M-Learning Simon Fitzpatrick. …use of mobile and handheld IT devices, such as PDAs, mobile phones, laptops and tablet PCs, in teaching and learning. BECTA

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M-Learning Simon Fitzpatrick Slide 2 use of mobile and handheld IT devices, such as PDAs, mobile phones, laptops and tablet PCs, in teaching and learning. BECTA Location-independent Built-in power source (e.g. batteries) Connectivity via wireless, telephony, infra-red Some definitions also include: Reading books, listening to tapes on a train Wireless networking Using radio, satellite or mobile technologies, rather than cabling Slide 3 Portable computers Laptops Full desktop functionality How mobile are they? Tablet PCs Desktop-like functionality with dedicated software Input via keyboard, pen or voice- controlled Less bulky than laptops Slide 4 Handheld computers/PDAs Driven by a pen (keyboards available) Lightweight and portable Slimmed down OS and custom applications Hot syncing of files with PCs Internet access via SIM Card Slide 5 Other devices Mobile phone: SMS, cameras, Internet Personal Media Players (PMP): Audio/video storage and playback, Bluetooth, podcasting Digital cameras and camcorders Voting systems Digital pens Peripheral devices such as printers, scanners Slide 6 Mobile Communication Messaging via SMS (text) or MMS (multimedia) Instant messaging and chat RSS (Rich Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication) Slide 7 Benefits: Improved access Increase learner motivation New ways of doing things Slide 8 Other areas of interest: Recording achievement (RARPA) Administrative uses News and announcements Contacting learners Marketing and publicity Anything else?.... Slide 9 Examples Cornwall Art Online: virtual art gallery Peterborough College of Adult Education: Talking Sticks South Gloucs ACL: digital photography to record achievement Chesterfield College: visual diaries Buckinghamshire: PDAs with hard-to-reach groups Plymouth: Using Qwizdom voting system Slide 10 But Do people really want to use mobile devices for learning? Current limitations of devices Security and Privacy Copyright and IPR Slide 11 In summary: Considerable interest in m-Learning Latest fad or next big thing? Variety of devices available Volatile area Mobile learning has great potential: Range of new challenges to be met Slide 12 Portability Screen size and quality Connectivity, speed and cost of use Operating system and applications Ease of use (interface/input devices) Issues to consider when choosing devices: Formats and media supported Cost (of devices and of using them) Battery life Storage and memory capacity Interoperability with other devices Others?....... Slide 13 Conclusions