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  • 1. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreAS Media StudiesFoundation Portfolio Masthead Comment on how the design of the magazine cover attracts the target audience: Colour The red masthead on the black background There is a constant black and white colour shows dominance and power. The colour redrunning through this with a few tinges of red emphasises this. It is neater and more and grey. The red colour used connotes to love compact; this is aimed at an older targetwhich relates to the style of music that Cheryl audience.Cole sings about. Main image Typefaces The main image has a sex appeal to it. The The typefaces are easy and clear to read. The image draws people in with this image- almostformal style of the text is simple which like a subliminal message. It is idealising theindicates the target audience to be older as it is perfect woman to the reader and this willmore mature looking. encourage people to read the magazine. Model credit Photography Lighting The model credit at the bottom of this page is It is low lit, de-saturated and muted to add a bold and it contrasts against the blackseductive and provocative look with the red background. It symbolises a powerful figure as colour. The image has been lit slightly from the it is directly on the artist, the reader can thenback bur primarily from the front as this creates find out the artist rather quickly.minimal shadows on the artists face so thereader can see the full image clearly. Cover lines 3 Words advertising song by the artist. Adds interest to the target audience as it appeals to them. The small text could indicate that it is Design Principles Used? almost whispering to the reader- this links in with the main image as it adds this seriousThe Guttenberg Design Principle has been used in this look to the magazine.magazine front cover. The logo has been placed inthe primary optical area as this area is said to be thefirst viewed area so the reader knows what magazine Main cover linethey are reading. Cover lines to the right are in the Words gradually get larger, from, a small sizedstrong fallow area- this is where the reader is more text to a text that spans the full length of the likely to read. The less important cover lines have magazine front cover. It is the main focus tobeen placed in the weak fallow area; these will still be the audience and it also relates to the main read by the reader but are less important. Finally, House Stylethere has been a bit of white space in the terminal image. It could highlight the genre of her The font style is constant throughout this front page, the text size does vary but area. This is to be where the reader will read last. music in the way that it is the largest piece of the style used is the same. There has only been 4 colours used, red, white, black text on the front page- this also helps it link in and grey. This adds a simplistic look to the page; an older target audience would with the magazines genre. prefer this type of similar look on the overall page- it is neat and easy to read.