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<ul><li> 1. Cover and contents of my college magazine! Evaluation.AS MEDIA PRELIMINARY TASK</li></ul> <p> 2. IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE,DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONSOF MEDIA PRODUCTS? COVER PAGE.SIMILARITIES: Masthead Cover lines around the main imageC usedto displayimagesand text.Rule of thirds Eye contact with both people on cover 3. IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOPOR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF MEDIAPRODUCTS? COVER PAGEDIFFERENCES: A medium shot used in fashion whereas a medium close up is used on sfcs student. A model is used on the front cover. The pose of the model on fashion could have connotations of being sexy, a confident pose is portrayed with connotations of glamour and style. Whereas on sfcs student the facial expression is a smile, it is a real life student which the students would relate to and she looks welcoming and friendly inviting the reader to read on.Another difference was thebackgroundsfcs student has a backgroundwhereas fashion has a plainbackground. Lastly sfcs student has a barcode which I feel makes it look professional and like a proper magazine whereas fashion doesnt. 4. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF THEFRONT COVER OF MY STUDENT MAGAZINE Strengths: I think that I followed the idea of a c shape as a magazine would do which made it look professional. I think that the background emphasised the idea of college life as it represented a student at college. Lastly I think that my image was clear and worked quite well. Weaknesses: I think there was some dead space which I could have filled more effectively. I could have used a range of fonts to make it more interesting Lastly I think that my image had too much headspace which could have been improved by taking the image from a better angle. 5. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK ON MY FRONT COVER.I gained feedback from my audience so that I now know what would need improvingnext time. My audience thought that my strengths included:That they liked my font. They also thought that my main image brought out the text- ensuring it waseasily legible and eye-catching.My audience thought that my weaknesses include: That there was slightly too much space. They also believed that I could have had a few more Coverlines to grasp thereaders attention. 6. IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOPOR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF MEDIAPRODUCTS? CONTENTS PAGE.SIMILARITIES Both contents pages have initial magazine masthead on their contents pages. Information backs up the coverlines on the front cover. Simple layout of columns with sub headings headings so the readers can simply read the information (columns divided into 3). This makes the information clear. Use of images to provide a visual representation for the readers and to make it more interesting. 7. IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOPOR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF MEDIAPRODUCTS? CONTENTS PAGE.DIFFERENCES. Drummer uses a number ontheir images which isprofessional; it allows the readerto know exactly where to findthis section; whereas on mymagazine I didnt do this- I thinknext time I could to make it moreprofessional.On my student magazine Iadded an email address andnumber to make it seem moreprofessional; this isnt ondrummer.Drummer has a clearprofessional colour schemewhereas my magazine uses arange over colours. I think usinga colour scheme makes themagazine look professional 8. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF THECONTENTS PAGE OF MY STUDENT MAGAZINEStrengths: I think that I put a reasonable amount of images on my contents to ensure the interest ofthe reader.I also used subheadings to make sure that the information was clear and legible thisensured my magazine would be easy to navigate around. Lastly I used three columns to ensure my magazine gave quite a professionalapproach.Weaknesses: I think that my images werent very clear and could have been made more able to see, bymaking them bigger. I think I could have had more text and information. Lastly I think I could have showed the fact I was aiming to use 3 columns more clearly. 9. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK ON MY CONTENTS PAGE. I gained feedback from my audience so that I now know what would needimproving next time. My audience thought that my strengths included: That my layout was good and easy to gather information from.Also that I used a good amount of pictures which made it more interesting.My audience thought that my weaknesses include: That I could have used a background colour this would have made it moreinteresting and overall made my contents page more effective. 10. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNT ABOUT THETECHNOLOGIES FROM THE PROCESSOF CONSTRUCTING THIS PRODUCT?By Laura Boucher 11. I used a digital camera to take my main image- I learnt about a range of different angles and use a mediumclose up on my front cover.I had to ensure that the model dominated the frame however there was room for coverlines. I think I couldhave angled the camera better to ensure that there was less headspace.I then used adobe photoshop. This is an image based, industry standard package. I learnt to do manythings such as:add an image; add text; add colour and to use the range of tools available.I began by simply adding my image;this set the background for mymagazine. I simply did this byplacing my image. I then added my masthead; to do this is used the text tool and then I simply changed both the colour and font. I want to made my masthead stand out so I used fx and added a stroke and drop shadow. 12. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Here I was able to add some key coverlines, including my main one exclusive here I used the text tool, font and colour, I was also able to position my text wherever I wanted it. Here I added a barcode and I used a strip at the bottom, to do this I added a rectangle and then simply added text to it. 13. CONTENTS PAGE USING INDESIGN. I created my contents page using InDesign. This is an industry standard package. It allowed me to place my images in and also my masthead. It allowed me to add text with a range of fonts, colours ext. I found indesign fairly simple to use and easily became familiar with the toolbar.This shows my contents page inindesign.Indesign allowed me to think about the importance of layout. I helped me to try and achieve the threecolumns I was aiming for. The only thing I found difficult about indesign was drawing the picture boxesfirst as often the sizing was wrong and the image didnt fit. I dont think that my contents page lookedvery professional I think that I could have improved this by ensuring the images were resized and moreclear and maybe having a background colour to make the text and images stand out more. Overallindesign enabled me to add the features of my contents page and mainly enabled me to think about theimportance of a good layout; which I have now realised I can improve upon next time.</p>