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<p>Making My Magazine Cover</p> <p>Making My Magazine Cover</p> <p>Style Model</p> <p>I chose this as my style model because it has a good level of impact and draws your attention. The image type also has a level of intimidation about it.I designed my own plan based on this style model. I will use this to make my magazine coverI will however have cover lines on mine as it will not be a subscribers cover. It will be a special edition though.STEP 1 Background</p> <p>This is the photo I plan to use as my background but I will colour change it to make it more effective.</p> <p>This is how I will use the image, I made it this dark that it will not be to intrusive yet not just a plain black background. It will also have synergy with the poster and trailer.I did this because it is more effective, and will give more of a dark impression which will attract my target audience of horror lovers. STEP 2 Masthead</p> <p>I chose to use the EMPIRE masthead as it has the same target audience as my film and I felt the red would work well for a horror issue.</p> <p>My next step was to layer this onto my background, which I blurred to give a more distorted creepy image. The red looks bold and strong against the dark background that will stand out to attract an audience. I placed it at the top so as to conform to the conventions of a film magazine.</p> <p>I have left space above the masthead for a tagline. STEP 3 Cover Image</p> <p>I chose this photo because it shows enough of the torso to have good proportions on the cover. It also links to my plan and style model.I placed the image on the cover so that it would slightly overlap the masthead as this is similar to my style models.I blurred the edges of the image to give the impression of the image fading out which gives a more creepy sinister look.I altered the colours of the image to give it a more cinematic look. This means that my image now looks more professional. By darkening the overall image and sharpening the colour it creates a bold attention grabbing image.STEP 4 Cover Lines 1 </p> <p>I added this cover line at the top so that It can be see when the magazine is in the stand. I used the white with the bold font to stand out and be obvious against the background and the masthead.</p> <p>I made the word HORROR bigger and bolder than the other words so that it would stand out even more meaning my target audience of horror lovers would notice and be attracted by it.STEP 5 Film Title </p> <p>I had to remake the title as I came out to pixelated. I re made them on Photoshop in order top be abler to apply it to both my magazine and posters.I have applied an outer glow and cover colour to the title and logo underneath to give it a creepy look that will link into my trailer and poster as well creating synergy.</p> <p>One problem is that it is quite difficult to see where it is on the neck of the image.</p> <p>I made it this height on the cover so that it would not take away from the face of the image.STEP 6 Cover Lines 2</p> <p>I added other cover lines around the central image. I felt that the blue is an appropriate colour to use as it has supernatural links, along with the glows. Using different sizes of text I have been able to draw attention to particular arias of the cover.</p> <p>The words you see most are HORROR GORE and GRUESOME all of which are appropriate to my target audiences.</p> <p>I experimented with different fonts, colours and text sizes until I was happy.STEP 7 Title Edit </p> <p>I wanted to make the title stand out more. To do this I copied each layer and made the outer glow red not white to give it this border, this links into both the horror genre and my film and the horror magazine.</p> <p>This has a better effect as it is clearer and more eye catching than before and also includes the red which is in keeping with the rest of the cover.</p> <p>There is also the website address and price as well as issue date in the M which matches my style model and makes a more professional cover.STEP 8 Final Touches</p> <p>As my final steps I added a barcode as one of the conventions of a film magazine. This is one of the touches that give my magazine a professional look.</p> <p>I changed the colours of the cover line at the bottom, highlighting the GORE and GRUESOME in red and adding the bleeding effect that links in with the horror genre and shows synergy with the title and film title.</p> <p>I also made this effect on the film title as it again links with horror and again shows synergy. This effect also adds to the professionalism of this cover.STEP 9 Comparison</p> <p>My style modelMy planed mock up of my magazine using qualities of my style model.I think my final cover shows aspects of all my influences and is a professional looking cover.</p>