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As we can see the font of the cover is creepy and dark so this tells us that it represents horror and thriller and that is what people will see first and creepy will attract our audience as we are based around zombies.The front cover is mainly taken up by a picture of a zombie this tells the audience what to expect on the inside as it is the main attract the picture will make them interested in the magazine.This is a sub title as it hints or tells the reader something about the magazine and it pulls them in to make them want to read more. The text is creepy and in a blood red colour this suits the horror theme of the magazine.Also here there is a picture to go with the sub title. This picture is relevant as it is from the title and programme and will make readers want more from the magazine.

Similar movies and actors scribed down the left section of the cover this also tells the audience what to expect whether they like these actors or not and a little description of them.The title is big and bright this will attract audiences that are into the action thriller genre of film. This can also help our film as if it is big and bold it will attract our audience and if we make the font and colours darker and creepier.Title of the film is important as it tells the audience what to expect inside the magazine, this can be implemented into our cover if we make one.

The make-up and costume that he is wearing in the photo gives the impression that he is a true villain as he is pale and wearing war like clothing this dignifies him as the stereotypical villain.The lighting and setting tells us that there is something bad happening or has already happened and with this person in front looking the way he does it hints that he is the cause of this mayhem.There are hints dotted around the cover as to tell us who this character is and to what he will do in the movie or a definition of the character itself.