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<p>Digi-Pack analysis magazine coversA2 Media By Luke WilkinsonKings of Leon</p> <p>Name of the artists/group. Name of the album. Release date of the album. Mixture of a man and an owl which relates to the name of the album only by night the night as owls only come out at night.Direct mode of address.Use of colour is dull as its is relating with the album name. Name of some of the popular songs, added to attract the audience to buy the album. Different places where the album can be purchased. wretch 32 </p> <p>all the different places where the album can be purchased. names of all the different artist with the album added to attract a larger audience. release date of the album Name of the artist name of the album, done in large font to create importance. website information, good for the artist publicity. The artist has a cross on a neck chain this could suggest that some of the songs in the album may be about religion. The bird could suggest freedom, as the artist sings freely. Katy Perry </p> <p>The artist name. Name of the album done in large font to show the importance of the album. The artist image, very bright and mult-coloured. trying to attract a larger audience by adding in different artist and songs. also could be personal language. release date of the album. Media sites that you can visit, good use of publicity.Direct mode of address.the who magazine cover is very colourful this is showing the audience that the artist is a very creative person and also that her music is pop. attracting people by telling them that the album is new.Ceelo Green </p> <p>The release date of the album. show that the artist is successful as he is wearing an expensive item. Center image of the magazine. name of the artist album. Name of the artist, different colour font to make it stand out.added to attract audience, b naming his top hit also naming a newspaper. The artist is dressed smart. website. Gorillaz </p> <p>The release date of the album.Different ways the album can be purchased.All the different songs within the album. Website. The record label. Name of album. Name of the group. all four of the band members made to look like gorillas, with man heir and clothes. </p>