Making Black History Month Celebrations Include Primary Grades

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Making Black History Month Celebrations Include Primary Grades. Presented by: Bianca Bashor and Allison Gafford Burgess Elementary School Horry County Schools. Our School Museum. Our museum features artifact from the history of our community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Making Black History Month Celebrations Include Primary Grades

Making Black History Month Celebrations Include Primary GradesPresented by: Bianca Bashor and Allison GaffordBurgess Elementary SchoolHorry County SchoolsOur School Museum

Our museum features artifact from the history of our community

Artifacts include: communication tools and timeline, school desks, Waccamaw Indian arrowheads and pottery, old text books, a replica post office, maps and more.Developed b/c of the historical significance of the community. Got artifacts from community members as well as Horry County Museum.Committee developed.Different themes each month with each grade level responsible for at least 2 stations.Replica post office created in honor of postmaster Burgess

2Celebrate Black History MonthObama Change BoardCommunity Guest Speakers for each grade.

Febuary theme was Black History Month.Schoolwide celebration included quote from Obama. Students were asked to think about a way that they incited change.Also had guest speakers from the community come to talk to grade levels.Ms. Tina talked to K grew up in the community. Talked about growing up washing clothes by hand, farming, being bused all the way to Conway for school.3The Workstations Famous African Americans Library Station Famous African Americans Rubber StampsBlack History BingoJan Ernst Matzelinger Invention StationMartin Luther King Jr. Freedom FanRide the Bus with Rosa ParksOprah Winfery Readers Theater Station

Teachers preview to modify and adjust for their class. Teachers pick and choose which stations are appropriate. Choose stations that meet grade level standards4Famous African Americans Library StationStudents read books from our school library about famous African AmericansStudent expectations varied by student and grade level.Teachers set expectations.

Books include:Martins Big WordsHappy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr.Rosa ParksSalt in His ShoesPink and SayRuby BridgesBarack ObamaHip Hop Speaks to Children

Famous African American Rubber Stamp StationStudents were encouraged to find informational card for the person found on their stamp. This activity was easily modified for different grade levels.

K students found a stamp, adult was available to read informational card about person.1 and 2 students - write facts found on the info cards6Black History BingoStamp images were also used to create a bingo games to provide consistency from station to stations.

There was various modifications to this game to increase level of difficulty.K matching pictures.1 call out name to match pic2 description used7Jan Ernst Matzelinger Invention Station

Invented machine that attaches shoe sole to shoe. Students were able to create an invention and shared with classmate.Could also work in teams8

Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Fan

Students read a story about the civil rights movement peaceful demonstrations fans were used during hot sit ins and walks.Fan had various messages reminding people to use words not actions.9Ride the Bus with Rosa ParksChurch pews in the museum were used as a model bus. Students were able to experience what it felt like to ride on the bus and to be judged based on a feature.Puppets were provided for students to reenact the bus ride.Church 10Oprah Winfery Readers Theatre

Students were provided with a story about Oprah Winfery. They were able to create a puppets and wrote facts about her. There was also a theatre where students could stage their own talk show where they could interview other famous African Americans.11If you would like more infoPlease e-mail us at or