LY IR9000 BGA Rework Station User guide

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LY IR9000 BGA Rework Station User guide


<ul><li><p>LY IR9000 BGA Rework Station is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of </p><p>todays fast BGA Rework manufacturing environments. </p><p>Products apply to XBOX360PS3CBGACCGACSPQFNMLFPGA and all the </p><p>green epoxy type BGA chip Welding and other special parts like metal shielding cover</p><p>plastic connectorreplacement of various, soft pcb etc. </p><p>Machine with Use Manual and live video demonstration CD-ROM,The information easy </p><p>to understand, combined with the platform ease of use, even if you have never engaged in </p><p>BGA rework can be quickly mastered the technology </p></li><li><p>Main features </p><p> The Top &amp; bottom temperature areas heat IR6000 can be connected to a computer to be Innovative designs .An effective solution to </p><p>independently testing temperature, controlled more conveniently with a built-in general of infrared rework station vulnerable </p><p>sensitive temperature measurement sensor PC RS232 serial port and a proprietary to the impact of air flow. will lead an inaccurate </p><p>to obtain an accurate and instantaneous Software attached to it. programmable .And it of temperature control. maximum temperature </p><p>temperature reading and monitoring ,The can set up 8 rising temperature segments and up to 400 . Can easily deal with lead-free technology of closed-loop temperature 8 constant temperature segments to control. It soldering rework. </p><p>control ensures accurate temperature can save 10 groups of temperature curves at </p><p>process and even heat distribution. one time. </p><p>Adopt Taiwan imports cooling fan, IR9000 USES German manufacturing IR9000 packing nameEquipped with Accelerate the machine to come loose of infrared heating module, heating speed, machine curve software, USB cable, </p><p>Hot effect, speed higher, life longer, professional maintenance lead-free Serial driver CD, heat insulation tape, </p><p>improve the machine's security! equipment. Using heat transfer extremely high-precision temperature probe, the </p><p> fast infrared glass, effective auxiliary power cord, hex wrench. </p><p>heating effect, faster helps cool the heat </p><p>dissipation, make the temperature control </p><p>is more accurate! </p></li><li><p>Parts are in line with import standards, fine Import LED lamp, long service life, the Highly Sensitive K-temperature sensor </p><p>workmanship, safety luminosity high Test temperature precise, effective prevention (temperature imprecise, causing maintenance </p><p>success rates lower). Use long life! </p><p> Machine overall system integration Design, Linear guide type Bracket for BGA Rewo- the height of Top heating head may carry on the </p><p>Rework station more integrated workbench rkscan be locking adjusted by rotatin- adjustment, through for rotating the handle, the area occupied by smaller, Didn't mixed and g the handle, Can be very easily fixed PCB big Top Infrared heater Reworks BGA ICs of </p><p>disorderly of cables , use of one-button co- board, effectively prevent the deformation large size up to 70*70mm. </p><p>ntrol, the ease of operation. of PCB board. </p><p>IR9000 adopting Germany-made infrared IR9000 temperature probe was very sensitive In order to improve the quality of products, heating module, quality and service life is the in machine standby mode, the temperature is IR9000 accessories and installation are </p><p>first row in international, quick heating, quick very standard derived from Germany technology cooling, Improve the working efficiency of </p><p>the customers </p></li><li><p>The parameters of LY IR-9000 BGA Rework Station Basic Parameters </p><p>Heating German infrared heater </p><p>Dimension L 480mmW485mmH420 mm </p><p>Weight 15.3kg </p><p>Total weight About 17 kg, vary with the different need of the </p><p>users </p><p>Electrical Parameters </p><p>Power 220V AC </p><p>Upper Heating German infrared heater </p><p>Size of Upper heating 80mm80 mm </p><p>Consumption of upper heating 400W </p><p>Bottom Heating German infrared heater </p><p>Size of Bottom heating 185 mm185 mm </p><p>Consumption of Bottom </p><p>heating </p><p>1000W </p><p>General power 1450W </p><p>Product warranty is 3 years, the first free repair, the next year, the third year only charge the accessories cost. (Not undertake freight) </p><p> web :</p><p>E-mail: </p></li></ul>