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Salford City CollegeEccles CentreAS Media StudiesFoundation Portfolio

Comment on how the design of the magazine cover attracts the target audience:ColourNeat font. The audiences eyes are drawn to the title of the magazine because it's in the top left corner. It looks quite formal. It attracts the attention of the audience and Muse fans.

MastheadThere three main colours used, blue, white and yellow. They are used because it makes the magazine look brighter. By using just three colours the magazine is simple and effective. It attracts the attention of the target audience

TypefacesThe whole front cover is in capital letters. The same colours are used throughout. By using capital letters it makes the magazine seem more formal. The same colours are used because sometimes if you use too many colours the text can't be read. The colours and capital letters used appeal to the target audience because they stand out and are different.

Main imageThe main image is of the band Muse. The image will attract the attention of Muse fans. Direct gaze is used. This appeals to the target audience because as the magazine is targeted at the usual audience (teenagers) it will also attract non-regular readers that like the band.

Photography LightingThe background of the image is light whereas the band are wearing darker clothing so that they stand out. The image is close up. They are positioned to the right of the cover with Matt Bellamy at the front and the other two in line behind him. This image will attract their fans because Matt Bellamy is the main attraction.

Model creditThe band name is written quite small under a quote. This tells the audience who they are but to get to the name of the band they will read the quote, this will intrigue them and they will want to read more. It is likely that the audience will know who they are already.

CoverlinesThe coverlines show a variety of different things that are included in the magazine, such as other acts/bands within the same genre of music. The coverlines are boxed off showing they are separate from the main article. The audience may not be interested in the main article however they may want to read about a different featured act.

Design Principles Used?The Guttenberg principle shows that the title NME is in the strong fallow area, this means that this is the first thing you see when you look at the magazine. The next strongest fallow area features the coverlines. The weakest fallow areas have an advert for a free mini mag and some more coverlines with what else is inside. It also contains the barcode in the weakest of the areas.

Main cover lineThe main cover line is a quote from an interview, Were opening a door into the future. This is telling fans that they are becoming more current and changing how they sound. This is backed up by the opinion underneath, Be warned it sounds like Skrillex. By putting this underneath they will attract Skrillex fans because they will want to see for themselves if the two do sound alike.

House StyleThe style of the magazine is quite formal. Capital letters are used throughout. The capital letters are used to attract the attention of the audience.