Luxury Holiday in Argentina

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<ul><li><p>8/9/2019 Luxury Holiday in Argentina</p><p> 1/6</p><p>www.dehouche.comLeblon, Rio de Janeiro. Tel. US: (800) 690 6899 UK: 0871 284 7770 Brazil: +55 21 2512 3895</p><p>Luxury Holiday in Argentina12 Night Sample Itinerary</p><p>Mendoza</p><p>Park Hyatt Hotel</p><p>4 Nights</p><p>Pampas</p><p>El Rocio</p><p>4 Nights</p><p>Buenos Aires</p><p>Algodon Mansion</p><p>4 Nights</p><p>First ContactUpon arrival in Buenos Aires you will be met on the jet-bridge by Eduardo holding a Dehouche sign, he will drive you to the</p><p>domestic airport, stopping off en route at a hotel for a quick shower and a champagne breakfast. And so your holiday begins</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Luxury Holiday in Argentina</p><p> 2/6</p><p>www.dehouche.comLeblon, Rio de Janeiro. Tel. US: (800) 690 6899 UK: 0871 284 7770 Brazil: +55 21 2512 3895</p><p>Day 1 Flight: Buenos Aires (AEP) Mendoza (MDZ)</p><p>Greeting in arrivals and luxury private transfer to your hotel.</p><p>Luxury Hotel in Mendoza 4 nights</p><p>Day 5 Luxury private transfer to the airport.</p><p>Mendoza is recognized as one of the worlds top wine producing</p><p>areas. The city and surrounding countryside are some of the most</p><p>picturesque and characterful in Argentina. You can easily lose</p><p>yourself for an afternoon in the citys cafes and exploring charming</p><p>tree lined streets. And if you tire of the wine tasting and want to do</p><p>something more active we can arrange for outdoor treks or white</p><p>water rafting through some beautiful countryside.</p><p>Set right in the heart of the historic town of Mendoza your stylish</p><p>luxury hotel is only a stones throw away from award winning</p><p>producers of Malbec and Torrontes varietals, whilst the snow</p><p>capped peaks of the nearby Andes frame the horizon.</p><p>On a day of your choice your guide Luciana and your driver Oscar</p><p>will pick you up from reception to take you on a tour of some of the</p><p>best vineyards in the area where you will have chance to taste</p><p>some of their reserve wines.</p><p>The hotel is the finest in town and is very well equipped with a</p><p>couple of great restaurants, a full spa and beautiful swimming pool.</p><p>Deluxe Room, breakfast includedFull day private guided wine tour, including tastings and lunch</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Luxury Holiday in Argentina</p><p> 3/6</p><p>www.dehouche.comLeblon, Rio de Janeiro. Tel. US: (800) 690 6899 UK: 0871 284 7770 Brazil: +55 21 2512 3895</p><p>Day 5 Flight: Mendoza (MDZ) Buenos Aires (AEP)</p><p>Greeting in arrivals and luxury private transfer to your hotel.</p><p>Stunning Luxury Estancia in the Pampas 4 nights</p><p>Set in the aristocratic heartland of Argentina, the Pampas of</p><p>Buenos Aires state, this is a very special working estancia where</p><p>the French owner has managed to maintain the authentic</p><p>experience without compromising on comfort and service.</p><p>For polo players, the estancia has an excellent stable of polo</p><p>ponies and on site are numerous talented professionals to give</p><p>lessons for all levels of players, not least Juan Jose Alerdi a</p><p>national legend who has played in the Palermo Open no less than</p><p>15 times.</p><p>The country retreat of the State Governor in the 1820s the</p><p>estancia is now kept at a level of luxury rarely found in a country</p><p>home. There are just 4 bedrooms arranged around a central patio</p><p>and decorated with great attention to detail and many interesting</p><p>finds from the owners extensive travels</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Luxury Holiday in Argentina</p><p> 4/6</p><p>www.dehouche.comLeblon, Rio de Janeiro. Tel. US: (800) 690 6899 UK: 0871 284 7770 Brazil: +55 21 2512 3895</p><p>From high cotton count sheets on their fabulously comfortable</p><p>beds to the delicious, perfectly cooked food that emerges from</p><p>their kitchen. We send many non-polo playing guests to stay here</p><p>ust because it is so charming and comfortable and has the</p><p>genuine feel of an Argentine estancia.</p><p>The service and food here is excellent (tasty traditional fare with a</p><p>French influence). Activities available include horse riding, polo,</p><p>and massages, while there is also a solarium and swimming pool</p><p>should you tire whilst exploring the 400 acres of parkland.</p><p>Double Room, all meals &amp; activities included</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Luxury Holiday in Argentina</p><p> 5/6</p><p>www.dehouche.comLeblon, Rio de Janeiro. Tel. US: (800) 690 6899 UK: 0871 284 7770 Brazil: +55 21 2512 3895</p><p>Day 9 You will be driven to your opulent hotel in Buenos Aires.</p><p>Luxury Boutique Hotel in Buenos Aires 4 nights</p><p>Day 13 Luxury private transfer to the airport (EZE) in time for your international flight home.</p><p>Though there is a very European look to Buenos Aires with itsParisian-style avenues, grand squares and elegant cafs it still has</p><p>a distinctively South American feel, with laid-back and friendly</p><p>locals. This city is a real joy to explore with well preserved historic</p><p>districts coupled with an excellent nightlife and a relaxed caf</p><p>culture. You will have our extensively researched Dehouche</p><p>recommendations on the best restaurants bars and nightclubs.</p><p>You stay in Buenos Airess most exclusive hotel, a stunning French</p><p>Classical mansion in the heart of the Recoleta district, recently</p><p>restored to an impeccable level of sophistication and elegance,</p><p>housing just 10 luxuriously appointed suites, a rooftop pool, full spa(including an organic vine therapy using grapes from the owners</p><p>own estates in Mendoza) and Cognac and wine bar.</p><p>Our experienced guide Ana will join you for a custom-made tour of</p><p>the city based on your requirements, making sure that everything is</p><p>done at your pace. She is great fun to be with and has access to</p><p>many locations off the tourist trail.</p><p>On one night we will also arrange a special table at our favorite</p><p>Tango show, the venue is a little less well known and is the</p><p>authentic glimpse of the Tango.</p><p>Suite, breakfast includedPrivate guided tourTango Show, with dinner, champagne and wine</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Luxury Holiday in Argentina</p><p> 6/6</p><p>www.dehouche.comLeblon, Rio de Janeiro. Tel. US: (800) 690 6899 UK: 0871 284 7770 Brazil: +55 21 2512 3895</p><p>Whatever you fancy in South America, from the seed of an idea to a clear plan of action, give us a</p><p>call or drop us an email and we will strive to create your perfect itinerary that exceeds all</p><p>expectations.</p><p>US (800) 690 6899</p><p>UK 0871 284 7770</p><p></p><p>For more inspiration or information about us have a look at</p></li></ul>