Making Second Income Coach Work

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DESCRIPTION Second Income Coach is a funded sponsoring and complete marketing training system. Find out how you can make it work for you.


  • Making Second

    Income Coach Work

    Derick Yung

  • What is Second Income Coach?

    A funded sponsoring system designed to help

    you find prospects for your primary program.

    A training system to help anyone learn Internet

    marketing and network marketing.

  • Traditional Method to Get Leads

    The traditional way to build a network

    marketing program is to pay for leads that

    dont want to talk to you (cold calling).

    However, with a funded sponsoring system,

    you can actually have leads pay you!

  • How Does It Work?

    The system trains you on different online

    advertising techniques such as safelists and

    credit-based lists, traffic exchanges, and

    social networks.

    Use these techniques to advertise Second

    Income Coach and gain referrals.

  • Referrals and Commissions

    A certain percentage of your referrals will upgrade to Gold membership and/or join under you in the various affiliate programs listed at SIC, earning you commissions.

    You can re-invest your commissions into advertising to generate even more leads!

    Even if someone joins under you in SIC but not in your primary program, you can still be earning commissions.

  • Getting Started With Second Income


    Login to your back office. Start with Start Here ->

    Getting Started and SIC Checklist.

    Do not go through everything all at once.

    Do things one step at a time.

    If you read about a type of advertising youre

    comfortable with, stop reading and take

    action. Once you learn that, move onto the next


  • Updating Affiliate IDs

    Update affiliate IDs of programs you are

    already involved with.

    Join one program and master it before moving

    onto the next program.

    Do not upgrade in everything at once unless

    you have unlimited funds.

  • Your Daily Checklist

    Make a checklist of what you will do to

    advertise SIC daily.

    This helps keep you on track as you will know

    what to do when you get on your computer.

    The key is consistent action!

  • Follow-up and Training

    For better results, follow-up with your

    members to see if they need any help.

    We have weekly training calls and excellent

    Skype groups for support.

  • Second Income Coach Links

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  • Questions?

    Derick Yung

    Skype: derickyung