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  • 1. Listen Up Legislators! Getting the Family Physician Message Across in Washington, D.C.

2. Former DC Staff Director for Rep. Blumenauer Former Lobbyist National Public Radio Author 5 books on Advocacy Whos Speaking? Stephanie Vance 3. Why Your Voice Matters: What Influences Legislators? Their ______________ & ___________ Their Policy _________ & ___________ The _______________ Money? But Most Important 4. Their Constituents! 5. Basic Logistics Where am I going? What am I wearing? What am I eating? Where are the bathrooms? 6. What You Bring to the Policy Table Your Story The Asks How to Find You or the AAFP GR Team 7. What You Dont Need to Stress About 8. Notes on Meeting With Staff Its BETTER to Meet with Staff Than the Legislator Avoid the Grip and Grin MORE Time and Expertise The Eyes and Ears of the Member Whats Different? PRONOUNS! 9. When Meeting with Staff Instead of Will you cosponsor this bill? Where do you stand on this issue? How do you think youll vote? I saw you introduced legislation on [XYZ] I noticed on Facebook that you [met with such-and- such group, etc.] say Will your boss cosponsor this bill? Where does your boss stand on this issue? How do you think your boss will vote? I saw your boss introduced legislation on [XYZ] I noticed on Facebook that your boss [met with such- and-such group, etc.] 10. Remember to SPIT Use the S.P.I.T. Technique Specific, Personal, Informative and Timely 11. But What Are the Specifics? Theyre Right Here at Your Fingertips! The FMCC Cheat Sheet 12. Lets Practice! 13. Addressing Concerns Talking to legislators with whom you disagree Agree to disagree is a great phrase to practice 14. Addressing Concerns Legislators / staff will be mean to people of a different party With advocates, legislators are more interested in constituency than party 15. Addressing Concerns I dont want to look foolish Congressional offices do not expect advocates to be policy experts 16. Addressing Concerns Ill say something that will ruin it for everyone else Theres rarely anything you can do, besides being rude, that will ruin it for everyone 17. 10 Things NOT to Say But youre not important How much campaign money did you get? I assume you know all about H.R. 1234 Heres our 300 page annual report I dont have an appointment I just want to take hour of your time 18. 10 Things NOT to Say I dont really have anything specific to talk about We have 25 people in our group What do you mean we have to stand in the hall? What youre telling me cant be right. I heard Jon Stewart say 19. Number 1 No, Im not from your state. I just thought youd be interested in what I have to say. 20. Perhaps Most Important? Have Fun! Fun Is Good Dr. Seuss