Making of First Magazine Front Cover

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Making of First Magazine Front Cover.

Making of First Magazine Front Cover.I first started with the photo that I took. I didnt really need to change anything with this because I liked the way it looked already.

The next thing I did was my title. I used the Horizontal Type Tool to do this. I used the font that I used because I felt like it really stood out on the page. I used the colour pink/red because it matched with the colour theme of my front cover.

The next thing I did was put a shadow on the title. I did this by duplicating the previous layer, putting it behind the title then linking the layers together.

The next thing I did was put the tagline and the main article onto my front cover. I put a black transparent box under my main article to make my main article stand out and letting the audience know which one is the main article.

I then put in the rest of the articles onto the magazine. They were the same colour as the title and tagline to fit into the colour scheme.

And lastly, I added the barcode, issue number and the date that the magazine was issued to give the information that the audience needs to know.