    Galerie Hotel Torgauer Hof,

    Sindelfingen, Germany

  • You are even a unique work of art, individual and distinctive!

    With me, you have the chance your true beauty with my worldwide only

    applied art technique, the beauty of your self to perpetuating forever on high

    quality paper!


    Countess Lucie Stastkova