Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas 2011

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Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas 2011


  • Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

    With the prospects of the UK economy looking less than impressive, many homeowners are now deciding

    that instead of trying to purchase their dream home, they would be wiser to spend their money on

    transforming their present residence into the house of their dreams. Any dream home needs to have an

    element of luxury, and nowhere is this more evident than in designer bathrooms and kitchens. Bathrooms

    especially are a place where luxury should be indulged. If you are considering a new luxury bathroom

    then it may be an idea to know what the latest trends are before you meet with an interior designer.

    Luxury Baths range from large soaking tubs to small bathtubs that are much deeper than conventional

    baths. You can now choose from square, round, rectangular, and even triangular bathtubs, along with the

    traditional claw foot tub. Many baths offer water jets to make your soak even more relaxing.

    Luxury Showers Large walk-in showers are very popular, but even if your bathroom is not big enough for

    a large shower, designer bathrooms can create the illusion of your existing shower appearing larger by

    using clear, frameless shower doors. Many luxury showers now have more than just one shower head to

    provide separate jet-like streams of soothing water. Home steam showers are something which all luxury

    bathrooms should include. Steam-proof shower cubicles with benches and remote controls contain the

    vapour so that you can enjoy the relaxing experience of a steam room in your very own bathroom.

    Luxury Sinks Copper sinks are in demand at the moment, not only because they look so nice, but also

    because of the natural resistance copper has to bacteria. Vessel sinks are also popular and are available

    in wood, stone, copper and glass. For the ultimate in luxury kitchens and bathrooms, visit